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November 4, 2012

Sandy asks…

doesn’t this make you sick?????

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The mother of two children whose bodies were found stuffed in trash bags under an apartment building pleaded guilty to capital murder Thursday, just before her trial was set to begin.


Valerie Lopez, 21, agreed to a plea deal that calls for her to serve life in prison without parole.

She also agreed to cooperate in the prosecution of Jerry Salazar, 29, a former boyfriend who also faces capital murder charges, said Cliff Herberg, a spokesman for the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office.

The bodies of 14-month-old Sariyah Garcia and 4-month-old Sebastian Lopez were found in March 2007 after neighbors reported a foul smell. Their bodies were left behind when Lopez and Salazar were evicted from their home.

Lopez admitted after her arrest that she beat her daughter to death on Christmas Eve 2006 after the child wouldn’t stop crying. She said she accidentally rolled onto her son in her sleep in February 2007. She said she wrapped him in a trash bag and placed him beside his sister.

An indictment accused her of striking the girl with her hand, with an unknown object and against an unknown object. The indictment in her son’s death said he was suffocated with a blanket.

Salazar is accused in an indictment of causing the deaths of the children by failing to protect them and in not removing them from Lopez even though he knew she was a threat to them.

Michael Gross, Lopez’s attorney, said witnesses were willing to testify that Salazar abused Lopez and that she was afraid of him.

Salazar’s attorney, Joel Perez, said he expects to go to trial. “He told the police he had nothing to do with this,” Perez said.

District Attorney Susan Reed told the San Antonio Express-News she had to be talked into the plea deal.

She said she considered the circumstances, the evidence, the defendant’s age and the fact that the trial was moved to another county because of pretrial publicity.

Administrator answers:

Ugh, i hate these stories! They made me so sad for those babies! They didnt get to pick their sh*tty parents!

I live in texas and i believe in the DEATH PENALTY and i think this is a damn good example of someone who should be killed for killing 2 innocent babies and knowing exactly what she did. Life in prision isnt going to do anything, she’ll still get to have visitors, make friends, eat, sleep, and have a roof over her head…. And those babies never had a chance to even grow up to be toddlers, teenagers, to graduate, become adults, get married, or become parents!


Linda asks…

Short Term Rental in TX?

My best friend from high school emailed me the other day to ask me if I would be her maid of honor for her wedding. Her wedding is at the end of August, but as m.o.h. I wanted to go down in early August to help her out. The problem is I need a place to stay for about a month and I have no idea where to look. I don’t need anything big or special, just a 1br 1ba apartment for the month of August. Here is the tricky part, my friend just happens to live in Corpus Christi, a top vacation spot. What do I do??? (No I am not going to move in with her for a month, that would be too hectic, plus her whole family has to go down too.)

Administrator answers:

Any vacation spot like that should have vacation rentals. These are furnished places that you can rent by the night or by the month. You just have to look in the local paper or yellow pages for that area & see if you can find listings for vacation rentals.

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