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July 7, 2013

Paul asks…

How did you make it on your first year in college?

I took a gap year off and I cant wait to go back to school!!!

How did you make it on your own on your first year as a freshman in college?

I will move to San Antonio, TX to a community college to be with friends. I was granted 5,500 dollars. Do you think that will be enough for my classes? It will be my first time living on my own. I will need a job to be able to pay for rent at an apartment complex with my friends. Do you think i will be ok? I want to be able to show my parents that I CAN make it on my own.

Administrator answers:

The first year of college is a transition period when you are transitioning from your high school lifestyle to college life. The cost of a community college near me is about $3,200 per year, but that does not include room and board. You will need to get a part time job to fund living expenses.
I should also point out that one major benefit of community college is that the student typically saves money by living at home with family. This helps make the transition to college more gradual and smoother too. I have seen many students that get their own apartment while attending community college. Sadly, the students who live away from their family to attend a community college seem to have a much higher failure rate than those who stay with family. I have also noticed that a majority of students who take a gap year never complete their bachelors degree.
The important factor here is not just proving you can make it on your own, but rather that you can complete your bachelors degree-hopefully in a timely manner. You are already a year behind your peers because of that gap year. Be dedicated to making your grades a priority and good luck!

Donald asks…

Where in the outskirts of San Antonio, Tx is a nice place to live?

I am moving to Texas to be closer to family. My family lives in Castle Hills, San Antonio, Texas. I would like to be close, but I really don’t like big cities. I grew up in a big city and I would just love to have some peace and quiet. I am looking for a very cheap place to live (rent), but I still need it to be in a nice neighborhood that is family friendly (i have a small child). I don’t need the apartment or home to have too many bells and whistles. I just need a 1-2 bed 1 bath place that allows pets and at least has the washer and dryer hook ups. I also need at least 1 parking space, 2 preferred. I need this for under $500 or if it’s all utilities paid I go up to $650. Any suggestions for areas with this price range or even apartment suggestions or house ads would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Having a child, you want to pay attention to school districts, and individual schools within that district. They range from great to horrible. I would recommend looking towards the northeast…Universal City, Converse, Live Oak area. Your prices are unreasonable. You won’t get washer/dryer hookups for $500.
This place is very pet friendly, including large breeds,,new, but nothing super fancy…look at the prices.


this is an older place, will take tiny animals only.


I’d be concerned for my safety at any place cheaper than this one.

William asks…

Is Dallas an affordable city in house/apartment rentals & for buying a car?

I’m planning to move out from where I live, because of the huge unemployment rate and the rentals. I’m interesting in Tx because a friend of mine told me about it, but he didn’t specified me which city. I’ve heard about Houston, Dallas & San Antonio, but Dallas is the most likely for me.
What about the apartment rents?
Are they good?

Administrator answers:

Well since your moving here to the Great state of Texas expect low cost of living and an abundance of jobs.
Rent in Dallas, TX can range from 850.00-1200.00. But te average apartment can be 850.00
Jobs: You can always find a job in Dallas it’s the economic powerhouse in the DFW area. You can easily find a job in Sales/ Telocmmunications, Baniking/Finance, and even oil.
Cars: There’s a ton of car dealerships here used and new.

Carol asks…

What is living in San Antonio Tx like ?

What is the cost of apartments are there job opportunities ? Moving to San Antonio Tx from Austin Tx is it pretty much the same as living here ?

Administrator answers:

A lot more separates San Antonio from Austin than the 80 miles of IH35….they are like night and day.
San Antonio is an “older” town, more conservative, and lost…it does not know what it wants to be when it grows up. People here are a lot slower, in many ways.

Austin is young, alive, vibrant and much more accepting. Just driving thru it you can feel the energy. There is no energy flowing through San Antonio.

Jobs? Depends on what you do. Tons of govt jobs in Austin. Others? Check here…
or for jobs in both cities. Rent is cheaper in San Antonio. Public transportation is a lot better in Austin.

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