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October 22, 2012

Mark asks…

How serious is lead poisoning in Astoria queens apartments?How to understand?

I am moving to NYC next month,planning to settle in AsToria.I heard old apts in NYC have old paintings causing lead can I understand if it is the case for my apt?how about Astoria?is it true for Astoria apts too?

Administrator answers:

Lead poisoning is not an issue for most people.

It’s really an issue for very young children (and their parents, by extension.) Little children put things in their mouths and teeth on them. When lead paint wears away, little pieces of lead dust fly in the air. These pieces land on toys and other household objects. Then, little children put these things in their mouths and the lead ends up in their blood stream.

This form of lead poisoning causes problems with brain development in young children. If you are old enough to no longer put things in your mouth that shouldn’t be there, and if your brain has reached adult maturity (or even older elementary school maturity,) and you don’t have any kids, you have nothing to worry about.

BTW, lead poisoning exists all over the U.S., particularly when homes are being renovated.

Nancy asks…

Where are the best places to get apartments in queens/brooklyn?

im not getting a place until senior yr. im just dorming now. school is in manhattan btw soo it must be close to manhattan. if getting an apartment in manhattan isnt possible which neighborhoods are best for a student to get an apartment close to manhattan?

Administrator answers:

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Maria asks…

Are there mice in NYC apartments? (Queens)?

Are there mice in NYC apartments? In Astoria, Queens to be specific?
Is the landlord in charge of getting rid of them?

Also, what is the price of range of (preferably mice free!) apartments in Astoria? thanks

Administrator answers:

A few tips:

There are no mice in any apartment in Astoria that includes a cat. Dried dog food and its crumbs, on the other hand, tends to attract them.

If there are holes in your walls (typically where pipes pass thru them under the kitchen sink or at radiators), you will be more vulnerable.

Mice are very common, as are cockroaches, if you leave food out or dirty dishes in the sink or don’t empty an uncovered kitchen wastebasket frequently. Absolutely mop the kitchen floor once a week.

Mice tend to show up in the best of apartments when there is renovation done to neighboring apartments. Cockroaches also flee construction activity and seek more serene quarters. It is a temporary event as long as you don’t make them comfortable in your place.

Because you can be a model tenant but your neighbor can be a pig, the LANDLORD is definitely responsible for ridding the building, and your apartment, of all vermin. The NYC health and housing departments can be of assistance if your landlord is unresponsive, but that should not be necessary and is a last resort.

As for prices, you need to be more specific about what you are looking for: studio, one-bedroom, proximity to the subway (actually an elevated train in Astoria), etc. Figure between $1000 and $1500 for a studio or one-bedroom. As city apartments go, a studio can seem bigger than some one-bedrooms, so don’t pick one versus the other without seeing them (unless you want privacy from visitors). Check and the Village Voice (also online). Avoid paying brokers if you can help it (look for “no-fee” apartments), but beware of deals that look too good to be true from anyone who says they are subletting or having the lease transferred to you. It is not as likely to get scammed in Astoria as it is in Manhattan, but craigslist is known to be frequented by scammers who make false listings and seek registration fees. Craig has taken a no-tolerance stand against such people however, so it is still a valuable resource.

Sharon asks…

Are there any apartments in New York City that allow two dogs?

I want to buy an apartment in queens or brooklyn but I have 2 dogs and a cat. The one dog is 50 pounds and the other is 30 pounds. I looked at apartments there and I couldn’t find any places that would let me keep them. Does anybody live there and have pets?

Administrator answers:

Below is a link to In which you can find places throughout NYC for your pets.

Good luck.

Laura asks…

What areas to avoid in Queens, nyc?

I need to start looking for apartments in Queens, can someone tell me what areas are dangerous to live in? I’m pale as the moon so I glow in the dark.

Administrator answers:

Queens is one of the most ethnically-diverse boroughs of an ethnically-diverse city. I’m not sure that any neighborhood would be specifically dangerous to ‘pale’ people, unless your glowing in the dark kept them up at night.

Steven asks…

Where in queens can you get to manhattan in 20 minutes or less?

Apartment hunting! I’m going to Hunter College and I’m looking in queens for apartments. What neighborhoods are the most convenient to manhattan?

Administrator answers:

Astoria on the N/W trains,

Long Island City and Sunnyside on the #7 train

and since the F train at 63rd/Lex is the CLOSEST direct train from Hunter College to Queens, you can also go as far out as Jackson Heights and Forest Hills within 20 minutes since it runs express in Queens.

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