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May 29, 2013

Robert asks…

moving to san antonio tx?

my bf and i are planning on moving to san antonio at the end of April early May. what are the safe/good neighborhoods there? My bf really likes the Vista Del Rey apartments on evers road. How is the area there? Is it good? bad? Anyone live at those apartments and can tell me a little something about them?

Administrator answers:

Same as your other question……… LOL

Check out this link:

Ken asks…

History of previously rented apartments?

how do I find out about any incidents at 2502 babcock rd apartment 307 san antonio tx 78229

Administrator answers:

The local police can give you a ‘crime report’ for a specific neighborhood area, but you may not be able to find results for a specific address at this time. It appears that SAPD is working on new software to make such a database available online, but it is not yet operational. For now, you are limited to speaking directly with SAPD.

Daniel asks…

Any one Know of some affordable Rentals In Alamo Heights area in San Antonio Tx?

Administrator answers:

Apartments or homes? How much?


Richard asks…

dos anyone know the cost of living in Modesto California?

I am thinking of moving to Moesto but i hear it is much moe expensive than San Antonio can anyon let me know some facts
Modesto California

Administrator answers:

Yes, it is much more expensive than San Antonio, but by CA standards, Modesto is affordable. LA and OC are much more expensive areas than Modesto. My friend lives close to Modesto, and he said he found a one bedroom apartment that rents for $750. In Southern CA, the average one bedroom rents for $1000 plus. Modesto does not have the big city life as Southern CA or places such as San Francisco, so it doesn’t carry the big city price tag; however, it is still more expensive to live in Modesto than it is to live in San Anton! Bottom line, pound for pound, it’s more expensive to live anywhere in CA than it is to live in TX, but I’m sure for the same job, the pay is higher in CA than it is in TX.

Lisa asks…

My friend is looking for someone in Texas from Michigan?

He will not answer either of his phones. One says its out of range and the other says his voicemail is full. She has not left messages. All she knows is his name and birthdate, and that his daughter probably lives in the San Juan Square apartments in San Antonio Tx. If any one knows where we could find free info online or can help in any way we appreciate it. Thanks;.

Administrator answers:

I’m trying to find it out for you.

George asks…

place to have 3 year old’s birthday in San Antonio?

My daughter turns 3 end of February and I’m trying to find a place to have her birthday party. I live in an apartment so no home parties. Where are some preschool friendly places? PeeWee’s Bees would be great if it wasn’t so far away? I need indoor places since it’s the middle of winter. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Chunk E Cheeses
San Antonio

6874 Ingram Dr.
San Antonio, TX, 78238
(210) 680-3786
Store Hours:
Sun-Thur 9am-10pm
Fri-Sat 9am-11pm

San Antonio

238 SW Military Dr.
San Antonio, TX, 78221
(210) 927-5848
Store Hours:
Sun-Thur 9am-10pm
Fri-Sat 9am-11pm

San Antonio

11735 Bandera Road
San Antonio, TX, 78250
(210) 509-2455
Store Hours:
Sun-Thur 9am-10pm
Fri-Sat 9am-11pm

San Antonio

1403 N. Loop 1604 E.
San Antonio, TX, 78232
(210) 495-3602
Store Hours:
Sun-Thur 9am-10pm
Fri-Sat 9am-11pm

Lizzie asks…

Is Houston TX a good place to live?

I am looking into new states, I currently live in ND and am tired of it, too cold for my liking and the people here aren’t the best other then nosy older people, I am looking into Texas and already love it, I have thought either Houston or San Antonio are decent, I have already found more then a few apartments and even houses that I could rent that are very nicely priced, my mom wants to move to Fresno ca or somewhere in CA but I disagree so I’m trying to find somewhere else that is better then gangs and drunk weed smokers she seems to like so is it a good place? Good jobs? Decent Schools? Gangs, is their a lot of them and what about crime? Is there a lot to do there?

Administrator answers:

No, there’s nothing to offer. No tourists go there, it’s too hot , humid, and sunny. Move to NYC, Philadelphia, Or Boston . Those are the top 3 ,historic US cities.

Jenny asks…

Disability for Bi-Polar or PTSD mental issues?

I am Bi-Polar 1 coupled with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that has crippled me to the point of near Agoraphobia.. I literally have a fear of leaving the confines of my apartment complex. I have to prepare for hours to go get a pack of cigarettes only 1/2 a mile from my apartment. Wal-Mart is the worst and is only 2.9 miles from my home. I am afraid of everything and have little to no personal contact other than via the internet.

I have been working with NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) in the San Antonio, TX area. The lady I spoke with there after speaking with me stated, “In the 5 minutes I have spoken with you, I know you are not capable of holding a job.” They had referred me to Disability Analysis for DSSI purposes but the number they gave me and the one I found via the internet is a non-working number.

Another Dead end for me in Texas – I have been having difficulty finding a based on your income program for Mental Health like I had in Mississippi and was told by NAMI that I should move back to Mississippi.

I was a CEO for a communications company for many years. I was diagnosed as Bi-Polar 1 about 6 months after my company had discharged me. At that time my condition was causing me difficulties in relationships and in both my home and work life. Over the years my condition worsened and finally, in the last year of employment, it reached the point where I was no longer able to do my job to any ones satisfaction – least of all mine.

I missed work frequently due to the inability to just get out of bed coupled with a overwhelming fear that others were against me or out to get me. I would call in late and just not go. I remember times that I couldn’t remember what I was saying or doing. I could no longer concentrate on anything. The invoicing was piling up, the payables and receivables were late, the taxes were done last minute as I could not focus. I would do such menial tasks the caused me such stress that I would have outbursts of rage, I would break down crying for nothing, and my moods were uncontrollable.

I have been out of work this round for over 6 months and know that my depression and my mood swings as well as my fear of everything make it impossible for me to work. But I am also having difficulty in finding mental health care in Texas and due to that I am not under the care of any doctors. I am so close to running out of medication that I am only taking less than half of what is prescribed.

So I have many telling me to admit myself to the crisis center to get the help I need but in the meantime am wondering should I apply for DSSI = would I qualify, and what about the doctor situation as I am not as of yet able to find any?

Administrator answers:

…..yes….. You can and should go to your local Social Security Office and apply for SSDI… And I know it could be a challenge for you…so you could also apply on line… Search for Social… Or some such… You can apply online for SSDI… Be forwarned and aware they may require testing or a doctors evaluation of your disease.. I call it a disease… Because simply put.. Mental illness is a disease… I can give this advice…after going thru the mill on it with 2 of my sons…. If they turn you down.. Appeal… Never stop appealing… Because when it does come thru… You get retro pay back to the date you applied… I dunno about your state… But in Tennessee we have Tenncare… Which if you get disability will get you signed up for that… And it is state sponsored insurance which does cover mental health… Do some research… Become aware…mental illness is real and I applaud you realizing you need some kind of help….

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