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December 5, 2012

Susan asks…

Is there a web site where I can get info on what kind of crime history an apartment complex has?

I’m moving to a new apartment in San Antonio, TX but I want to do a little more research on it before signing a lease. I want to be able to find out the crime rate and any other helpful info. I’ve heard there is a place on the net but no one really knows which particular web site.

Administrator answers:

I hope this link can help you.

Helen asks…

What else are some creative ways to move?

From a 2 bedroom apartment in WA to another apartment in San Antonio, TX?
the usual moving trucks are about a grand, looking for other ways to save money, yet being
smart about it. Any inspirational ideas?

Administrator answers:

Buy a cheap used trailer to move your stuff and then sell it when your done with it.

Also , google ( moving pods )

Betty asks…

How early should I look for apartment housing when attending college in the fall?

I live in San Antonio, TX and am planning to attend the one schools in Austin, TX as an off-campus student. Is it still possible to look into apartment housing for the fall semester (Aug-Sept)? If possible, can you find some particular apartments in the Austin Community College area (low rent)? This is all new to me and your help would be greatly appreciated!
*am planning to attend one of the schools

Administrator answers:

Usually about 30 days out is a good rule of thumb. Check out Riverside, right on Lady Bird Lake, don’t go too far down Riverside though or a hand gun license might be necessary. Honestly the farther away from UT the better and better priced. I used to live in a great place called Waterfront Condo’s… It was awesome and right on the water and right next to the ACC campus. First and foremost, I must recommend using a apartment locator, they are super helpful, FREE and typically are privy to listings that you many never see looking on your own.

Laura asks…

How much money shoul i take to miami spring brake?

Okay I need some advise. Well my friends and I are planning a graduation trip this spring brake and I was wondering how much moeny we should take and how much an airplane ticket costs fron san antonio tx to miami and the cost of food and hotel or motel and taxi we would be around 6 persons plz help I don’t have enough time it is just around the corner

Administrator answers:

Minimum 2000.00 us dollars per person. One week.( otherwise You will have a headache)

don’t listen the voice of 100 per day that is not possible ,not even for surviving ,you are about party time ,spring break. Not a homeless. Just a cup of coffee is 4 dollars.figured out the food and girls stuffs

you can save a bundle if….
Rent a two bedrooms apartment for a month and everybody pitch in. “cook at home”.and party all together in the same club.

Paul asks…

What all is involved with renting an apartment?

I live on the East coast and want to move to San Antonio, TX. I’m only 18 so i have absolutely no experience with renting or anything of the sorts. I’m woried i won’t have enough. My Boyfriend is moving too from Ohio, so not all the costs are on me, We will split it 50/50.

Administrator answers:

If neither you or your boyfriend have a rental history this will be a stumbling block but it won’t completely stop you from being able to rent, you might have to search a little harder though. Landlords, especially property management companies, will be looking at your credit history and they will want proof of income as well. If you look for a private landlord, not a management company, sometimes these people will be less stringent on you having to prove everything and will be more likely to give you a chance.

Also, you will need at the very minimum to pay one month’s rent and a security deposit before you can move in, in some areas it is customary for you to have to pay first and last month’s rent + deposit to move in. I would look at rental listings in the area you want to move to and get an idea of how much money you’re going to need.

Sandra asks…

Safe (but not too far from work) Places to live in austin?

I Currently live in San Antonio tx, and my boyfriend and i want to move to Austin in a few months to rent an apartment. We Want to live somewhere safe and calm, but somewhere at least kinda close to work.. any suggestions?
I am currently getting my License as an Esthetician in San Antonio, so i do not have a job in Austin yet… that is one reason why i needed some advice.. I wanted to know what areas are safest in Austin but close to the city or just somewhere that wouldn’t be too far from jobs..

Administrator answers:

Well…that is still tough to say. There are places to work all over town. Instead of trying to guess where you might work. Why don’t you use this map of apartments and see what you can find in your price range while you look for a job.


Chris asks…

Interested on any information about living in San Antonio, Tx?

I am planning on moving out to San Antonio and my Fiancee was interested in some information concerning the cost of living, the pay scale for office work or Graphics Designers for the Sign Industry (commercial & residential) , best areas of living, recreational activites (ie. 4-wheeling trails, fishing, camping). If anyone knows anything about the area of San Antonio, any advice you might have or information would be a big help in our decision of moving out there.

Administrator answers:

The salary for a graphic designer in San Antonio is a little lower than the national average, but the sal;ary would of course depend on level of experience and the organization for which he/she worked. The current national average for a graphic designer is around $48,000 to $50,000, in San Antonio the average is $43,000 to $45,000. Given that, you must consider that the cost of living in San Antonio is much lower than many parts of the country.

That which is called the San Antonio Metropolitan Area is 7, 340.5 sq. Miles, and includes all or part of 8 counties. 16 cities and several small towns and residential communities. The metropolitan statistical area has a population of approximately 2 million people and increased 2.8% from 2005-2006. The North Central area of San Antonio is the most rapidly developing area, growing between 50-60% based on census estimates (includes parts of Comal County). Current projections indicate San Antonio will increase in population by approximately 1 million people in the next 20 years. The average home is between $100,000-$160,000 with the largest number of these houses (65%) being 2-3 bedroom homes

There are many wonderful areas to live all over the city, and each has it’s own particular draw. Currently, the most rapidly developing areas are in the Northwest, North Central, and Northeast parts of the city. In these areas you will find more abundant homes, and apartments, and the newest stores and restaurants. Also in these areas are the main medical districts of north downtown, the South Texas Medical Center in the Northwest area, and the rapidly developing medical facilities in the Stone Oak/Sonterra area.

