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Your Questions About Apartments In San Antonio Tx

August 1, 2013

Nancy asks…

Apartments/houses for rent in Russellville Arkansas area…?

what website(s) can i use to search for some apartments and rental homes in Russellville Ark., and close surrounding areas(15 miles or so..give or take)?

Administrator answers:

Hi there,these are the closest to russellville,

Chapel Ridge of Conway
401 2nd St, Conway, AR – (501) 327-8700
“… 1BR/1BA From 673 Sq. Ft. From $440 – little rock apartments & houses for rent classifieds – …”

Spectrum Management Company
2200 Meadowlake Rd, Conway, AR – (501) 513-2200
“… FREE Apartment Search – Find Millions of Apartments and Houses for Rent Today …”

Butch Crain Construction Inc
11 S Broadway St, Damascus, AR – (501) 335-7301
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thats about the best i can do for your area,check out the links lot of info there, good luck…

Linda asks…

Apartments in San Antonio, TX?

Looking for a 2 bedroom apt. All utilities included, cheap ones would be nice

Administrator answers:

What area?
What price range? Need to define whats cheap to you.
Gated or not?
Would you like it to be close to a specific place? Like a college?

Since i dont have alot of info i cant narrow it down myself but here is some apartments in SA you can look at see if they are good and in your price range. The firrst one listed has a Student and Military discount.

Thomas asks…

Residents of San Antonio, TX, inform me please!?

I’ve decided on moving to Texas next year! I’m willing to consider anywhere within 20 miles of Downtown SA. I think SA has a lot of its own recreational and cultural amenities as any large city should, and it’s oh so close to Austin.

Fort Worth is the other Texas city I’m considering. I can’t afford Austin or Dallas. And, long story short, circumstances won’t permit me to consider Houston.

How much does it cost to live in FW and SA? For example, how much is my apartment going to cost? Then, the water bill? Electricity? Natural gas? Water/sewer?

I’ve heard electricity is outrageously expensive, however there is apparently more competition in the Texas market thanks to deregulation.

Which of these cities would you recommend, and why? (Please figure in more than economics!)

I appreciate any and all help in advance!

God Bless TEXAS; I’ve been looking forward to this move for years!
I apologize for a couple little weird statements here, this is a copy of another question I asked.

What I should’ve asked is would you recommend SA, and why?

Administrator answers:

As far as apartments, it depends where you live. I pay around $500 on my home a month and I own it. It is on a low interest rate and currently valued at $180,000. I pay taxes and insurance also, so after this is all said and done I pay $800 a month. But, I have lived here awhile now. My son lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with his friend and pays $700 a month. Of course he doesn’t pay water and he doesn’t have to mow or take other homeowner responsibilities. Water is very reasonable about $15 a month, but you also have sewage and garbage fees. If you live in an apartment, most don’t make you pay water. Electricity depends on you. If you keep it set around 78 degrees, you are not going to have really high bills, but for every degree less in summer it is about 7% more per month. In the winter, we rarely use heat, so the bills are very low.

I have said it before anything North of 1604 is considered the best real estate and the lowest crime rate. From 1604 to 410, it depends on your area. Anything inside the loop to 410 is iffy unless you are in the Alamo Heights or Castle Hills areas.

It is a beautiful , historic city with lovely people who are very friendly everywhere you go. Good luck on your search and be safe with your move.

Carol asks…

San Antonio, Tx “Rolling Ridge Apartments”?

My Question Is..Im Looking For An All Bills Paid Apartments And I Seen That “Rolling Ridge” Apartments Were All Bills Paid..But Now That I Look Online It Says That “Water” Is Paid…But A Few Weeks Ago They Were ALL BILLS PAID…Can Somone Confirm This For Me…Thanx

Administrator answers:

Nope……….but call them and ask for the details………be sure to read the lease………completely

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