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January 30, 2013

Mary asks…

I’m moving and I have to pick between Mobile, AL and San Antonio, TX any information you think its useful?

I really appreciate your help..

Administrator answers:


I wasn’t trying to be nosy, but wanted to see if I could get an idea of your likes before I made a recommendation. I have lived in both Mobile and San Antonio. I am a San Antonio native and lived here through high school, then went to the UNIV of ALA for college. I lived in Alabama for a few years before moving back to Texas.

Mobile is an old and historic city with a proud past, and has some interesting restaurants and places to see. The Bellengrath Gardens are beautiful, and Mardi Gras is nice. I remember looking at apartments and houses there and having lots of trouble finding any that the front doors had not warped from the humidity. The older wooden homes almost all had peeling paint from the salt air. And while Mobile Bay gives access to the water, it is still quite a drive to a decent beach either at Gulf Shores or down by Dauphin Island.
The population of Mobile is 192, 830 in 2006 representing a 3.1% decrease since the 2000 census. The demographics show the city is 49% white, 46% black and 1.5% hispanic. The temperature norms are average ranges in January 33 low – 54 high, in July 69 low – 91 high.

San Antonio is a rapidly growing major city. It is also old and historic, and has a multicultural flavor which keeps the city vibrant. There are world class restaurants and shopping and several entertainment venues and attractions. San Antonio draws over 20 million visitors to the city per year making it one of the top ten tourisim destinations in the US. It is often called “Military City USA” having previously had 5 military based before base realignment forced the closure of 2. San Antonio currently is home to Sea World, Six Flags – Fiesta Texas, and nearby Schlitterbahn (the nation’s #1 waterpark).
That which is called the San Antonio Metropolitan Area is the 7th largest city in the US and is 7, 340.5 sq. Miles, and includes all or part of 8 counties. 16 cities and several small towns and residential communities. The metropolitan statistical area has a population of approximately 2 million people and increased 2.8% from 2005 to 2006. The North Central area of San Antonio is the most rapidly developing area growing between 50-60% since 2000 based on census estimates (includes parts of Comal County). Current projections indicate San Antonio will increase in population by approximately 1 million people in the next 20 years. The demographics show the population to be a mix of 58% hispanic, 26% white, 11% black and 5% other. The average temperature ranges in San Antonio in January low 39 – high 62 and July low 74 high 94. San ANtonio is about 2 hours from the Texas gulf coast, and sits on the edge of the Hill country. The hill country has wineries, several lakes, rivers, and forested areas, and Austin is about 70 miles north.
San Antonio takes particular pride in the NBA Championship dynasty of the Spurs basketball franchise.

As I noted that most of your Q&As were in spanish, you would be very at home in San Antonio. As I said, I have lived in both, but chose to return to San Antonio. Please note that the housing cost in San Antonio is cheaper. While one previous person mentioned that the property taxes in San Antonio were high, what was not mentioned is that unlike Alabama there is no state income tax in Texas. The incomes in Texas are also much higher. So you are paying higher taxes on cheaper property and paying no taxes on more income.

Also, as my ex-wife lives in Mobile, San Antonio is much more attractive to me!

Mark asks…

Do you think I’d be able to sub-lease my apartment for just the summer months living in San Antonio, TX?

If you have or someone you know has ever done it, I’d really appreciate your response! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Check your lease and ask your landlord.

Richard asks…

for apartments is all bills paid better?

I’m talking about the service, like is the water gonna go cold if a take a shower longer than 15 minutes or someone flushes a toilet? Or am I better off at paying the water bills separtely? And ratings from anyone who has lived in Rolling Ridge Square apartments in San Antonio, tx?? no stalkers…lol

Administrator answers:

From someone who lived in a 200+ unit complex, I had heat, trash, and water paid for. Each apartment unit had 11 apartments, and one laundry area. Each unit had a 250 gallon hot water heater. Granted that I may have had frugal neighbors, the only time I had problems was when my wife, my son, and I each took a shower immediately after each other. The last person only got a couple of minutes of hot water. The toilet flushing had no effect whatsoever on pressure or temperature. I would say if you can find a place that includes utilities, GO FOR IT! Especially in rather warm areas like TX.

Ken asks…

Manager trying to get us to sign rent increase..?

We just moved into this apartment complex in San Antonio, TX. 2 1/2 mths ago. We signed a 1 year lease in Feb. 4 days ago they gave us a letter stating the rent will increase as of June 1st this year. They said it is legal cause we are on a low income budget with them when we signed the lease. On their copy of the lease after we signed it, they placed a stamp that says they can do it. On our copy it isn’t stamped with that saying. What should we do?

Administrator answers:

You need to contact the Fair Housing Unit in your city. Also, go to your city hall and talk to the person that handle tenant landlord disputes. There is no charge for their services.


Michael asks…

What is the best web site 2 go 2 when looking for a house to rent. My family & I are moving 2 San Antonio, Tx.?

All the houses that I did find has already been rented. We are trying 2 move by the ending of Dec.

Administrator answers:

First I would try Craig’s list, where all the former newspaper ads have migrated to. But then here a number of specialized rental sites for the San Antonio area:

David asks…

Do i need to have credit to rent an apartment in Sa Antonio, TX?

San Antonio, Texas

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

What is the best area for students to live in San Antonio, TX?

Thanks – I will be attending Incarnate Word if that makes a difference.

Administrator answers:

If you are going to be at UTSA, the northwest part of town is the best place to be. There are a lot of apartments in the UTSA, medical center, and Huebner/I-10 area. You are also close to a bunch of the preferred bars and clubs students go to, and it’s a relatively safe area.

Donald asks…

I am planning to move to San antonio Texas this year and I want to go one way.

I decided i want to move to San Antonio TX from the Boston area. I want an apartment that I can simply sign a lease,pay and move in. will landlords accomodate that.

Administrator answers:

Some will, some won’t. You’ll just have to find one that will.

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