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February 6, 2013

Nancy asks…

Steak Inside?

It is raining over here in san antonio, tx and my apartments suck and don’t allow me to cook steak in my patio. What is the best way to cook my steak indoors. i do have a george foreman grill but i like my steak juicy :-)

Administrator answers:

When I use my George Foreman grill I always put something under the front to prop it up and make it even with the back. That way all the juices stay in it, try it and you will love it.

Paul asks…

what’s considered the good & bad side of town in austin,tx.?

Thinking about moving my family there in a year or so. I’m from san antonio.

Administrator answers:

While there are some great hole in the wall restaurants, in general, the east side of 35 near downtown is not as nice. This has been changing with some nice apartments and condos starting to get built there.

Also the closer you get to the lake on the west side the nicer many of the places get.

Again this is very broad and not perfect, but it is a good rule of thumb

Susan asks…

what’s considered the good & bad side of town in austin,tx.?

Thinking about moving my family there in a year or so. I’m from san antonio.

Administrator answers:

East Austin (east of I-35) is generally considered the least desirable part of the town. West Austin (West of Mopac) is the best part of the town, when u use the usual criteria. It has good neighborhoods, low crime, great school districts, and spectacular hill country view. Of course it is the most expensive. South Austin (south side of the Town Lake) is the fun part of the town, where the spirits of the original Austinites still live. Other parts of Austin has seen the takeover by the transplants, i.e. The young, well-to-do professionals. North Austin, north of down town, is probably one of the best example of the takeover by the transplants. Again, North East Austin is less desirable than the North Austin. If u can afford, there are quite a few new upscale condos/apartments opened up in down town. They are right at the heart of the entertainment disctricts and very close to Town Lake.

Charles asks…

Looking for luxurious appartment to rent per week in san antonio?

I am with 2 kids and want something clean and near down town or Alamo Heights. where we can see the best of the city.

Administrator answers:

You plan on spending a lot? There are some nice apartments all over near the downtown area, but I don’t know if I would live down there, unless I was living over the riverwalk or something. I am not sure if the luxurious hotels are meant to be rented out/leased out for longer than normal stays or not…

Here are some excellent places in the Alamo Heights area which I would refer you to before downtown:

that is it for now… I do not suggest this other place although I had been referred to it:


let me know!

Mark asks…

Cheap places to live in the US?

Currently I live in New York, never thought I would leave but the cost of living is insane. Me a family member and her 2 small children want to get a place together, preferably a 3 bedroom apartment away from California. Also has to be near a University because I will need to transfer soon. If you comment with a city please post what colleges are in that area. Thank you so much.

Administrator answers:

Huntsville, Al has a small downtown area, with the surrounding city sprawling out- lots of suburban neighborhoods with affordable housing. UAH is here. It’s a thriving community and has been since the early days of rocketry- no banjos (haha)- thanks to NASA and the defense industry here. Plenty to do in short driving distances- a gem of the south.

San Antonio, Tx has a large downtown area, but the surrounding suburbs of Converse, New Braunfels, and Live Oak have affordable housing. Everything’s bigger in Tx. UTSA is here. The training hub of the Air Force is here. Traffic can be a bit much, but it’s a fun city.

Carbondale, Il is a small college town with so-so affordable housing. Not a bustling hub, but it’s a college town.

Avoid Washington DC. It’s a big overpriced slum.

Mary asks…

Architecture austin texas vs san antonio?

Austin texas is a better school all around, but for twice as much are the benefits any better? If i were to get a degree in both, how bad would one out do the other?

Basically is austin worth the price?

Administrator answers:

Austins UT is a huge college town and has always been. It honesty doesn’t matter where you get your degree its not like it matters to future employers just as long as you have a degree and you know what you’re doing. UTSA is a school that just recently started growing they just got their football team 2 1/2 years ago so its not always had a good rep everyone just really likes to go to big famous campuses like UT. UT is pretty famous all over the country due to its football team and its located in the capital of Texas so yes its expensive. It also has alot of students. UTSA is under construction as we speak and its been since last year they’re expanding the campus and building new halls(the halls aren’t officially with UTSA) and dorm facilities(which are official they’re making more apartment style dorms) since its community is rapidly growing.
You should also take into consideration the citys like Austin, if you like the live music scene downtown and its party rep(it has 6th street) its healthy lifestyle(all the bike parks and parks) and alot of festivals and seasonal events happen there too. Then you should go to UT.
And San Antonio is famous for all its amusement parks(splash town schitterbahn sea world six flags) the missions(including the Alamo), and mostly for the River Walk and its part in Texas and U.S. History. Its also only 3 hours away from the beach (Port Aransas Tx.) If you like this and the campus then UTSA. But on a side note Austin is only an hour away from San Antonio.

The price is the way it is because of how famous UT is for its Longhorns and how famous Austin is for being a college/party town also it IS the capital of Texas.

As for outdoing im not quite sure what you mean but UTSA is a better school to get your degree in Architecture, ts Architectural programs are great. UTSA its a College of Architecture, Its ranked first in the nation(if youre hispanic). Just bing “UTSA Architecture”. Also look at the middle link below. It was also selected by Times Higher Education as one of the best universities in the world under 50 years old. And UTSA was ranked No. 53 out of the top 100 universities around the world. So its not like its a bad school its in the Top 100 along with UT.

It all comes down to you and what you want, you have to decide for yourself, since you will most likely live there for 4 years of your life do more research go on there websites look at their campuses. Or visit their campuses. They are both really great schools for the college experience.


I have a full ride scholarship including room and boarding to any school in Texas i chose UTSA since i didnt really care about the popularity of the school, i liked the feel of it and i loved their dorms its like an apartment 2 bedrooms a living room a kitchen, a huge swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Sandy asks…

anyone from san antonio texas?

do you live in san antonio? if you do, would you happen to know of any affordable apartments in the southside? im moving back home soon and i want to try to get one soon so i wont have to move in with my parents for a while!! please help…

Administrator answers:

Here are some of the usual online suspects:

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

Another popular site is:

You can also try Craigslist at:…

Another option is to try this site run by e-bay:

In the end, an experienced San Antonio, TX real estate agent or the classified ads in the local newspaper will probably be the best sources of leads on available housing.

Good luck with your search.

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