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August 18, 2013

Sandy asks…

How safe is South East Denver?

I’m moving to my own apartment in Denver. I’ve been looking at South East Denver but don’t know much about it. Is it a safe place to be?
haha thanks. I live in Colorado now but I’m going to be moving around in Denver. Good point though.

Administrator answers:

Safe from what? They have only had a few tornadoes, only tiny earth quakes and no hurricanes. The biggest risk from floods is Cherry Creek if the dam ever overflows and they have to open the flood gates. They have a few foxes and coyotes but almost no mountain lions and no bears.

Places are as safe as you make them. Stay away from drugs and dealers. Don’t flash large amounts of money around. Don’t go to sleazy bars late at night. Use good common sense.

Carol asks…

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Denver?

1 bed 1 bath

Administrator answers:

Anywhere from $500-$1200….
I got an one bedroom (754 sq. Ft.) unit in Parker, Colorado for $494 with good credit….Later, moved into a two bedroom with roomie for $807 (1221 sq. Ft.)….by the way, the closer you move downtown, it gets higher on rents…if its a new building…

Daniel asks…

Average utilities for an apartment in Denver?

Hi! I’m doing a pretend-life project where we figure out expenses and stuff. I need to know what the average utilities for a Denver apartment:

heating bill
a/c bill
water bill
garbage services
car insurance
cable & internet

thanks! again, just for a school project so doesn’t need to be super exact

Administrator answers:

Depends on the size of the apartment, but for an average one bedroom its usually around $40 give or take. The heating and a/c are on one bill.

Water bill again, depends on the size and how many people, if you have to water a yard etc. I have never paid water because all the places I have rented at cover the water in the rent, garbage service also.

My mom says her garbage is $60 every three months.

Car insurance depends on the year make and model of the car, the age and gender of the driver, your driving record…mine is $150/month for a 99 SUV, clean driving record, 23 year old female.

Cable and internet can run anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on who you get it from and how fast you want it, what channels you get, etc.

Betty asks…

where can I get a good three month lease apartment in denver?

Administrator answers:

You will need to locate a property management firm. Tell them you only wish to sign a lease for 3 months or rent month to month. They will find properties that fall within your needs.

Linda asks…

Where to rent an apartment in Denver for under $650?

I would love to be as close to downtown as possible. I would like to be close to public transportation. But I am also looking for a safe neighborhood and a safe apartment complex. Which neighborhoods should I look at for a 1 bedroom apartment for under $650?

Administrator answers:

Rents in Denver are high, but check out might find something there

Mark asks…

What is the closest apartments to bel-rea in Denver,Colorado?

Administrator answers:


Try this.

Richard asks…

Are there affordable apartments near Sloan Lake in the Denver area?

Looking for a complex with a pool, fitness center, etc. in Sloan Lake area price range: $500-$650


Administrator answers:

Most of the housing in the Sloan Lake area are single family older homes. I lived in that are for a few years and don’t remember seeing any apartments with a fitness center. I know of only 1 with a pool, and I wouldn’t want to live there. Try Craigslist for something further out of the city.

Susan asks…

what is the average cost of a one bedroom apartment in Denver?

senior on fixed income

Administrator answers:

My studio apartment near 1st & Broadway cost $499 back in 2006. The building divided utilities among residents so no need to conserve (although I did thinking one person can make a difference!). I had the air conditioner on during the summer and the heat on during the winter. On average the utilities, sewer, trash and the billing fee came to a little over $50 on average. But I got a heart attack one month when it was double! By the time I left (a few months ago), my rent was up to $550.

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