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October 2, 2012

Nancy asks…

Would you let your 7 yo play outside by himself without watching him?

My son is 7.5 and I like for him to get out and play with the other kids and while I don’t want to embarrass him by watching him… I always am scared someone will snatch him or something…

We live in an apartment complex in aurora, CO and it’s pretty safe… but I guess you never know…
Ya, we live in a complex, and you never know who’s walking through. I trust my neighbors and all that.. but I don’t know… I get worried about him going too far.

Right now, I told him he could play outside, but he has to stay where I can see him if I check on him through the windows.

He wants to go over to the park with the other boys. I told him that he can’t because I don’t know them and he would have to cross the street (parking lot) and that’s not ok.

That sounds reasonable, right?

Administrator answers:

I agree with you. Go with your instincts. If you don’t feel right about letting him go somewhere with older kids you don’t know, then simply don’t do it. YOU know best. You are right about strangers and the people going in and out of the complex. What I have found is that if I follow my feelings, it shifts as they get older. I just think it’s intuition. It’s going to be better to listen to that than your mind. Good job and I am a stand for your feelings.

Laura asks…

how much does a 1 bed room apartment usually cost?

how much money
and its in aurora co or denver co

Administrator answers:

Hi In Wisconsin My grandson pays $485.00 a month and his own electric bill besides ..I am sure they vary accross the country ..Good Luck to you..

John asks…

How much money will I need to move into an apartment? And what will I need?

So I want to move into my own apartment hopefully around May-July of 2009. I live in Aurora CO but I want to move to Denver so I can be closer to school and my jobs

I’ll be starting a new job in mid January and I’ll be making 1200 a month being a nanny.

I just started a new job as a food runner and I make 6.50 an hour plus tips, my coworkers say tips are usually around 40-70 a night. I’ll be working there 3-4 nights a week and the shifts are about 4-5 hours long.

I’m guessing I’ll get a 1bedroom that’s around 500 a month or less :)
How much money will I need to move in?
What kinds of things will I need?
My mom said I can take anything from my room but just my room. My room is in the basement so I have a bed, 2 couches, a tv, 2 tables, a desk, a bookshelf.

Administrator answers:

Wow, who knew rent was so cheap in Denver. I checked out some prices on craiglist and it does look like you can get a nice studio or small 1 bdr for $500. I would save at least $2000 before I moved in. $1000 for 1st months rent & security deposit, $500 for second months rent in case you don’t can’t find a job right away, and $500 to get cable/phone turned on, other utilities, and just in case money. It sounds like you have a good amount of furniture for a small apartment. I would just look for a small inexpensive dining table & chairs at target or somewhere, or even a thrift store/yard sale. Throw a tablecloth on it, and you can’t see what it looks like anyway.

Carol asks…

How can I stop my car from being towed for expired tags?

My husband and I recently moved to Aurora, CO from TN. He is in the military and stationed here. My car (with TN tags) has been legally parked in a spot outside our apartment complex for about a week because the key broke off in the ignition so it won’t start. We were planning on getting it fixed but cannot do so until tomorrow when we get paid because until then we are broke. My TN tags are about a month expired. I have been trying to figure out how to get them renewed from here but it doesn’t look like I can. I am about to sell the car because I am going home while my husband gets deployed in a couple months, so I did not want to have to get CO tags. Since we do not drive the car (we have another) I did not think it was a problem. Well, my apartment complex left a note on my window that they are going to tow my car tomorrow! Is there any way to stop this? I can’t believe they even have the authority to do so. On top of that, since it won’t run how am I going to get it out if it does get towed and will they even release it to me with expired tags?

Administrator answers:

You’re on private property, so it’s between you and the apartment manager. Talk to them and make sure they know that the car is not abandoned.

Sandra asks…

Is a juvenile crime supposed to be accessible by public service agencies, after I turn eighteen?

I live in Aurora, CO, governed by Arapahoe County. When I was seventeen, I was charged with M3 Harassment, served my time, paroled successfully, with no problems. I am twenty years old, and every time I go to get a job, or apply for an apartment, my background check comes back as incompatible, meaning that the charge from when I was seventeen is still appearing on my record. From what I heard, juvenile records are not supposed to be accessible by public service agencies that do background checks for such places as Walmart or any apartment complex. So what am I supposed to do?
I went to juvi. The Marvin W. Foote Center and Mountview Youth Correctional Facility, was charged as a juvenile, everything was in juvenile court.

Administrator answers:

If you went to jail and not juvie, you were charged as an adults and the record is public.

Ruth asks…

got a ticket in Colorado?

am from CA,and got a CA plate in my car…
am here in CO for a short term work…
just got a ticket, for overlooking a NO left sign right in front of my apartment when i took a left turn…
and got a ticket with 4 points..
was given a court date..
please suggest me how to best defend my self on the above case..
any valid reason i can give…
am really getting used to the signs here in the neighbourhood…
got a court date in aurora, CO….
please help..
am OK to pay the fines, but no points please on my driving record..
can i request the judge for this..
got a clean record…

Administrator answers:

First see if points from CO even count in CA. They may not.

Second see if driving school is a viable option. This usually eliminates the points off your record.

Third going to court and throwing yourself at the mecry of the Judge is a gamble. Often times they’ll say no and raise your fine a god awful amount and your still stuck with the points, other times they’ll dismiss everything. Judges really are a crap shoot.

Hope this helps

Sandy asks…

need to fight with careless driving ticket in denver,CO?


i just got a careless driving ticket and my court date is for oct 6th ..
this is in aurora,colorado….

no accidents….i was just taking left turn just right out of my apartment complex, but the cop was coming towards my direction at the rear and charged me with a careless driving..

there were no stop signs that could have asked me to STOP and go …

is there any way i could fight this case…

i just want to say NOT GUILT in the court as there were no acccidents or bodily injury involed…in this case,how will the court try to prove this..
will they go only by the statement of COP

please suggest

Administrator answers:

Though there was not a stop sign, common sense should tell any driver to stop and look before pulling into traffic. (They don’t place stop signs on private property, btw). So evidently, you drove out into traffic without stopping, which the officer witnessed and deemed to be careless. Frankly, your legal theory about the stop sign is not going to prevail.

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