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August 5, 2012

Steven asks…

Are there any nice apartments in Lakewood, CO?

Administrator answers:

Yup. Lots…I don´t know the names, but I’m sure you can find something you like. Condos, though, mostly. Not so much apartments. Not sure why you chose that word…if it’s just generic, then, yeah. You’ll find something.

Donald asks…

Lanlord / Tenant Rights & Legal Advice?

Hi, I am a renter of a 700 square ft apartment in Lakewood CO. Me, my fiance, and 3 year old daughter live here, and have lived here for the past year.

About six months ago, the apartment building was bought out by a new owner. Along with that came new property management. In late December (2008). We noticed a leak coming from the ceiling in our bathroom. They came out, repaired the leak, patched up the wall — all was good.

About a month later the patch started to give and eventually fell off the ceiling, the leak had returned. Our Prop. Manager sent out a plumber and fixed the problem yet again. (or so we thought).

mid Feburary (2009) rolled around and we were having major water pressure issues. Sometimes as little as a trickle would come from our faucets. Turns out, a pipe under our sink cabinets leading into our bathroom had disintegrated. (our kitchen and out bathroom are next to eachother — separated by a wall) So water was pretty much running thru a lined hole, where the pipe used to be. This would occasionally back up dirty muddy water into our bathtub. which stinks horribly i might add. an old mildewy smell.

They sent out a team of plumbers this time (2). They ripped up our cabinets in the kitchen to get under the sink. Had to jack-hammer thru the cement to get to the pipe, dug thru cement all the way into the middle of the bathroom floor — had to lift up the bathtub, remove tile, the whole shebang.

I was very impressed with their work, they came in, got what they needed to get done, done. It only took them one day. They were very professional about everything, even offering us earplugs for the jack-hammer. (even tho we wouldn’t be here ;) )

Our landlord got us a hotel room for 2 nights since we would be without running water. We returned after our stay at the hotel only to find our apartment was unlocked and a couple windows fully opened with the screens removed (no idea why). Nothing was stolen, nothing was messed with. It just looked like the plumbers left and our property manager (who i forgot to mention — lives in the apartment above us) did not lock up. Even tho she was the only one with access to our apartment (by key) the whole time we were gone. THANK GOD nothing was stolen as we have many expensive electronics here.

So anyways, we returned to a “gutted” apartment where all that was left to do would be putting everything back together along with a new floor in both the kitchen and bathroom. And re-tiling the bathroom.

The maintenance man (hired to be the fixer-upper) is a family member of our property manager and is very unprofessional. Always complaining about how he doesn’t want to work on any particular day… obviously not what we want to hear. The further they get into repairs, the worse and worse it looks in my opinion.

I honestly would be happier right now with the holes in the wall we had before (after the plumbers left) We’ve been back from the hotel for a week now. We were told that repairs would take no more than 3-4 days. They came in after we were already back from the hotel a DAY later. Keep in mind at this point we have no sink, no kitchen cabinetry (put together atleast)

We couldn’t take a shower either, atleast we didn’t want to because of this:

we just didn’t want to compromise any work that needed to be done.

so we did our dishes in the tub, and took showers at my parents house (20 miles away). We could really use a hotel now! lol.

So anyways, the following day came and the maintenance man would return finally with a friend to help. instead of doing anything with the existing tile, they just threw up a 50$ shower slide. which looks like this at the moment: custom cut by them i might add

we’ll call this the left side:

and this the right side:

again this is over the existing tile! how sloppy!

right side:

another of the far left side:

another of the far right side:

(behind that piece of drywall is ripped out tile, and a half a stud that needs to be replaced. along with the heater fixed.)

notice the splash-guard and the poor caulking job. oh and he also said that he won’t clean or scrape off the old caulking, that’s our job…. (isn’t that prep-work?!)

looking towrds left side:

windowsill, right side:


keep in mind the slide was put in directly over this: no drywall support from the bottom of the tile to the top of the tub, just ex
here’s the 2 pictures i messed the links up on.

left side:

right side:

keep in mind the slide was put in directly over this: no drywall support from the bottom of the tile to the top of the tub, just existing studs.
so you can push in the slide and see the wall behind…. here:
this is on the right side by the way:…

another of the right windosill:…

notice around the windowsill the horrible measurement, then trying to compensate with extra caulking.

