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August 28, 2013

Ruth asks…

19 Years old no Job Experience and No Money?

I’m 19… I have never had a job…but I’m sure if I get one I would be a worker that everyone would be pleased to have…I know how to do things around the house and be respsectful to people so I’m sure if I were to get a job, I would work to the fullest…thing is no one is hiring me…no matter how hard I try…I have no friends…and I still need to finish my last year of highschool…I have no money in my account because my dad had stolen it all…my parents and family except for my grandma are all crazy and careless…I ask this, shouldn’t your parents respect you..? They complain how they pay the bills and this and that and its their house they can do w.e they want but that’s a pretty lame excuse if u doing all this but yet can’t even respect your own kids. So what is it like a stupid burden to you..? I respect all people and I’m the only normal person in my family…but my family is just too careless and go on with their own life’s because they just used me like a rag and now I’m 19 they want to throw me away…I don’t know what I’m going to do…if I could get a job I would do so and live on my own…or try to group random people to share a apartment…this all doesn’t make sense to you all because its just too hard to explain because its not a normal situation…its a unique one that I myself don’t even know what to do…the only way out of it all I think…would be sucide.. /: this world is not the way it should be…if Somone who had the physical power to change the world to a much happier place…all would be good…but we humans are too primitive and our leaders are too corrupt to move humanity forward into a positive way….I feel like I’m not even from this world…I feel…alienated by all…a peaceful guy like me…in a world of Shit…I live in San Antonio Texas…if anyone would need extra help provided I stay there with you, and me myself get my life back on track, just needing a place to stay is all…would be a miracle…

Administrator answers:

First, check this out:,-TX-jobs.html. There are plenty of jobs in San Antonio where no experience is needed. How many places did you try? If it’s one or two, it’s not enough. Even if you are a professional with masters degree, you will more than likely send out twenty if not fifty resumes before you get a decent offer. You are 19, you have probably done something during the summer, participated in school activities or sport, you should have skills. Why not to put an ad on describing what you can do: housekeeping, fence painting, dog walking, care giving, leaf raking…

Second, how could your father steal money from your account? You are 19, you can have an account on your name, so nobody else will be able to access it. And where did money come from if you never worked?

Let me tell you something, there is someone who can change your world to a better place – it’s YOU. You are not a kid anymore to wait for someone who will fix your issues. There is nothing about corrupt leaders in your situation, and humanity will not solve your problems. You cannot be passive and expect manna, you have to move on and be strong. Life is not easy for anyone. At least you have a family, and your parents still feed you, I know people who left their homes at 17 and worked their butt off to have a decent life still going to school. I know people who had no choice but going to the army at 18 because they did not have a family that could support them. Guess what, they graduated from colleges and have very good salaries now, and it was not luck, it was hard work.

William asks…

nice 2 bedroom apartments?

Where can I find some nice 2 bedroom apartments that aren’t too expensive in San Antonio, TX?

Administrator answers:

I found my apartment on

Often times you’ll find great deals there, and also can find various property management companies that have websites listed in their ads.

For what I’m living in, I pay about $200/mo less than average in my city, just for the record.

Michael asks…

san antonio tx i need help finding a home or apt cheam im disabled?

im a 27 yr old disabled man on ssi fixed income of 620 a month i had SAHA but i broke the elase and left cause my door never locked i made many complaints my place was rbbed people constantly let themselfs in and i had a heart attack from all the things i had to go thru their so i had to leave

does anyone know of any other orginization that would help me find a place to live in san antonio tx cheap i cant afford much and i will be homeless come jan 1st so time is a great issue. ive tried looking ymself for the past 3 months for apts and such but nothing is in my price range and even those that are require you make 3x rent. please help me im a cancer survivor and i just found out friday aka yesterday i may have lynphoma which means my cancer came back which is why im disabled and on ssi

being homeless and battling cancer is not going to work i know i will die none of this is bs its not a sob story its all true any help asap would be greatly appreciated..

i allready called saha and since i broke their lease theres a bunch of things id need to do to get back on which im willing to do but it will take alot of time and money and i only have a few more weeks til im homeless and my treatments start on thursday the 18th

Administrator answers:

Breaking the lease, if you were evicted, makes you ineligible for any public funds. It sounds like that is what happened. But if you were not evicted talk to a social worker at the housing authority. An apartment through HUD would run you 186 a month. That is if you could find a landlord to accept you.

Otherwise the Salvation Army will help you, there are shelters in every county. The hospital you are having treatments at has social workers who will also help you with any local groups in the area.

Susan asks…

Apartments for rent by income!?

Does anyone know oof any San Antonio tx apartments that rent by income.

Administrator answers:

You need to contact the housing authority to see which ones you qualify for. While they all require that all adults work, are seniors, or disabled, there are other more specific income requirements,

Helen asks…

In San Antonio??

Hi, does anyone here who is familiar with San Antonio, Tx know where there is a pet store, where i can buy a puppy? I want to buy a dog, dont know exactly what kind, but have some in mind. Please Help!

