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August 11, 2013

Linda asks…

Really long please help custody battle?

This is LONG..
I was 16 and this guy was 15 (he told me he was 16) Thats my Daughters so called “father” his name is Marc. We met and I went on a rebellion streak and moved out of my house where I was living with my mom and her boyfriend and into an apartment where him and his mom and dad were staying. His mom left her husband, marc’s dad, for Marcs uncle, his dads brother, We all moved into a house, Marc started doing drugs, I became pregnant, Marc started working for this guy named Rick , I think he was selling drugs for him but I dont know for sure, Anyways..Marc’s uncle started acting funny towards me, I would catch his staring at me and he was just creepy, so Marcs boss told us he owned a duplex building and we could stay in one of the little duplexs, this place was horrible. It had no locks on the windows, holes in the doors where anyone could reach their hand and unlock it completely, it had roaches, rats, opossums, for the first week I stayed there it had no electricity the whole time I stayed there it had no hot water. I was there for a few weeks and MArc started acting WEIRD, He would come home all doped up crawling on the floor, I would ask him what he was doing and he would say I am picking up dirt, I am a neat freak, there was NO dirt on the floor. He would accuse me of doing meth screaming it’s all over the walls, he would come home and pass out on the couch or on the bed, then eventually he just stopped coming home. I moved out as soon as he saw someone breaking into our bedroom window. which I still to this day dont know if its true. Anyways, I moved back with my mom and stayed there for a few weeks before Marc had to take another UA cause he was on probation , he failed it with meth,heroine and marijuana..Tonya Marc’s mom had a bright idea of me going to live out with them in what I would later find out was In The Middle Of No Where, TX. So marc wouldnt get sent to juvi here.We went and moved with His cousin Johnny her Wife Tammy and they had a son together. Marc ended up taking a bunch of vitamins and drinking a gallon of water and passing his last pee test and so they let him off of probabrion and his drug use just got WORSE..The whole time they treated me like shit and they sat around and did nothing but smoke weed.. They ended up cleaning out this shed like thing that literally used to be a barbershop. I stayed in there for I guess a month or two until Tonya finally decided to go back to San Antonio where I came from. On the way there I was in the middle of screaming to death from a horrible kidney infection. I got to the hospital and had to stay there for days I found out I was having a girl and the Marc had left even though the nurse told him we were going to do an ultrasound to guess where..RICKS.. I went and lived with my mom and only once did Marc ever call this was our conversation
Marc:”Yes Stephanie?”
MArc”Hows the baby?”
Me:”fine..Where are you?”
Marc: hangs up the phone
I then moved across town to a bigger apartment with my mom her bf and my brother. I had my daughter November 15th of 2005. My dad shortly after told me Tonya, marcs mom, had been calling him. I called her, she seemed happy that I had the baby but I didnt speak to Marc even though he was there.
When my daughter Mikalla was 6 weeks old I met my now fiance Adam, He had a son too who was 2 at the time and Adam was great with Mikalla, she was colicky and he was the ONLY person who could put her to sleep.
When Mikalla was about 3 months old I brought her over to the house that Marc was staying at with his mom and dad. I waited for hours, he called and said he couldnt come because he was going to look at a car with Rick. He asked if I could come back tomorrow and I said yes. I came back the next day and he never showed, never called, nothing, never called the next day to give me an explanation. I left. I ended up getting pregnant again this time by Adam, he just asked too much from me and I couldnt take it so I left him and moved with Tonya to a place 5 hours away. I stayed there with her and her husband and like 3 other strangers, there was too much drama and I just wanted to be with my family. Marc showed up and the whole time he was around he never payed any mind to My daughter Mikalla, and if he did it was while I wasnt around. I ended up moving to my brothers and living there up until I was about 6 months pregnant I offered many times to let them come to my brothers house and see Mikalla but the only thing they wanted to do was take her back to where they live that was over an hour away. I had no transportation or anything so I said no because if something bad were to happen I wouldnt be able to be there for her. They got so upset and offended they called and started yelling at me and the whole name calling and it was ridiculous. I then moved back to san antonio to be with Adam again, we lived together, had our son together, we are getting married soon, everything was going great until The Attorney Generals Office told me I had to file child support or else my daughter couldnt be on medicaid. So thats what I did. Then my mom told me that Tonya was calling and leaving messages trying to get ahold of me she also said she spoke with Tonya and Tonya told her Marc has a girlfriend now whos name is Candi remember that name youll see it again soon..and that Marcs new girlfriend was pregnant. so I was doing a little snooping and found a Candi from the same Livingston Texas where Tonya was calling from that had Due September 18, 2007 on her headline,I sent her an email asking if she was marc g/f and she never responded for weeks so I asked a few people that went to Livingston HighSchool if any of them knew her and they told me her name was Candi King and she had a baby in the toilet at school and she dropped out and they havent seen her since. So I looked Tonyas number up on the internet stupidely and called her hoping she wouldnt be such a bitch but the only thing she wanted to do was cry to me about how her dad died and he didnt get to see Mikalla, I let her take Mikalla to see him before he passed away and he refused to see her is that my fault? no. She thinks it is though. she cried to me about how she lost her daughter, Her daughter was 18 she was handicapped could see couldnt move or anything. I never got to meet her daughter but I will tell you her name is Candy, yes the same name as Marc girlfriend. Marc told me that when he was younger, he saw his dad, havind sex with his own daughter. Marc told his mom, she didnt believe him and its not like his sister could say anything about it. Marc was almost crying when he told me that, and so I knew it was true. Anyways, I spoke with Tonya and she asked if she could come see Mikalla just her and Danielle which is just some girl my age who has known tonya for a long time. I told them yes but then I forgot that I had a wedding to go to the weekend they wanted to see Mikalla, it was my brothers wedding and it was out of state. I told them this a few days later when she called again and she started crying again, but before she called back MArc called me and asked if he could see the pictures of Mikalla online which i later found out was just for his mom to see, I was like WTF then I checked my Myspace and she had responded with this…
yeah we are about to get married and have a son … why do u want to know? well anyways how is his daughter doing? what does she look like? but anyways me and marc are happy and about to have a son … how do u know me tonya said you know me but i would like to know how… well talk to u later


