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Your Questions About Apartments In Abilene Tx

May 13, 2012

Robert asks…

What are the University Park apartments like in Abilene, TX (ACU)?

I just want to know if the management is good, and will take care of any problems that might arise. I also want to make sure that I’ll be coming into a clean apartment..any experiences would help. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I really don’t know. All I know, is that I would be worried about the city curfew.

I would go to a pool party or something there and ask the residences if they enjoy living there. Also check online. Sometimes online renting sites have places where people can post their opinions of places. It has saved me from several places in Lubbock.

Susan asks…

Scorpions in Abilene,TX?

Thinking about moving to Abilene,TX. Now I’m so afraid of moving from reading threads online about scorpions inside peoples homes. We will be moving in a fairly new apartment complex near the Abilene Mall. Is it really that bad to live there? Please bring a little peace of mind before moving my family. The first scorpion I see in my home I will leave my husband behind and go back home with my kids. I have also read about rattle snakes too. I have very low tolerance for these things. I have always lived near the ocean so moving to Texas is a big change for us. We already visited Abilene and the area is nice to live for a while. Please give me a realistic life style of Abilene please before I make the move. Any advise will help!

Administrator answers:

Honestly you shouldn’t worry about any Scorpions, they’re more prone to striking if they feel they’re in danger, so say you were laying down.. A Scorpion isn’t going to want to come up to you and sting you just because you’re there.. They’re not evil, but say you were to roll over in your sleep onto it, you would get stung due to self defense, and honestly, you shouldn’t worry at all. Scorpion venom is rated on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is negligible and 5 is lethal. The highest rated scorpion in the US is a 3 on this scale, and isn’t really a bother to anyone other than small children or the elderly, and there’s an antivenom for them as well, so there isn’t need to fret, if you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone.

If you’re still going to be worried about Scorpions after reading the above post, here’s what you can do: Place glue mouse traps around cracks in your apartment and such, a Scorpion won’t get past that, and you don’t need to touch them to dispose of them either! An Extermination will work for a bit, however Scorpions are fairly hardy creatures, as the chemicals fade, Scorpions will be able to enter the home again, thus being a fairly costly and ineffective solution. You can also go outside armed with a Blacklight and search around your apartment complex for them, they’ll fluoresce when exposed to it.
(Here’s another bit of information: There are people such as myself who collect and breed Scorpions as a hobby, so if you caught any without glue mouse traps you may make a bit of money.. I know I would buy some of the species from TX as well)

As for the snakes, they’re going to be everywhere you go, however they won’t enter your house so you shouldn’t worry.

Richard asks…

where can i rent hotels or motels monthly in abilene tx?

i am desperate to get out of my soon to be ex boyfriend’s apartment. i’m not on the lease which gives me the option to leave at any time i want. However i don’t make alot of money at my job and with my credit issues I can’t seem to find an apartment or even a trailer. I just need something temporary to live in until I save enough money to support myself. Please help me!! I am desperate!!!!

Administrator answers:

I wood try ‘La Quinta’! They’ll let you get all oiled-up!


Jenny asks…

Meeting My Boyfriends Parents = Me, A Nervous Wreck?

OK! So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for a month. We meet at an academic convention in April up in Abilene, TX where he lives [I live 2 hours away] and he came down to meet my family now it’s my turn to go up there to meet his. I’m so extremely nervous. He has a HUGE family. His parents are divorced and he has a stepmom, and he also has 6 brothers and sisters, 2 which still live at home with him and his mom. He’s about to go to college and get his own apartment but for now he’s at home and that means I’m staying there too. I really want his mom to like me. Are there any tips to making a great first impression? I know to be myself and curteous [I was raised like that] but is there anything else I can do to… well kiss ass? lol

Administrator answers:

Ask your boyfriend what her interests are. Find out what you two have in common up front so you can make conversation in the quiet lulls (you may not get any with all those people). Also, find something unique about her house, and compliment her on it, or ask her about it. Everyone has some kind of brick-a-brack, ask about it. It works. Eye contact is key. And make sure that you are very nice and respectful to her son while you are there. Don’t kiss butt, moms can smell a fake act a mile away.

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