Administrator answers:

You are kidding right? If you are seriously thinking about buying a dog from a pet store then you probably don’t need to be a dog owner.
I don’t mean to be harsh, but pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills. They are ungodly horrible places and to buy a pet from a pet store supports this hellish business.
Here’s my suggestion. If you really want a dog, do some reasearch and decide what kind of dog you want. Where do you live? In an apartment? A house with a big fenced yard? How stable are you? Getting a dog means making a commitment of about 15 years. Is this likely for you?
Do you work all day? These are the type of questions you need to figure out in order to decide what kind of dog to get.
Lets say that you need a small dog, that will be alright if left alone in an apartment. Then you definitely don’t want a puppy. You need an older dog that will not trash everything in sight out of boredom.
There are many rescue groups who specialize in one or two breeds. Decide what kind of dog will best suit your lifestyle and then get on the Internet and find one of these rescue groups.
There are several shelters in the San Antonio area. My most recent new family member, Rascal, came from the Animal Defense League there in San Antonio. He is a treasure. They will help you pick out an animal that will fit your lifestyle.
Good luck.

Nancy asks…

Are we responsible for this debt?

My husband enlisted in the army April 08. At the time we were living in an apartment in San Antonio, TX. The manager at the time said we would be released from the lease if we proved that he enlisted. Which we did. My brother and his girlfriend had moved in with us a couple of months before we left. They added their names to the lease once we informed them my husband joined the army, because they were still going to stay there. The complex was supposed to add them and remove us. Well turns out a year later, we receive a collection letter for july 08 rent and cleaning fees. They are telling us we were never removed from the lease so we are all responsible. But we were not paying rent there as of April 08. Now we don’t have any of the paper work we signed to get released from the lease. But an attorney here at the legal office in Germany, advised us not to pay. Are we responsible for this debt, or are we protected under the Service-members Civil relief act? (the collection agency said we are not protected)

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act only protects a military members family from eviction due to enlistment. This provision applies regardless of whether quarters were rented before or after entry into military service and the rent does not exceed $1,200 per month.

BUT, enlistment allows for early termination of a lease but must be done so in writing and proper proof provided. This law prevents a landlord from using a collection agency to collect any rental funds for any months rent after termination of the lease.

Termination becomes effective on the last day of the month following the month in which proper notice is delivered. For example, if the lease requires a yearly rental and proper notice of termination is given on July 20, the effective date of termination would be August 31. Therefore technically you wold be responsible for the August rent.

If a security deposit was required, it must be returned to the servicemember upon termination of the lease.

As to the collection agency, well under the SSCRA, no legal action can be taken until the termination of the servicemembers active duty. So they can not do anything.
Simply follow the directions of the base legal officer.

John asks…

PCSing to Ft. Hood. What is it like over there?

I’ve never been to TX before. How is the weather in the Fort Hood area? What are the best places to visit and live at? What is the on-post housing like? I heard they have a lot of bugs (roaches) in TX. Is that true? I would appreciate any input from people who have lived there. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

I am PCSing from Ft. Hood very soon. It isn’t to bad…it is the largest military installation in the world in relation to the amount of troops, so there is allot of facilities on post. Two commissaries, two PX’s, several shoppettes, and lots of things to do. Austin is about an hour away, San Antonio is two hours away and Dallas is about 3 hours away. There are allot of vineyards around Austin if you like wine tasting too. Lots of places to go fishing on and off post, and Texas Fishing and Hunting Licenses are free for active duty military. The weather is hot and humid in the summer and mild winters. As for housing, the off post housing is not so bad…there are plenty of rental companies in the Killeen/Copperas Cove/Harker Heights area and you can find a house from a rental company for the same price as most apartments. If you get off post housing, it is usually bigger than on post housing and you don’t end up spending all your BAH. The downside is traffic at the gates are a pain…register for a Phantom Express pass as soon as you can…it makes going through the gates easier. As for on post housing, there are some housing areas that are good and some that are bad (I would stay away from Walker Village). You can get information on on post housing at

Sharon asks…

Looking For Cheap HighSpeed Internet & Cable Services?

I’m Moving into my first apartment and im looking To Find Cheap HighSpeed Internet & Cable in a Bundle (figure it’s Cheaper that way) in San Antonio,Tx

Administrator answers:

You can found out high speed internet protocol here

Donald asks…

Apartment Complex question! ?

Me and my boyfriend have been living in this apartment complex here in San Antonio, TX. Recently we got a dog and wanted to get a two bedroom, our lease was ending here on Feb. 28. I went to the leasing office a couple of days ago, I told them I wanted to switch over to a two-bedroom. They said that was fine, they had one available and I could get it when our lease ended. Today I went in and I asked if there were any other units available (2 bedrooms) on the 2nd or 3rd floors. Then she said “well we don’t have anything available for the end of january. “I said that’s fine we don’t need it till the end of feb”. She then said” Oh I thought your lease ended the end of THIS month, we can’t hold that apartment for that long. You will have to wait to see if anything else opens up.” Why would an apartment complex turn down a current perfect tenant. We pay all of our bills a few months in advance! What gives? Wouldn’t she want to keep a good tenant.

**sorry for all the grammar issues! i’m upset!**

Administrator answers:

Your only option is to take the two bedroom now…pay rent on both places.

Your asking them to hold the apartment for you for a full month…thus asking them to lose money since most likely they can rent it out sooner.

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