Lt Weasel must be in the Air Force at Lackland to pick Braunig as the area for outdoor activities. I guess because of where I have lived and my experiences I would tell you that San Antonio is perfectly situated for most warm weather activities, and hunting and fishing also. To the north is the Texas Hill Country which has rivers, streams, and lakes, and wooded areas, which is a great area for camping hiking and water activities. To the west you begin to enter the arid plains of west Texas which allows for some near desert like (scrub) activities. Heading south you are in the coastal plains and within a little over a couple of hours you can be deep sea fishing from Port Aransas, or camping on the shore off Corpus Christi.

The weather in the area can be tricky at times, and the comedian Jeff Foxworthy said “If you wear a parka and shorts on the same day, you might be a Texan.” This is basically true. Yesterday we were sitting outside at 78 degrees in the sun, now it is 53 and cloudy the next day.
And I remember one day when I was in high school when school was closed due to the hard freeze and ice storm, and we went water skiing in the afternoon. For the most part the temperature is warm, averaging around 85 degrees in the afternoons most of the year, and with lows in the high 60s to 70s. In the hottest part of the summer we average 94 degrees in the afternoons on July and August. In January we average 64 degrees in the afternoons.

The city is the 8th largest in the US, but often seems like a small town, and it is often said that everybody in town can be located in 2 phone calls. The city tends to be very family and friend oriented, by as we are all friendly, it usually doesn’t take long before you have a pretty large group of friends.

I think of San Antonio as a City that Likes to Fiesta as much as Seista! There are local festivals and parties in the city almost every week, and most are pretty large affairs. At the same time, the night life in the city is not as developed as most major cities, except in the tourist areas (probably due to families having small parties in their yards.)

The population is multicultural, and there is a great acceptance of all cultures in the city. The hispanic culture is the most prounoced, with almost 60% of the population.

San Antonio is a city with a rich heritage and history, strongly influenced by the Spanish, Mexicans, the Texian settlers, German and Czech immigrants. There is also a lot of development of new entertainment venues. Some of the key points of interest are:
The Alamo
The Mission Trail (The 4 Missions other than the Mission San Antonio de Valero [known as the Alamo] built by Spanish missionaries.
The Spanish Governor’s Palace
The King William Historic DIstric
La Villita (the original settlement of houses of the Canary Island Immigrants) now an area of Art Galleries and Shops.
The Paseo del Rio (the Riverwalk) this is one of the major attractions to the city and a can’t miss area for visitors.
El Mercado (the Farmer’s Market or Market Square) this is an area of shops with curios, gifts etc. While there you must consider dropping in Mi Tierra a favorite San Antonio restaurant (especially for late-nite)
The Military Bases – San Antonio is known as military city USA, until recently there were 5 military bases within the city, now 2 have closed, but these are key areas in America’s defense. They also have museums and exhibits available.
Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Park
Witte Museum
The McNay Museum
San Antonio Museum of Art
Many galleries in the Southtown cultural district
Sea World
Six Flags – Fiesta Texas
Schlitterbahn Water Park

Don’t forget world class Shopping at:
The Shops at La Canterra
The Quarry Market
Northstar Mall
Rivercenter Mall
and around the city.

For more ideas about what to do in SA and events during your trip. See

There are also an abundance of local theatre groups, with plays, and there are frequently concerts.
Comedy Clubs
Many sporting events including the NBA Champion Spurs, the WNBA Silver Stars, the SA Iguanas Hockey Team, and the San Antonio Mission professional baseball team. Also soon the NCAA men’s Final Four will be played in San Antonio.

I wish I could help you with some leads on positions in the sign industry, though as rapidly as the north side is building new stores and offices, signage is needed. I used to publish a magazine locally, and had graphic designers on staff, but sold the magazine to someone who wanted to develop an new magazine, and wanted the infrastructure.

I will advise you that many people find that they don’t understand the city when they first move here, as it is not like most large cities. But it has a special charm, that you get to really love once you have lived here for a few months. You just need to learn to eat at the local restaurants, not the chains, and to go to the right Fiesta events, as some are just too busy. San Antonio is almost a skill you have to learn, but when you master it, it is great!

Mark asks…

I have been arrested for misdeamor assualt once in my life. Will I still be able to rent an aprtment?

I’m 21, I live in San Antonio, TX and am looking for a place to live. I am hesitant to rent an apartment because I hear apartment complexes don’t even consider people who have been arrested for a violent crime or theft, felony or not. Do you think I am wasting my time and money filling out applications if I am just gonna be turned down? Any one with a similar experience out there?
Hey Steve, fuck you

Administrator answers:

Some places don’t even look at your backround, just your credit. I would just call around to apartment complexes and and ask them what there approval process is. You can probably get a feel what they are looking for or just straight out ask them, tell them your situation if them mention a backround check. I’m sure they don’t want you to waste there time just like how you don’t want to waste your time. Plus you do it over the phone or via email its not that embarrassing as it would be in person.

Carol asks…

Do restaurants hire Culinary Students while they are in school?

I am going to become a culinary student in San antonio TX and want to work in a restaurant so I can afford the rent to my studio apartment. I dread living in a dorm I have had roommates before and never got along. I currently work at Target

Administrator answers:

Yes, they hire Culinary students while they are in school.

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