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June 16, 2013

Helen asks…

Apartments in denver colorado!!!!!

my fiance and i are looking to move into an apartment in denver with our newborn… does anyone have some really cheap property for rent, or can reccomend a really cheap complex for us???

Administrator answers:

I don’t know what your price range is, or what you consider cheap. I’m from Chicago originally and rent everywhere seems cheap compared to Chicago. Plus, you should try and live near where you work so you don’t have a long commute. Most places downtown will be more expensive than in the suburbs. But, if you live downtown you can save gas money by being able to walk everywhere. I’d check and to get ideas.

Laura asks…

apartments in denver colorado?

Me and my boyfriend are trying to find a apartment but we dont have great credit and he has some things on his background that have stopped us from getting approved at other places, does anyone know of any apartment places that are decent prices that dont care about credit or background? they dont have to be the nicest either btw

Administrator answers:

The best place for people in your situation is a small apartment building or an apartment in someone’s house. If you are dealing face-to-face with the landlord, he may decide he likes you and doesn’t need to do a background check on you. If you go for an apartment in one of the big complexes, they have professional managers who have to follow company rules, and that’s going to make it hard for you to get approved. (For that reason, I disagree with the advice to use the “apartment finder” brochures. Those are almost all for big buildings.) But if you go to a place where it is just you and the landlord, you have a much better chance of getting approved.

Good luck, and I hope this helps!!

John asks…

Apartments in Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Colorado?

So me and two of my roommates are trying to find a nice 3 bedroom at least 2 bathroom apartment that includes a washer and dryer and accepts pets, that is as far as Denver, one of my roommate would like to live further south (towards highlands ranch) We are all trying to save money cause we’re in rough spots financially, as everyone is….so we don’t want an apt over about $1000/mo I would say. Does anyone know of any apts like this?? Worse comes to worse, we could rent for 1,100 but that’s pretty much what we pay now and we want to go cheaper.
ANY information would be awesome, as this is VERY frustrating!!!!

Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

The best rentals have a For Rent sign in the window and no advertising. They owners don’t even know what is. So you have to do some cruising around the neighborhoods you like.
Otherwise you use the classified ads.
Ask a local realty agent if she will email you upcoming rentals. If she is helpful , take her out to lunch as a treat..

Joseph asks…

How could I get my deposit back from Moana apartment in Denver, CO 80220?

I paid my deposit ($200) for Moana apartment in Denver, CO 80220 and office manager ( her name is Jennifer) is not answering my email and phone call!!! She eats my deposit money. So does anybody know how I get my money back? I am not staying in US.
Of course I did everything I could do before I leave.

Administrator answers:

Did you give the proper notice you were moving?

In that notice, did you provide a forwarding address where to send your money?

Did you move everything out and leave the place clean?

Did “Jennifer” or another agent do a final walk-through inspection with you – AND give you the final “OK”?

If you answered “No” to even one of these Qs, you may not be able to get any of the deposit returned.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name!

Michael asks…

What apartments would you recommend in Denver?

We are looking for a one bedroom apartments up to $700/month preferably pet friendly. Central Denver area.

Administrator answers:

Google apartments rentals.
Explore them on rainy days
and check out late fri-sat
Also police activities report on web,

Ken asks…

Any suggestions to look for apartments in Denver, Co.?

Hi everybody!
I´m moving from Mexico City to Denver. I would like to live near Leetsdale Drive. I’ll stay in Mexico until the last week of March. Any suggestions to look for apts? Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Be prepared for over-pricing everywhere. Period. Highest foreclosure rate on houses in the entire US for well over a year and the cost of living is higher here than in Honolulu, and that’s from a very recent study. The avg. Cost of a low-end (as in not in the greatest areas) 1-bedroom apt. Is $500 to $600. Ridiculous, truly and really!

Betty asks…

How do i find a nearest job in Denver CO?

Ok so i found an apartment in Denver, CO and the rent is $450 but i don’t have ANY money right now, and i am coming from LA, California. How do i IMMEDIATELY find a good salary wage job without walking and searching everywhere? Are the jobs STABLE there? I mean, cuz i really really would love to live in this apartment but i need a good job nearby there. Are the PEOPLE in denver anything like the people in LA? Rude? Snobby? Stuck up?

Administrator answers:

Good luck with that.

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