So I wrote herback and said this
No hun, I don’t know you, I have friends that went to Livingston School and know you, I was trying to get ahold of Marc to tell him about the attorney general. By the way Congrats on the baby, and I am glad that you and Marc are doing good. Yeah, I am in the process of moving in with my fiance, As soon as he has a day off of work and we can find a sitter for the babies we’re gonna go downtown to get our marriage license. Mikalla is doing good, she getting big, getting lots of teeth.. I would take my profile off of private for you to see some pictures but I kinda have some stalkers.

Then Marcs girlfriend calls me back asking if they could come see Mikalla here at my house and I was like NOOOO cause Adam would kill me. she then went onto saying that she was a better parent than me and yadda yadda even though she gave her child up for adoption and is only pregnant while I have been raising two kids this whole time. Me and her got into an arguement and she ended up hanging up on me so I called back and was going to tell Marc not to have his girlfriend call my phone anymore and instead his dad answered the phone and said if I called back one more time he was going to file “phone harrasment” on me and I would be talking to their attorney soon. So me being stubborn called back and told them that I have 20 missed calls on my caller ID from this number so dont make threats to me..I knew it was being recorded but didnt then I decided to stop talking to them and Tonya calls back and I get someone to answer the phone and say that I was here. Marcs girlfriend levaes me a message on myspace again saying this

well thinks for screwing up the only chance for marc to see his little girl…. and u should stay the hell out of my biss cause it is none of your biss… u said u would let us see mikalla and now u want to be a butt and not do it thanks alot steph.. and intil u can grow up and let tonya and the **** family have pics of mikalla u need to quit calling the house cause i am not going to let u talk to marc…. u really hurt my man nad my inlaws and now i have to fix that thanks … and i hope u are happy….


and I responded with this
And who is this “WE” shit? I only told Tonya and Danielle they could. No one else. I’m not worried about a thing, Mikalla already see’s Adam and starts crying “Dada!” Marc may be her little sperm donor but he will never be her daddy. Wow, and you actually think that I am going to care if I don’t get to speak to Marc? Marc is shit to me. He’s nothing. I don’t need to know your business, everyone freely tells me. Last I heard you were the laughing stock of the school you were attending.
I don’t know why you actually think you are someone, just because Marc lets you run all over him you think you are Miss Boss now? Why don’t you get out of Hilly Billy Hell and be apart of the real world. You have no say so if Marc pays child support. They take it out of his check. You have no say so when it comes to my daughter because your not her parent. It’s betwwen me and him. Its called co-parenting. For someone who is suppose to be such a mature parent and adult, you don’t know shit.

