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August 18, 2012

Carol asks…

Which brand of PC Tv Tuner works best for me?

I see this has been asked many times, but I’m looking for advice particular to my setup.

I have a pretty robust PC. A three month old Dell Vostro 410. Quad core with 2.4 ghz processor and 3 gb of Ram. I’m running XP.

I don’t have cable tv or satellite..and don’t want it. I live in a major city (Chicago) and get a pretty OK analog signal with my old school rabbit ears inside of a second floor apartment.

My last concern is the upcoming switch to digital in February. I want to buy a TV tuner that will set me up with all that I need for both my system and the coming change.

Which brand has the best one?
Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Hauppauge WINTVHVR1600 Dual Tuner White Box 1101WB PCI Interface

Works with Microsoft Windows XP Home, Pro and includes includes a TV scheduler software.

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