This has all looked like this for 3 days now. They refuse to work on the weekends. So today is Monday, we were promised that he would finish up his kindergarten grade work today. Well wouldn’t you know it — last night about 10:30PM the patched leak (which started all this in the first place) randomly just started leaking like a faucet (nice fix plumbers!)
So instead of getting our bathroom finished today, or tomorrow, or wednesday. However long the maintenance man takes seeing as he hates his job and only works 3 hours a da
works 3 hours a day and takes 3 days off. — we have to wait for the plumbers to come back out today, fix the problem AGAIN. only to have our man come fix up the bathroom tomorrow… (maybe?)

now finally, my questions and concerns (and thank you for reading all of this i know it wasn’t fun. lol i just don’t know what else to do.)

Is there any kind of Legal support we can get? I know we have some kind of rights, but what are they? This is inhabitable, we have a 3 year old for goodness sake. Please help me! What are my options?

Our lease is up at the end of the month, and we are wanting to sign another year lease as we really like the area, but is it really worth it if there is so many problems, and they fix them so half-ass?

If you need something cleared up, please reply with a question. I’m all ears and will help anyone understand this more if they want to. I am just in desperate need of some help here.

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
so you can push in the slide and see the wall behind…. here:
this is on the right side by the way:

another of the right windosill:

Administrator answers:

The repairs have not taken place in a reasonable amount of time. It appears your landlord is willing to work with you. Suggest that you inquire about moving to a different apartment, and being reimbursed for the expense. If this is not agreeable, you can contact a contract attorney to review your lease, your situation, and your options.

Ken asks…

I maybe moving to Colorado anybody have suggestions on towns?

I recently got accepted to Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO. They have 3 different sites, though. Lakewood is the main campus which is roughly 10-15 minutes west of Denver, then there is Colorado Springs and Loveland which is 10-15 minutes south of Fort Collins. I need some input on towns because I’m somewhat am going out there blind. My mom has a friend in Loveland but I haven’t been able to really talk to her in depth. I will be making a trip out there in May sometime. I’ve looked at apartments in Colorado Springs online which I’m sure they give you the BEST pictures online, my main concern is my kids, the neighborhood for them, and a school. I did look at District 20 Academy school in Colorado Springs and Glen Ridge Apartments there which both were by the Air Force Academy. Colorado Springs seemed to be a little less expensive than Loveland or Fort Collins. Anyhow, would appreciate some suggestions. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Fort Collins was voted best place to raise a family several years in a row by readers digest. I lived there for 8 years and absolutely loved it! Loveland is also quite nice. But really you just can’t go wrong anywhere in Colorado!

Ruth asks…

Plz Help, i can’t find a private owner in co for section 8!!?

my name is Nikkala and i am on section 8. i have a husband and i am 7 months pregnant. i have until july 9th to lease up. i really need an apartment that will take us, even though we have no credit and temp jobs. i have a cat but i don’t need to take him with me if you don’t allow pets. i need a place that is under $625 a month and in the denver metro, if you can close to lakewood or golden. my criminal history seems to be getting us denied everywhere. i have 1 misdomeaner i have plead to and 2 other charges that aren’t supposed be on my record but still are. my husband has 2 misdomeaner DVs. We need a deposite under $100 we really need a place, we are pretty much homeless, living in a motel paid for by my therapist’s office. i have no phone, but you can contact me through email at Thank you so much.

Administrator answers:

Many bottom units will take you. ASK
a real estate firm who has the
cheapest units available in your city.

Then, live like angels from now on and
in 6 yrs, you can get a house of your own.

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