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July 17, 2013

Mary asks…

What are the prices for the pecan springs apts in san antonio,tx?

Administrator answers:

Call the leasing office and ask them. Rates are cheaper in winter than in summer if you are looking for an apartment now.

Laura asks…

Residential towing laws in San Antonio TX?

My motorcycle got towed. I parked it in a striped area (not having to do with a handicap parking spot, fire lane, or blocking the garbage area) for three hours on a Saturday and it was towed without warning. I’ve never received any notices and apparently the tow company was called by my apartment mgmt. In California I know you have to be given 96 hrs notice before towing, especially in a non emergency, minor violation circumstance. Is this the case for Texas too? And can I get the mgmt to reimburse me for the illegal towing?

Administrator answers:

NO you’ve already been told the striped area is a de facto NO PARKING ZONE it doesn’t need a sign the strips are the sign, Stop asking here and call the police so they can set you straight.

Lisa asks…

I been having issues with apartment comp?

I been having issues with this apartments (nob hill) in san antonio tx everytime it rains the water gets in its the foundation I told the manager, about 1000 times and all they do send some one to dry the water, the whole place stunk like a mother..for a while, I talked to them so they agree to let me out of my lease, and the deposit was going to be return to me , but when I when back to get it ( the deposit) she told me she never said that and I asked them to signa paper ssaying that I was realise from my contract, but they told not to worry about it and I asked for my mail, and they told me no.
I lived there for 6month during raining season si you can imagine i live there mad as hell, can you help? To whom I can report this to?

Administrator answers:

Annoying as this all is, its your word against theirs and they are not required to return your deposit. I don’t think there is anything you can do about this. YOu won’t win in court (assuming they just lie about saying they’d return your deposit) and they are under no obligation to do the other stuff. In fact I thnk they may have lied deliberately just to get you out and make sure you didn’t trash the place before leaving, or something. Hey, at least you are out of that sleazy place. Sorry, but you have no recourse – move on.

Lizzie asks…

What is it like living in Austin?

While researching schools, I came across University of Texas Austin campus. So now I want to know all about Austin, TX as I have never been. What are the safest neighborhoods? And the worst? What is the quality of life like? What do you love most about Austin? And what do you love the least? What is the weather like? I’m from AZ so I am used to the heat but not so much humidity. Is Texas as flat as everyone says it is, as in no mountains just hills? How long does it take you to drive from Austin to the beaches? Feel free to share any other Austin information you know! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Http://,_Texas Austin’s a VERY democratic community with mostly liberal views. The people are pretty healthy so youll see alot of people biking & jogging, lots of parks & bike trails. The city also has a large LGBT community. Its also a good place if you like to party, they have the famous 6th street & live music scene but theres no guarantee that the music is going to be good but its generally ok. Its only an hour away from San Antonio which has tons of attractions. Lots of hipsters, college kids, and potheads(the UT campus is currently trying to legalize smoking small amounts of pot on campus). Austins the MOST expensive city in TX the cost of living is high compared to other major cities in TX, so i wouldnt recommend moving there straight out of HS unless youre going to have decent financial help from parents or ESPECIALLY if youre moving to TX from AZ since the cost of living in AZ is cheaper than TX. Youll have some job competition since alot of people are moving there. Prices are going up cuz business & land owners know the people(especially the younger ones) who really want to move to Austin will take what they can get. Austins also the smallest of the 4 major Texas cities (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin) But its also the fastest growing one. Its undergoing lots of construction. My least favorite part & im not exaggerating, Austins traffic is TERRIBLE you could make horror movie out of it. My favorite part is the openness of it people can freely express themselves in the way they act, dress, talk etc. & its not out of place. Its the place to live if you want to party while your still young & express yourself. UT was actually ranked in the Top Ten best places for college partying.
The weather in Texas is hot in the summer but every once in awhile youll get a nice breeze to go along with it, sometimes humid, it can get to triple digits & its cold in the winter.
There arent mountains, not in the cities or the outskirts of the cities. Austins pretty far from the beach its takes about 5 1/2 hours tops to Corpus Christi TX (the beach).
If youre wanting to stay in a dorm at the UT campus i wouldnt recommend it, its overpriced its basically 1 little room & 2 beds for you & your roomie & youll have to share community bathrooms & showers with the rest of the hall. The room i described is the lowest price room “Shared space with community bath, $8,973″ &thats just the room cost with the meal plan. And thats for the whole school year. Http://
Now i want to tell you about San Antonios university, UTSA. UTSA’s dorms are apartment style which means you get 2 separate bedrooms (you get your own room & your roomie their own room) you get a roomy living room, your own private bathroom complete with a shower(the only person you have to share with is your roomie)& your own kitchen, plus as a bonus in the middle of the dorm buildings theres a huge pool & jacuzzi along with a basketball court, volleyball court & bar-b-que pits. The room i had just described is only $7,011 but youll have to buy the meal plan separately. And this is also for the whole school year. Http://
Some info on San Antonio which is only 1 hour & 30 min from Austin & 3 hours from Corpus Christi Tx, (the beach) SAs the CHEAPEST major city in TX. SAs the city with the most attractions including, Six Flags, Sea World, Schlitterbahn, Splash Town, the River Walk in the middle of downtown, Botanical Gardens, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, The San Antonio Zoo, Market Square (an amazing outdoor shopping place in downtown SA where you can buy art & cultural related stuff)The Alamo & other missions, a bunch of museums & so many other places. SAs also known for our love of food we have ALOT of restaurants compared to the other cities in TX. We also have the UT Health Science center as well(medical school). There are also 386 bars, 2,675 restaurants, 106 museums &12 colleges. Http:// The people in here are very nice & laid back the whole city is pretty laid back actually. This is a city where you can fully support yourself with a decent job & live on your own, thats why i chose UTSA over UT & im pre-med & UT’s not the best for premeds compared to UTSA. You never get bored in SA especially during summer.
Some more info on SA in a different Qs i answered,;_ylt=AoxUfdXxvoR1G7FDHutlSVbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130507104541AAoPi7O;_ylt=ArneGG62Fd5XnSmYTpaDOvHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130402160250AAl5bbS

