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June 24, 2013

Maria asks…

moving in Astoria, Queens, New York City?

I life in Astoria, Queens & my roommate and I have to be out of our apartment at the end of February (the 29th)–no exceptions, I asked him already! Our landlord won’t let us stay until the morning of March 1st. Our new apartment owners won’t let us move in until 9 AM the next day.

What on earth do we do with all our stuff? Isn’t it illegal to park a moving truck on the street in NYC overnight?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As if moving in NYC doesn’t suck enough already, this is an entirely new challenge for us.
Also…Where might be a good place to park a commercial truck overnight? Can I rent a parking space somewhere? I haven’t had a car for about 8 years, so I’m totally tuned out of the whole parking situation here.

Administrator answers:

You can’t leave a commercial vehicle on a street overnight because they could give it a ticket. You would have to find some sort of property to park it on. You might get away with it if you leave it in a commercial area such as a block that has warehouses on it. There is also another way out if you want to do this. The agents usually will not write a ticket for a vehicle if there is someone in it. The explanation to the agent would be that you just drove in from Iowa and the place you are bringing the stuff to isn’t opened until 9. (A little lie here) You might want to consider that.

If I had to park a commercial vehicle overnight, I would look around the Brooklyn Queens Expressway where 49th Street and 25 th Avenue meet. That area is fairly desolate at night, not many people around so maybe there.

Paul asks…

Best area for an apartment in New York?

I am from Pennsylvania and have only one month to find an apartment in New York. I had a broker but he has completely gone m.i.a and now I don’t know what to do! I will be working in Manhattan making between 55 – 60 thousand a year. I am open to New York City, Queens, or Brooklyn. I need to know places to look that are safe and decently nice for a budget that fits my pay, also with a decent commute.


Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, the “best” areas in NYC are not in your budget. At $60k/year, we’ll pretend your take home is $48k/year or about $4000/month. That means you can afford roughly $1350/month. You are looking at being a commuter unless you get a few roommates.
Realitically, you are looking at Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood if you want to live alone. Otherwise, get 2-3 roommates and for $3000-$4000/month you start finding places in SoHo, Grenwich village and the financial district with 3 bedrooms.

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