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August 24, 2012

Laura asks…

Are there any apartments in San Antonio, TX, that allow 4 animals?

2 of them are large animals, 75 lbs, and the other 2 are small cats.
I should have mentioned that I am Active Duty Army currently in Germany so it’s a bit difficult to search for myself

Administrator answers:

No. Why don’t you look for a home to rent? You could get more space and have a yard for those huge dogs. It would be a win win situation for you and your pets. Often times renting homes is cheaper than apartments. Get yourself a newspaper and look through the classifieds, many landlords allow pets versus apartments where the management only allows one or two small ones.

Go to The classifieds are there.

Jenny asks…

San Antonio TX Apartment / Suite?

I’ll be staying in San Antonio Tx for one week in mid august, do you know any good apartment / suite (with services: maid, laundry, kitchen, etc) and that is well located? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Terra alta is the best, because it is in alamo heights.

Sandy asks…

What is a nice all bills paid apartment complex in San Antonio, TX?

I am looking for an affordable, nice, all bills paid apartment that would have a fast commute to the University of the Incarnate Word. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

To be honest as far as i know there are very few all bills paid apartments in San Antonio and none of them are nice. I tried looking! But i did live at the Tara Apartments which is on broadway. It was all bills paid and it was decent. My roomate and i paid 600 for a two bedroom, all bills paid and cable was provided. But if you live there the only “nice” ones are the apartments visible from the street up front. Those are the ones that look the best and get the most attention……..i would also try craigslist if you haven’t yet maybe you can find some private owners that are renting and have all bills paid.

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find a NICE apartment complex in San Antonio, TX that will rent to a felon?

It’s for my boyfriend. He made a mistake about 5 years ago and was charged but not convicted. Nevertheless, it is still on his record, making it very difficult for him to find a nice place to live on his own. Anyone with any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Administrator answers:

Before he looks for another place to live, I think that he should hire a lawyer to get the charge off of his record if he was not convicted of the crime. His record will not just affect where he lives, but what jobs he can get.

Susan asks…

find apartments that start with the letter m in san antonio tx.?

Administrator answers:

Go on and sort your results alphabetically.

Maria asks…

apartment for felons san antonio tx?

I am looking for apartments that take felons in san antonio tx…can anyone help ?

Administrator answers:

My friend is a felon, and he lives in Montibello apartments.

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