Daniel asks…

Will I be ok in college?? First year and first year living on my own. 10pts?

I took a gap year off and I cant wait to go back to school!!!

How did you make it on your own on your first year as a freshman in college?

I will move to San Antonio, TX to a community college to be with friends. I was granted 5,500 dollars. Do you think that will be enough for my classes? It will be my first time living on my own. I will need a job to be able to pay for rent at an apartment complex with my friends. Do you think i will be ok? I want to be able to show my parents that I CAN make it on my own.

Administrator answers:

Are you a Texas resident? That makes a huge difference in tuition costs.

What do you mean “granted”? Is this cash or a tuition reduction? Something else?

Ruth asks…

Electric Bill for 1 Bedroom Apartment in San Antonio, Tx?

What is your average monthly or yearly bill for electricity in San Antonio, Tx, preferably near I10 and 1604 NW or near Bandera Road.

I basically run the oven about 3x a week, stove top about 4x a week, 1 computer constantly running but in power save mode when not in use, 1 sometimes 2 lights on at a time, TV for about 1/2 hours a day. AC about 75-78 during summer. Spring and Fall it is basically off and Winter 70-80.
Meant 1 or 2 hours a day for TV and lights only on when in house.

Administrator answers:

It’s been a while since I’ve lived in a one bedroom apartment but I would think $70 would be on the high energy use side. $50 might be average. To put it into perspective there are 2 in my household in a house of 1500sqft near Hausmen and 1604, and we spend $150+. Computers are always plugged in, ac at 75, porch lights on at night, but our gas is with Grey Forrest. You forgot to factor in if you’re gas is with CPS and if you even have a gas water heater.

Donald asks…

Residents of Fort Worth or San Antonio, TX?

I’ve decided on moving to Texas next year! My choices, as already indicated, are:
1. Fort Worth/Tarrant Co. This encompasses Arlington, Grapevine, North Richland Hills, and Burleson, I believe. I’m willing to consider living anywhere within 20 miles of Downtown FW.
2. San Antonio/Bexar Co. I’m also willing to consider anywhere within 20 miles of Downtown SA.

I can’t afford Austin or Dallas. And, long story short, circumstances won’t permit me to consider Houston.

How much does it cost to live in FW and SA? For example, how much is my apartment going to cost? Then, the water bill? Electricity? Natural gas? Water/sewer?

I’ve heard electricity is outrageously expensive, however there is apparently more competition in the Texas market thanks to deregulation.

Which of these cities would you recommend, and why? (Please figure in more than economics!)

I appreciate any and all help in advance!

God Bless TEXAS; I’ve been looking forward to this move for years!

Administrator answers:

Check with the Chambers of Commerce in both cities. They can give you specifics on rent, utility rates, etc. As to Fort Worth being radioactive…I grew up there. My 83 year old mother lives there still and she’s very healthy. You can probably Google the story to see if there is any validity to that statement. Both cities are great places. I live near San Antonio now and both cities have a lot of cultural attractions, good downtowns, fun activities and good quality of life. You’ll love either place.

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