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Your Questions About Apartments In Corpus Christi

July 2, 2012

Lisa asks…

has anyone lived in corpus christi but gone to school in TAMUK?

Ive been looking for apartment possibilities in kingsville but the apt complexs available seem..well kind of crappy… what apt complex is best if i wanted to live in corpus but go to school in kingsville

Administrator answers:

I grew up in corpus, all my life. I’m 21. Its about a 45 minute drive from corpus to kingsville, are you sure you’d wanna commute that long every day for classes?

There’s plenty of nice apartment complex’s in corpus.

Most of the ones I know in corpus are not the best location for commuting. They are near the tamucc campus.

But there are a few apartments still :)

Try getting an apartment in kingsville, you’ll save money on gas, and with that money you can afford a nicer apartment..
I know where you’re coming from because where i go to college there isn’t the “nicest” apartments either…or the ones that are nice, are like 900 a month. Which is redic.

But I’m sure you can find something thats nice enough in k-ville. Or! You could look into the local real estate…you would be surprised by how many condominiums and townhomes there are to rent incollege towns..the only trouble is you gotta find them! Get in touch with local landlords.

You are sure to find something very nice for the money, and some decorations and you got yourself a nice flat :)

Mary asks…

Any advice for a first time apartment renter?

I am getting my first apartment with my boyfriend and two of our friends and i could use some help..We are all pretty financially stable, but i am the youngest at 18 and my boyfriend is the oldest being only a few months away from 21…We are all attending a local community college and will be transferring to a university about 3 hours away when we are done…So, being young and college students with a somewhat limited income, we are having a little trouble finding a place that we like and can qualify for…What types of things should we look for when taking tours, and what types of questions should we have? Also, has anyone lived in an apartment complex in Corpus Christi, TX that they would recommend? Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

No, I’m not familiar with CC, TX, but I am familiar with being a landlord. One of my properties is near the college in my town. I have taken college students even when their income did not support it as they were able to verify income via financial aid and/or parent support.

With there being so many of you moving into one place, you need to check on how many non-related adults are allowed in one apt…also ask about:
-Lease terms (6 month, 9 month, etc.)
-Policy on guests?
-Policy on repairs (submitted in writing? How long will the response time be?)
-How safe is the neighborhood?
-Use of common areas (laundry, parking, etc.)
-Snow removal, lawn responsibilities
-Late fees?
-Ask about the average utility bill.

Other good things to check out:
-Make sure there are working smoke detectors?
-Flush the toilet.
-Turn on all faucets and check pressure?
-Look up and check the plaster/drywall to see if there is water damage
-Check the windows, see if all doors open and close well.

Anyway, pick what you need…I have had tenants ask me some of the above and I was impressed…some landlords might be a little frustrated with all the questions, but steer clear of them anyway. Best wishes.

John asks…

a bit of mold grew in a corner of a room and in 2 weeks it grew mushrooms?

it is in an apartment in south tx (Corpus Christi to be exact) i have pics but don’t know how 2 show them Please tell all you can!!!!!
the mushrom is about 24 inches

What type of mold and mushroom is it ?
Is it toxic ?
What problems does it cause (if any)?
it is kinda clear looking with black spots all over it and the mushroom has a black top that is droopy and tall
it’s along the baseboard and across the hall from a bathroom

Administrator answers:

And your question is?

Mandy asks…

Moving to Corpus Christi,TX?

I’m moving from NC to corpus christi TX in a few months.I need a little help finding a apartment.does anyone know of any good places.i want an apartment in a good neighborhood and that is safe.please help.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know where you will be working, but anyplace on the south side around Saratoga Rd is nice and Annaville area is good if you are going to be out west.
Corpus Christi is really a very nice city. Enjoy it.

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