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June 27, 2013

Laura asks…

I have a question about apartments and late rent?

I have lived in my San Antonio, tx apartment for over a year. The office opens at 8:30am and rent is due on the 1st being able to be accepted till the 3rd. Yesterday was Sunday and I was out of town so I turned in my rent on Monday, the 4th, at 8:00am. I put the check in the drop box and the woman that works in the office opened the door and said it was late. I told her that I had got it in before office hours so if they could please accept it. She told me no, because its due on the 3rd and she has to come in at 7:30 on the 4th to catch people turning in rent on the 4th. My question is, is this legal? because the office still had the closed sign and this is not there advertised hours?

Administrator answers:

Of course this is legal. Rent is due on the 1st. The grace period is to take into account that sometimes the 1st falls on a day that the office is closed. It was not closed. You could have paid on the first, and maybe the second. You decided not to, so the rent is late.

Carol asks…

Been living in apartment for 5 months and never signed a lease. Now we want to move out next month. Can we?

Me and 3 others have been living in an apartment for the last 5 months in San Antonio, Tx. The only thing we have done is turn in the housing applications. We have not signed a lease. We have been paying rent and utilities the whole time. During this 5 month period we have constantly had these problems: inconsistent water pressure, no hot water, no water in general, leaking faucets, showers, and refrigerator, literally all lights on the outside have gone out and is now pitch black outside. We go to the front office about once a week and call about once a week to complain and ask for the problems to be fixed. We have also submitted at least 3 work orders for them and they have done nothing. Recently we have heard gun shots and decided its time to leave. I know there is “verbal contracts” but what are our options. Can we just give a 30 day notice and pay next months rent (because it falls within the 30 day period) and leave?

Administrator answers:

Give notice, quickly, before end of month and pay rent trhough end of December.
You are on a month to month tenancy if you never signed a lease. It is an oral rental, and requires 30 days advance notice, before date rent is due to end tenancy. You don’t have to give any reasons, so don’t–you want OUT and you want your deposit back. Just give notice of the end of your tenancy. Put notice in writing, and keep a copy. Mail it to LL and enclose copy with Rent for December, paying before 1rst. Or if you feel strongly about it, state that you are ending tenancy due to LL/manager’s failure to provide habitable premises.
And YES, you can move out at any time in December as long as you paid the full month’s rent. I wouldn’t turn the keys in until midway through the month or even after Christmas, nor even tell them you are moving out before the end of the month. Clean the place up, document condition, and request a Walk-through with mgr/LL when you turn in keys. Make written request for return of security deposit, giving directions on where to send. Request final readings on utilities when you have vacated apartment even though not giving LL keys.

Check out next apartment carefully BEFORE signing lease and before moving in. Stop by at all times of day and night, talk to people on sidewalks, in parking lot, in lobby, on playgrounds. Ask about the area and about management.

FYI Wildcat: Take your own advice. The 30 days notice varies from state to state as to when it must be given, check out CAL law. Some states DO require LL to do walk-through with tenant although most don’t.

Ken asks…

Would a central air conditioner system with a motor of 1/8 horsepower be sufficient enough to cool our 600 sq?

apartment? We live in San Antonio, Tx where the degrees has been around 100 everyday. Our electric bill is $200 this month! My parents paid the same amount for their home which is about 3 times the size as our apartment and my sisters each have 2 bedroom 900 sq ft apartments and each paid about 150. Maintenance has checked and rechecked the unit and said everything is fine. I suspect either the unit is too small or this heat is just too much for that unit to cool our apartment. Anyone out there have an idea of how i can find out if the cooling unit is sufficient for our small apartment? It’s a Carrier brand and all i understand of label is that it has a motor horsepower of 1/8. Anyone out there know what is going on?? Any help would be appreciated!!
you guys have good answers!! It’s not a window system but a central air system with one part in the apartment and the other part outside. I don’t know the btu’s that is why i mentioned the horsepower. and The only problem is that i live in an apartment complex where the system was already installed so for me to want to replace well, the apt manager or owner would have to approve that and i doubt that they will since maintenance has come out twice and said nothing is wrong and that the size of the unit is a good size for our apartment! Well how do you explain the fact it runs all day and never really hits below 75 and that it hits 80 degees in side around 10 at night and outside its 85-90? their answer? we have an upstairs apartment and its hot out side so basically- deal with it! so we are stuck!

Administrator answers:

AC units are rated in either BTU or Tonnage. For your area 1 1/2 ton or 18,000 BTU should do the job.
Generally size air conditioners 400 square feet per 1 Ton of a/c in a moderate to warm climate.
In cooling terms, 1 “ton” equals 12,000 BTU.

A thumbs down, the information is 100% acurate. Over 30 yrs experience in HVAC, residential, commercial, and industrial.

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