Then yesterday they called again but I didnt answer the phone. I go to court on the 6th and they said I have to go or else they will put a warrant out for my arrest, I can’t let my daughter go 5 hours away with a complete stranger(a stranger to her) she cant go to the grocery store with me which isnt a mile away without getting car sick and thowing up everywhere much less over 300 miles. I dont know if he still does drugs, I dont know if he still smokes a pack of cigs a day inside the house along with his mom and dad. I cant let my daughter inhale that much smoke, I cant let my daughter be in a house with a possible child molester. I dont know what to do. I want to just move out of the country because I cant willingly hand over my daughter to this asshole and let my daughter be exposed to his life style not to mention that Adam has been raising her as his own for the past almost 17 months, marc has never spent a penny on her, adam has bought EVERYTHING for her. He hasnt asked about her except when she ws still inside my uterus. I hav NO IDEA what to do, I have to fight but I dont know any of the legal crap, I cant afford an attorney, I am writing this at 6am I have been up all night every night with insomnia because I cant stop thinking about it. I am so confused. I just need advice or help, I dont care about the child support I care about the well being of my daughter and he is NOT whats best for her.
U know ur a BIG a-hole I have spent the last 18 months of my life raising this little girl the best I can, I have went through hell and back. I took responsibility for my actions, I didnt abort or throw her away, and yet he did. I tried to get him involved but I REFUSE to beg for him to be her daddy, now after a year and a half he so called wants to be her dad now? I don’t think so, my daughter deserves better than that. My daughter has a daddy, a very good one at that. I am trying to look out for the welfare of my child because honestly would you want your daughter unsupervised around some drug head? I would hope not so before you start trying to tell people to grow up I suggest u get ur head outta ur ars and look again at the situation I asked nicely for advice not for some jerk to critize me, I have enough problems of my own without your crap, so take your opionions else where.

Administrator answers:

Get a lawyer, child welfare will provide one. If he is a drug user, has a record, has had no contact and no support, then you can stop him from getting her.
Get to child welfare today. Sounds like she’s in danger.

Donna asks…

Looking for customer reviews for I-DOG AMP’D – Green Spots?

Where can I find reviews and opinions online for I-DOG AMP’D – Green Spots

Administrator answers:

Here are some of them:

4.0 out of 5 stars Fun and entertaining!, July 9, 2008
By Chuck Davis (Albany, MO United States)
Durability:3.0 out of 5 stars Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars Educational:2.0 out of 5 stars
The iDog Amp’d is a fun little music player with surprisingly good sound. My son wanted it for his birthday and I thought it would be another junky MP3 player with cruddy sound. Of course, this toy is in no way educational, but it is fun and entertaining. The tail, which is used to adjust volume seems pretty weak…like it could very easily break off at any time. Overall, I’d say the iDog Amp’d is a good value at its price.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amp’d for son’s ipod, January 6, 2008
By Bookkitty (PA)
Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars Educational:3.0 out of 5 stars
I got this for my 14 yr. Old son for Christmas. He wanted a speaker for his ipod…and didn’t say what kind. He really likes this one, and his brother and sister do also. It is cute but not too cute for a teenage boy.
Works great and isn’t so loud that we have to holler up the stairs to turn it down.

5.0 out of 5 stars Not the best sound, but my kids love it, January 30, 2009
By J M “jm” (Illinois)
Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars
They have had a lot of fun with this. Not great for sound, but good enough for a 10 and 8 year old who want to see the dog light up and dance to their music.

4.0 out of 5 stars Bought With iPod, January 2, 2009
By followson “Kim” (Colorado Springs CO)
Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars Educational:2.0 out of 5 stars
HI I bought two of these iDogs for my two girls for Christmas. I bought matching iPods green dog green iPod ect.
My girls are 7 and 9 and do not have alot of experience with iPods the dogs made their gifts special and more fun. They use the dogs alot and like them. The battery seems to last a good amount of time and they are somewhat intractive. They arrive with batterys so when they are opened up they work right away and they are cute.

4.0 out of 5 stars Well, “Bowser” is cute, at least!, January 14, 2008
By Christie S. (San Antonio, TX)
Durability:3.0 out of 5 stars Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars
Santa brought our new puppy, “Bowser”,to our 8 year old boy this Christmas 2007. He thought it was great. It hooks up to his new mp3 player. We are always telling our 3 year old boy to touch him gently. The tail, ears, and tapping foot on him seem a bit fragile if messed with too much. So far, so good. I love that he responds to being “petted.” We want a real puppy, but live in too small of an apartment! We are enjoying him. Love the cute green spots, and all the mood changes. We are still a little confused, we hope he is happy enough with us. I, the Mommy, admit I play with him the most. LOL!

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