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October 6, 2012

Daniel asks…

what is it like to live in dallas?

ok so me and my boyfriend and maybe two roommates want to move down to dallas tx after high school we are planning on attending college an start our lives. We come from a small town amarillo tx and are ready for change. Is life there expensive? any tips? what about suggestions on apartments or houses for rent? please help!!!!!! worried girl here:)

Administrator answers:

It is fun to live in dallas, there is lots to do, especially if you’re over 21. You may have to wait a while to do the fun stuff, sorry :( . It is way more expensive to live here than in a small town, a three bedroom apartment that’s not crap would run you about $1100 a month or so, I would say. You may want to look into renting a house or duplex in one of the suburbs like Lewisville or Denton, just because houses are cheaper sometimes.

William asks…

Is housing expensive, in Portland? College student moving there, from Texas.?

My budget will be pretty limited, until I graduate. I live in the Texas panhandle, and the cost of living is really low. Right now, I live in a boarding house for college students, and the rent is $275, a month. It is not fancy, but it is safe and in a good neighborhood.
I used an online cost of living calculator to see how much more it would be to live in Portland. It gave me the information that the cost of living is 25.4% higher in Portland, OR than Amarillo, TX.So, if I had to pay 25% more for my housing, now, it would be about $345/a month. That sounds like a reasonable price to me. I have looked at a few apartment websites, like, but haven’t been able to find anything under $500.
Are there any inexpensive, safe places to live in Portland in my price range? Thank you for your time!

Administrator answers: caters to high priced apartments who can afford the fees for referral. Along the west coast, especially in the big cities like Portland, most housing is advertised and found on Craigslist.

Look there to see what is available, including roommates and boarding houses:

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