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July 27, 2013

Lisa asks…

rent or buy???

This is going to be my first time having my own place with my fiance.
I am moving to NYC most likely somewhere in Queens or Brooklyn. I have a good amount of money saved up. Enough for a down payment on a one bedroom apartment costing around $160,000 my mortgage payments would be around 875 a month.

my second option is to rent an apartment. It seems like ones in a decent area go for about 1,000+ a month.

which would be better for us?

we are in our early 20′s, both have good paying jobs for our age.

Administrator answers:

You best option would be to buy, the mortgage is less per month than renting an apartment.
You say that both of you are decent wage earners so that wouldn’t be a problem to pay the mortgage.

Think of it this way, you will be saving $125 per month. You will more than likely make a profit from the property when you decide to move on or buy a larger and better property.
You will be making money all round plus you have lived in the property and not be beholding to a landlord who dare I say it has rules you might have to break now & then. Think about it.

Why give someone else money when you can invest it and keep the profits for yourselves, rather than making someone elase rich.

Mark asks…

Need help from renters – to explain this to employers, landlords?

anyone who has relocated and lives on their own can answer this for me please: I live in western NJ (in the burbs, one local bus station that’s it). I’m trying to get closer to NYC for the jobs, apartments (on the NJ side or BK, Queens)….employers keep calling me about jobs but then they won’t give them to me b/c i’m about 2 1/2 hours from NYC on public bus! they think i can’t handle the commute and work over time (as paralegal). How can I tell employers that I want the job but have to relocate to get closer? Also, if I get the job — how soon will someone give me an apartment after just being hired? As soon as employers how far I am from NYC, they tune out — it’s like an endless circle – no one will rent apartment to me b/c I don’t have a job, I can’t get a job b/c I don’t live close enough. LOL. I don’t have any one to help me with this. thanks!

Administrator answers:

I did this about 10 years ago. I explained in my cover letter that I was planning to relocate. When interviewing, I said I would need 3-4 weeks to give notice and move…if you’re not presently working, you could do it faster. The key is to sound decisive…don’t say you’re looking at NJ or BK, or Queens…name a specific neighborhood you are shooting for. Even if you end up elsewhere, you’ll give the impression you’re serious.

You may not be able to get an ideal apartment so fast, but perhaps you could take short-term housing (a SRO or hotel) or bunk with a friend or former classmate to start? Usually, paralegals working mega-hours in NYC share apartments near the office with one another and barely spend any time outside the office.

Absent other issues (poor credit history, etc.), a landlord will usually accept written confirmation from your new employer that includes your start date and salary.

Sorry to say, there are so many people who want apartments or paralegal jobs in Manhattan that it’s hard to catch a break.

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