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Your Questions About Apartments In San Angelo Tx

June 24, 2012

Donna asks…

Nicest Apartment Complex In San Angelo, TX.?

I am moving to San Angelo TX. because husband is in military and I havent been able to find any nice places in that town. I know its a real small town but is there any modern/upper scale apartment complexes in San Angelo?

Administrator answers:

Why did you post this question in San ANTONIO?

Thomas asks…

Has anyone moved to San Angelo, TX?

My husband and I are moving to San Angelo in a month and are visiting next week to look for an apartment. Any suggestions at all???? We have no idea about anything there! Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Lol my cousin actually lives there! Great place, not very big like 90 thousand people i think. Usually very nice warm weather, major highways include: US highway 67, US highway 87, US highway 277, loop 306, and Houston Harte Expressway.

David asks…

San Angelo, TX?

I’m going to be visiting my husband at Goodfellow AFB for about a month and I’m getting quite frustrated with the “small town” thing already.

I absolutely CANNOT find any apartment complex that will do a month to month rental, even the corporate rentals want at least a 3 month lease and I’d rather not pay $3000 to stay in a hotel for a month although it looks like thats gonna be my only option.

Someone please help!!

Administrator answers:


check here

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