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August 21, 2013

Ken asks…

Which is the best San Antonio, TX Broker (company) to start my apartment locating company with? Comm. splits?

I currently work PT for an apartment complex but want to locate 3 days a week before I leave. I want to make sure I have money saved up beings this is all on commission. I feel with my background experience with the many apartment complexes I have worked at….I’m hoping I will pick this up quick.

QUESTION IS….Which broker/company should I start with? What would the commission split I would have to pay the broker? Or flat fee?

If someone could answer with the Broker is should go with and if y’all know what the commission split or the fee would be….THAT WOULD BE SO HELPFUL. Thanks

Administrator answers:

You can’t start a company on your own, you need a brokers license, bond and all that.

To work for an existing broker you can only use ones already doing property management, the others are not insured for it. They will not pay well since it costs so much to keep the bond and insurance, expect 30-50%, depending on your client load.

You will need to obtain a real estate sales license before you can wirk with the broker.

Paul asks…

It’s been 4 days without AC in my apartment and there is a heat alert for the city of San Antonio, TX.?

The temperature is over 100, and is been like that for the past few days, there is heat warning for this city, telling people to please stay indoor since the the heat is too much. I’ve been without AC for 4 days now. I filed a written complaint to the apartment’s Manager and yesterday afternoon I was told that today they were going to finally fix it since they had to order some parts and they gave me this portable fan that barely blows air. My utility bill was $175 dollars (water, trash and electricity) is billed by the apartment complex and no the electricity company. I live alone with my 6 years old son and I don’t have washer or dryer. I made sure to note that on my complaint because I don’t think is fair. Now is been 4 days with really no sleep, I stay up all night putting wet cold cloth around my son so he can get some sleep. they offered me to “temporary move” to another apartment until they fix my ac but I think is just plain ridiculous, I shouldn’t have to sleep on no floor or move my big bed because their inability to fix my AC, not to mention that I don’t think is safe. Right now I’m so frustrated, I’m new to this city so I don’t have any family or friends that I can go and stay with. What can I do? Who can I call? I don’t think I can spend another day like this, right now is 10am and I’m sweating like crazy so is my son.
I see a lot of people bashing me for refusing to temporary move to the empty apartment they are offering me, like I said before I do not feel safe and I think is ridiculous, is my personal opinion. I’m sure they had this problem before so why not be ready and have parts in storage. Most likely I will go to hotel because I AM concern about my son, now I don’t think is right that I have to do this while my apartment complex take their time fixing stuff. I was already told my apartment manager that they will not reimbursed for hotel or anything else I buy regarding this problem.
And it is on my lease contract that they will provide AC.

Administrator answers:

You already did it. You called the only party that cares and they are working on it. You refused help from them, which is your choice.

If you are all that concerned about your son you will go to the store and buy yourself a portable AC.

There are no laws in TX requiring you to have 24/7 AC

Steven asks…

What would be a nice area of Austin TX to reside?

I am a jersey girl and have been residing in Atlanta GA for almost 2 years and I can not take another minute here lol. I travel all over with my job and have to say that atlanta is my least fav city thus far. Great place to visit but to live here SUCKS! Any way I love TX. I lived in San Antonio for 2 yrs about six years ago and loved it. I had to relocate back up north but I miss TX. Great people,Great food, and great times! This time I would like to relocate to Austin. I really don’t know that much about Austin other than the cost of living is higher than San Anton and it’s more laid back. I was wondering if someone could direct me to a good location. I don’t want to be to far from downtown . Must be in a nice area. I am looking to pay no more than $1,200 for 2br/2ba apartment. What areas should I avoid? My sister is considering relocating also and has a 5yr old son. What areas have good schools? Any info would be great. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Check out round rock or pflugerville i dont know about their costs but the schools and commute is decent i lived in round rock when i was lil and my grandparents are still livivn there its a good town but nobody in all the austin area can drive and whoever designed the roads in austin i think lives in alaska i currently live in bryan texas about and hour and half(when im driving) east of austin and rent is 300 a month email me if u wanna know more info on texas living

Betty asks…

How do I Pay for College?

Ok here it is. I am going to College at University of Texas at San Antonio. I applied for FAFSA. I only received $5,500 dollars from them. They did not offer me “Work-Study” even though I said Yes on the FAFSA. They are offering me loans now. My family has a income of $15,540 a year. Most of the money is going towards gas, electricity, food, bills, and water. So by the end of the month, My family has $1,000 dollars left over. The dorms I can not afford. This is the only University I have been accepted to because of family health related problems. I can not go to community college because I believe in “Higher Education”. My family lives Amarillo,TX. My apartment will cost $520 a month. I will also have to pay for electricity bill. My family can not afford this. If I take loans, I will be ending paying loans for the rest of my life. I am pursuing to be an orthodontist. Is their anyway I can pay for college and my living spaces? I literally might not even go to college because of money issues. If I don”t go to college, I will be working at Holiday Inn Express as a Maid.My mom is freaking out on what to do. She is always yelling at me. She lacks in speaking English and so is my father. I cry myself to bed because I can’t afford for a apartment. Is their an option for low-income students can get a reduced housing lease? And not take out Loans? I missed the perfect opportunity were as the university will take care of tuition and fees. Any Advice and Help please? I”m a very honest bright person who is limited by money.

Administrator answers:

You were “only” offered the MAX possible amount of the Pell grant. You will need to choose a cheaper school closer to home and/or take out the loans you are offered. Community college IS higher education so get off your high horse that you have no business being on.

Going away to college is for kids who can afford it. You cannot, so stay closer to home. Or you get a job while in school to pay for your own apartment.

Lisa asks…

I got a ticket, can i challenge it?

ok, i live in cop hell, College Station, Tx. I live pretty close to A&M University and i can understand why the speed limit is 35but to get to my apartment is about half a mile down a road that go’s away from the campus, the speed limit is freakinf 25!! wtf, anyway, i was deffinately speeding (50 in a 25 lol which i dont do often, promise) but the cop (who is a college station cop) pulled me over after we had crossed the bryan/college station border (which we were in bryan) also he said he would give me a break bc i had just moved from San Antonio and i didn’t really know all the speed limits, so he put 39 in a 25 (which i apreciated very much and i dont want to challenge i bc i liked him, he was nice, just cant afford it right now with school and all). Can i challenge the ticket bc the speed on the ticket and the speed on the radar were two different numbers, or will the judge look at me like im stupid and charge me for 50 in a 25, on the other hand can i challenge it bc he pulled me over in bryan and he was a college station cop?

just wondering if there is an easy way out. dont want to pay an extra 200 bucks so it doesn’t go on my record.

Administrator answers:

You are certainly welcome to fight the ticket in court; however you risk the possibility of the Judge finding you guilty of the original offense which would have been 50 in a 25. Also, at the speed you were traveling I’m almost 100% sure the officer could have arrested you. You were driving in excess of 50% over the posted limit. He did you a favor – I would just pay the ticket. If you are going to fight it, you will need to have evidence. Remember, an Officer’s testimony is more credible than yours.

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