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February 17, 2013

James asks…

when you on housing how long do they give you to find a apartment and pay the deposit?

about public housing in san antonio ,tx

Administrator answers:

If your refering to Section 8, it’s six months. If you find a place most landlords want the deposit on the day you sign the lease and pick up your keys.


Donald asks…

What city has the best payed nurses in the country?

Administrator answers:

You have to be careful when looking into the salary of an RN in different parts of the country.

For example:

The base salary for an RN in Texas is around $60,000 to $62,000 per year.

In the northern California Bay area (one of the higher paying areas) the base salary is between $70,000 and $73,000 per year.

Of course this does not include differentials, etc.

However, you can live in San Antonio, TX for $35,768 per year and maintain the same standard of living as you had in San Francisco for $70,000.

For a $220,000 home in San Antonio you would pay $870,000 in the Bay Area. An apartment would cost you an average of $1,600 per month less in Texas.

So the RN in Texas makes a higher income compared to the cost of living, in fact an almost 48% higher income.

Sandra asks…

Can I just pack up and move to another city?

Hi — stuck in a rut here in NYC. Is it possible to just pack up and move to another city without having a job waiting? How much would you need to have in savings? What about moving to another country (I am a dual citizen so I have the right to work anywhere in europe or australia)? Problem is I do not have any family or friends anywhere I would want to move (to lean on). Thanks…

Administrator answers:

I live in San Antonio, TX and I can tell you that the average 1-bedroom apartment (a decent one) will run you about $500-$600 give or take a couple hundred dollars depending what side of town you choose to live in. You didn’t state what your occupation was or what kind of work you were interested in so I can’t say if we have adequate work for your field. We are very friendly, courteous, and always willing to help people (genuine southern hospitalty is something you have to experience before you use the term), and I’m sure you’d find plenty of loyal friends and aquaintances. One negative thing about San Antonio is that most residents are conservative, Republican, and traditional. I guess it’s a southern thing. Not alot of them are liberal in their viewpoints; so if you find that to be opposite of your way of thinking, be prepared to face adversity. LOL That shouldn’t stop you from considering though. We don’t get nasty snowstorms, it’s usually sunny if not hot. That said, we are still one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.

Donna asks…

who is the property manager for Park Hill apartments ,san antonio,tx 78240?

currently who is the main property manager for Park Hill apartments

Administrator answers:

Whenever you ask a question like this, you always get responses that are not helpful.

Are you looking for the PERSON that manages (on site manager), or the management COMPANY? Or the actual owner?

Their phone number is 210-696-2096

Susan asks…

Decent Apartment in far NE San Antonio?

I’m looking for a decent apartment in far North East San Antonio TX, Heading towards Selma and Live Oak area. The only problem is, all I’m finding online are either horribly ghetto or ridiculously priced. We’re looking for just a small 1 bedroom/1 bathroom, nothing fancy. I just have a problem living where I might have my car broken into. Any help is greatly appreciated! price range is $500-approx.$750.

Administrator answers:

You should be able to find a very nice apt with a 1 bed 1 bath for 750 in any area of SA. Maybe not for 500 tho. SA is one of the cheapest places to live with the cheapest housing.

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