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September 14, 2012

Richard asks…

HELP! I need to find an affordible apartment asap! San Antonio TX.?

Me and one of my best friends have been having some money issues latly.. and i work making an average of 5 houndred dollars a month she works making about 650 a month… we need to find an affordible apartment by the end of april… we live in San Antonio Tx… and we would prefer it to be within a 20 mile radus of bandera and 1604… Please please please help us! Thanx

Administrator answers:<=the only site to find affordable apts fast!

Donna asks…

Pitt Bull & apartment in San Antonio, TX?

Me and my boyfriend are moving to Texas (San Antonio) and we’re looking for apartments/houses with no breed restrictions/weight limit on pets! we’ve maybe found one or two but we’re looking for more.

Administrator answers:

I would not want to live anyplace that did not have a bred or weight restriction. They are not going to be the classiest places around. Most places will have a restriction.

Laura asks…

what is the income qualifications for applying for apartment in San Antonio,TX?

because my income is: social security $643.00 mth child support $64.00 wk. work check $400 every 2 weeks. and im applying for a one bedroom which is $455 a mth?

Administrator answers:

Most will ask for 3 times the amount of rent, however apartments are some of the easiest places to get into, some don’t check credit, even though you give them $$ for app fee (they just pocket the $$) so ask to see your credit or proof that they did check it.

Maria asks…

Will I have to pay to break my apartment lease in San Antonio, TX?

Are there any clauses that state a tenant can break their lease without penalties if they are buying a home?

Administrator answers:

Read your specific lease and discuss the options with your landlord.

Jenny asks…

Apartment in San Antonio, TX…?

Im moving to TX and Ill be taking a dog with me. I dont want to spend a lot of money. I lived in NY and spent too much for small apartments. Will 700 get me a decent sized apartment? Whats the average cost of astudio or 1 bdrm apartment??

Administrator answers:

I live near Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio….the cost of living here is rediculously cheap. I pay 595 a month and thats all bills paid. I saw one apartment here thats like 450 all bills paid and that includes basic cable. The only thing that ive noticed is that they are older buildings slightly ghetto. You can get a nice apartment here for 700 go to lakeside villas or oakhampton. Or cenizo flats for 800 very nice apartments with washer and dryers. So the average I would say is 600 for a studio but San Antonio is a huge city. And people here drive sloooooow and never honk so dont be surprised when you cut somebody off and they are all cool with it or if you honk at them they arent used to it at all! You can message me if you need help ive been looking at all the apartments near Fort Sam and i can tell you about them if you are moving near FS

Sharon asks…

What part of San Antonio Tx is the safest part to bring up kids?

We are thinking about moving there, anyone know of any good apartments in a safe clean area of San Antonio Tx???????

Administrator answers:

I grew up in SA and if you’ve got kids your wanting the best schools also.
There are lots of new schools going up everywhere and depending on how much you want to spend for an apartment. Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills are good and close to the downtown area.
I would say from those areas and travel to North Central and spread out from there. Lots of apartments and new housing areas.
Good luck

Lizzie asks…

Am I able to break the lease with my apartment in San Antonio,Tx legally without fees???

I signed my lease in August of 06, and in October of 06 we had started getting an ant problem. They’ve been spraying for weeks and I mean WEEKS at a time. Now it is March and they know that we’ve been patient with them, but the spraying isn’t working and I also have a 9 month old baby, and a dog. This isn’t good for our health. We talked about relocating onsite, and looked at another apartment, and it was even worse than ours! Oh and the other day a huge cockroach crawled on the refridgerator and we’ve also been finding a couple of baby roaches too. I want to break my lease, but I don’t want to pay all of these fees…the apts told me that if they didn’t fine us these fees then they would get fined (is that true???) Is there any way to get out of this place???? Please help!!!! Our lease ends the end of July, almost 6 months away….

Administrator answers:

Although it sounds like the landlord is acting in good faith, perhaps the exterminator is the problem. In either case the health and welfare of your family is paramount. You did rent the property and not the ants or cockroaches and for sure you did not bring those bugs with you. Use your paternal instincts and also check the laws here
Property condition, required disclosure: or
Landlord Tenant Forms:
LANDLORD TENANT ACT: See chapters 91-92-93-94 or and or
Tenant rights a pamphlet from the Bar Association:
Landlord duties to repair a pamphlet from the Bar Association:
Landlord tenant relations brochure from the Attorney General’s office:
Landlord and tenant issues from Texas Law Help:
And before you act on a legal contract get advice from a local legal begal
Buena Suerte

Susan asks…

Where are some good neighborhoods to live in, in San Antonio, TX?

My husband and I are currently stationed oversea’s in Germany, we’ll be moving to San Antonio, tx in about 4 months. We were just wondering what some good safe neighborhoods were, and how much a 2 bedroom apartment would go for in the San Antonio area. (BTW we have a large breed dog, so if anyone knows of any pet friendly apartments that’d be great too)

Administrator answers:

San Antonio has some very dangerous neighborhoods, and some great crime-free ones. There isn’t a lot in between. It is expensive to live in the nice areas.

The best areas are the Alamo Heights/ Terrill Hills/ Olmos Park area. It has one of the best school districts in the country, so rent is fairly high. It is a pretty area with almost no crime, and it’s very close to everything you need. It’s in the middle of the city, but it doesn’t feel that way.

I have also heard great things about the Stone Oak area. It’s an upscale suburban place with friendly people and a great little community.

My suggestion would be to find an apartment that is nearby the Alamo Heights area. We managed to find a house that is just several houses out of the school district boundary so the rent is MUCH lower and we still avoid crime.

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