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November 14, 2012

Paul asks…

Where’s a good place to move at in or around Denver?

I am 22 and currently live in Amarillo, TX. And I need a change, my dad was from Denver don’t know where, but he says it was very beautiful, always stuff to do, and many jobs. I am curious on where to move to. I’m looking for a place that’s got a decent crime rate, that’s not to far from most business. I would like to find a bigger suburb so I don’t have to go into Denver to get a good meal and so I can maybe find a job outside of the city, but on the same time, I will be starting over so money is a major factor looking for a one bedroom apartment or studio in the 450-575 range…..Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also is Denver and its suburbs a nice place to move to? Are the people friendly? Are there a lot of job opportunities? Thanks again people.

Administrator answers:

How about Fort Collins Co?? (about an hour north of Denver) It was voted a year ago as the number one place to live in America!! The crime rate is low, and its quite a self sufficient town of about 165,000. Its also a college town so rent is very very reasonable due to the college students living there. Tons of stuff to do! Summer’s have plenty-o fests and fun things to do! Not to mention it has a cool downtown for neat place’s to eat. And you can boogie down to Denver in less then an hour to catch a Rockies game!! Do some research with the job market as far as your career. I moved from Minnesota 3 years ago and I am not looking to leave, thats for sure! Good luck!

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