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June 26, 2012

Helen asks…

i heard there was a fight involving the swing ball players in the quad cities is this true?

believe it was at davenport lofts apartments possibly involved a knife

Administrator answers:

No they backed down no worries

Sharon asks…

I am relocating to Rock Island, IL from NJ. Best apartments?

I’m looking for a newer apartment complex, safe, that allows pets. I can look in other areas of the Quad Cities but it would need to be about 15-20 minute drive if possible. Any advice/opinion is appreciated. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Did you get one of the jobs at the new federal prison for the terrorist?

Ken asks…

How Much does it cost to live in Iowa?

i live in the quad city area and im moving out soon
I will be renting an apartment
& im just wondering
how much does it cost for
plz & thnak you

Administrator answers:<=take a peek there for rentals! Best site to find them!

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