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November 8, 2012

Nancy asks…

What is a good and economically priced moving company I can hire in San Antonio, TX.?

I am not moving my full apartment. I need a sofa and loveseat moved from the Lack’s warehouse to my apartment by tomorrow, Tuesday May 13.

Administrator answers:

Hey you don’t have a friend with a truck? Well if not here is a site with the listings. Hope it helps.

George asks…

Where can I throw a 21st birthday party in San Antonio, TX?

It’s my 21st. I need a place that will accommodate at least 50 people, loud music and alcohol. I’m planning on a late-night affair, about 10pm-3am. It also needs to be really cheap, as I am a poor college student. :-) Cheap = $100 or less…. Is this possible?
Our last party was at our apartment and our upstairs neighbor called the police because we were too loud, so that’s not an option. We don’t really know anyone nearby who has a house with some space around it. Any other ideas?

Administrator answers:

Book a party at McDonald’s then go out to the bars

Susan asks…

I’m looking for an apartment that is safe and affordable in San Antonio, TX, help!?

Does anyone know a good apartment locator or can you recommend good apartments on the NW area of town or around 281 S? Under $560/ 1br/ safe, new or fairly new, security access, covered parking, W/D, fitness center. An apartment locator is fine, it’s just that the ones I’m trying to use want me to go and look at them and don’t want to give me the names of the complex, isn’t that strange?

Administrator answers:

No, its not strange . That is how they work. I used to be a property manager and we paid the locators a certin percentage of one month’s rent for bringing people out. Ex. I would pay a locator 100% of one month’s rent. So, if someone comes into the leasing office without the locator I would not pay the locator the fee. I am not from SA but, I can tell you … In some ways… You pay for your neighbors. Higher end communities… Are going to cost more. Also, as far as saftey .. It is illegal in Tx for a community or locator to tell you it is safe (liablity reasons) I personally advise the top floor. Good luck. Be careful with locators. Many will only tell you about the properties that are paying the highest percentages…. And usually properties that are having problems filling up…for some reason…price/saftey/etc. Pay higher locator fees… Make since? Good luck… Ohhhh one more thing…. Go to and read all the reviews before moving into a place… Sometimes the things written on there are sooooooooooooooooooo true!

Sandy asks…

Moving to San Antonio, TX Where is a good place to live and good middle schools?

I’m interested in just an apartment to start.

Administrator answers:

You won’t be disappointed if you look for housing on the North West side of town. So far it’s one of the safest in the city. NISD is the best school district in San Antonio as well.

I would strongly suggest trying to get a home in Braun; the neighborhood is so nice as well as safe, it’s about 15 minutes from La Cantera (shopping) where you’ll find stores such as Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Build-a-Bear (for the kids), you’ll also find Target and Walmart about 5-10 minutes away. It’s 15 minutes from Sea World in one direction, 15 minutes from Fiesta Texas in the opposite direction, 15 minutes from the Medical center. Everything you need is near. Plus the beautiful oak trees are a major plus in my opinion.

Heads up though this side of town is growing so rapidly the traffic can be pretty much at times. However, traffic is becoming a problem practically everywhere in the city with all the never ending construction. Enjoy your new city!!

Carol asks…

Average electricity bill in Live Oak area of San Antonio, TX?

I was just wondering what the average electricity bill runs in the Live Oak, TX area. We have a small 2 bedroom apartment, about 1080 sq feet, we have lived here only 2 months and both bills were over $170. I’m from Tennessee and that is considered incredibly high even in the summer months, so I was just wondering if that happens to be the average here or not.

Administrator answers:

I agree with AJ. That is not unheard of here where often in the summer the overnight low will still be a higher temperature than you want to keep inside your home. However, we are heading into a cooler part of the year so this should improve. Try ratcheting up your thermostat a couple of degrees. It does make a difference.

Linda asks…

I am an indian moving to San Antonio,TX..I am moving with my family and want apartment where indian community?

I am moving to San Antonio, TX and i am looking for an apartment where i could find a decent indian community. Please help me with this as i am moving with my family and any help in this regard is greatly appreciated. I am looking for a apartment which offfers month to month or 3 month lease terms as my contract now is very short. I will be flying on the 20th of FEB and so am looking for any help urgently.
Thanks so much in advance.

Administrator answers:

Almost anywhere.

Donna asks…

can 2 young parents mange an apartment by themselfs in san antonio, tx?

my bf and i have a tot and a newborn an he thinks we cant mange to afford a apartment on our own he keeps saying we need to have a room mate if we want to live comfortably like internet cable so on but i dont think its a good idea one beacuse we have small childern whom i dont trust no one around and two i dont want his wierd guy friend being around all the time espically bringing other people in the apartment when im not around and three i want alone time with my bf we never get any! inbetween the kids and living apart with our families i cant handle them all in our business and never having one on one time we cant even sleep together anymore and its really taking a toll on our relationship i think as long as we are both working an can settle for something small without all the luxuries until we finish school move up in work and get better jobs well do fine any advice or personal experience?

Administrator answers:

Ideally, you would have done all this differently, gotten on your feet before bringing children into the equation. Not sleeping together might be a good thing. Is there another roommate option besides a guy you do not trust around your kids? I would strongly suggest you sit down, take a look at what you bring in, be realistic about expenses, and see if it will work. Nothing puts stress on a relationship like money problems, so over-extending yourselves will certainly not help your situation.

Sharon asks…

Any sofas in San Antonio , Tx that are $50 under?

Im trying to buy a cheap but good sofa for a small apartment but i cant find any , im extremely tight with money at the moment.Does anyone in San Antonio know where i could get one?

Administrator answers:

Yeah craigslist BUT also google “freecycle” between the two you will have one in no time. Every thing on freecycle is free. But you have to be fast or someone else will get your ssooffa.;)

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