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August 25, 2013

Maria asks…

I need help? I have a life changing question? If you were me what would ya do?

I have to choice to go back to New York City or Stay in San Antonio.

The Pros (New York City)
1. I have an apartment in Brooklyn, NY that I own. I only pay $580 a month for maintenance. My dad brought it for me.

2. NY has diversity. A huge metropolis and its a fun city due to the fact that I am young and single.

3. NY has better career opportunites and salaries.

4. NY has Public Transportation. (Subway)

The Con’s (New York City)

1. I hate winter

2. My apartment is in williamsburg, Brooklyn and I can’t stand living along hipsters.

3. I would be un-employed. The reason I went to Texas was because I couldn’t find a job in NY for 5 my family down there called me to visit and I found a job in TX in 2 weeks. But I miss NY

The Pros ( San Antonio)

1. I got a job here..working for wells fargo

2. San Antonio is a cheap city to live in.

3. I would be far away from my family

4. I like the hot/humid weather

5. Start a new life

The Con’s ( San Antonio)

1. I have to buy a car and I really don’t want too.

2. San Antonio can be boring

3. No dating options.

4. The job I got here is not the greatest. I would be working as a telephone banker for wells fargo. it’s just a job not a career…i have my bachelors and studied im takin another route..

My question is if you were in my position..which opportunity would you go with? go back to new york and try to make it there again

or stay in san antonio?

thank you so much for the really confused on what to do?

Administrator answers:


Paul asks…

HELP with a possible MIC ticket in texas and getting a DL?

OK, Im about to go into a long story….dec 23, 2006 I was at a friends apartment on campus @ St. Edwards in Austin, TX and the cops busted us, but we weren’t being oud or anything. Just friends hangin out. Well I got a ticket…..i guess….1 friend went to jail for providing to minors (me, 19 at the time). The thing is it was campus police who gave us the ticket, not DPS. By the time I got anything in the mail….in March of 07, it was the day I was supposed to be in court and I was in college 3 hours away. I tried to call the judge numerous times and left messeges and my phone number and no one ever contacted me. Now, living in san antonio, my car got stolen and I need my drivers liscense to get a rental car…..can someone help me and maybe help me find a phone number I need to contact to maybe see what needs to be done?????

Administrator answers:

Try the Texas state DMV website.


Michael asks…

I need help finding good long distance movers?

I am moving from Norfolk VA to San Antonio TX. I have a one bedroom apartment and basically moving mine and my wifes clothes plus a bedroom set. So one bed, one nightstand, and one dresser. A 42 inch tv on a little entertainmeant center. And a 32inch tv. One A Large sofa. Plus pots and pans that’s it. I called pods but that was $3356 way to expensive for me. Anybody every been in this situation and can offer help please reply

Administrator answers:

U-Haul. People do it all the time. You can also rent a car dolly and tow your car behind the truck.

David asks…

Does any one know of any apartments in San antonio, Tx with rooms available?

We would be needing a one bedroom & 1 bathroom. We would need to move in as soon as possible.

Administrator answers:


Mary asks…

i need help with apartment info pleaz?

does anyone know of cheap apartments in san antonio, tx?
maybe all bills paid or low income?

Administrator answers: is the place that will give you all the apartments in San Antonio. Or you can get their apartment guide at HEB.

Sandy asks…

What are some great, amazing reasons why I should live in SATX?

I want to move there, but Austonians always discourage me, but I really like SATX. What are some legit reasons why I should move to SA. From people who live there. Thanks!
I’m in my late 20s, liberal-Democrat, but I don’t like to party and I don’t use marijuana. I just want to live in a place that is a city (I’m a city boy), but is also cheap. I don’t want to pour all my money into living cost.

Administrator answers:

San Antonio is WAY cheaper, there are WAY more things to do, its bigger and WAY closer to the beach. Austin is the MOST expensive city in Texas, with the highest cost of living (8.9% above the national average), so in SA you can actually afford an apartment on a decent salary. All of Austins fun things to do are seasonally and annually, like festivals. San Antonio has its fare share of festivals too but not as much as Austin. Also Austin is VERY liberal, theres a lot of hipsters and not even joking the traffic is TERRIBLE, like go to the “Austin” Travel section and ask how bad the traffic in Austin is.
BUT if you like to party Austin is a city for you, thats why a lot of young people move there college town + partying + loose vibe = ATX (students at UT actually tried to legalize small amounts of pot on campus last year, TRIED) San Antonio on the other hand is pretty laid back and chill but at the same time you can just turn around and take road trips to Corpus Christi Tx or Port Aransas Tx (Beach towns) or you can go to the San Antonio Zoo, a club, Fiesta Texas, Sea World, a ghost tour, The River Walk (which is a great place to go on dates or hang out with friends) etc. We also have UTSA which is pretty popular besides UT, and the dorms there are amazing they are apartment styled with a 2 private bedrooms (1 for you and 1 for your roommate), living room, bathroom, and kitchen with a swimming pool and jacuzzi and its cheaper than UTs 1 small room, 2 people and community bath and kitchen. When i go to Austin its for concerts, festivals, and 6th street nothing ever left a big impression on me. The city is beautiful but im the type of person that likes to go do fun things with friends when i have the money so SATX is a perfect city for me
I wish i knew how old you were and what your interest are though.

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