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February 9, 2012

Charles asks…

What’s the average rent for a 1 bedroom apt in Park Slope, Brooklyn?

I visited it for the first time a few days ago and it seemed like a really nice neighborhood.

Administrator answers:

1200 plus utilities meaning Gas for cooking, electric, cable, telephone and internet. You picked on of the most expensive sites outside of manhattan. A brownstone in that neighborhood is between 7 million and 12.

George asks…

I need to know where in brooklyn has a nice suburban residential feel for a 23 year old couple?

I am looking to rent a 2 bdrm apt in Brooklyn with an easy commute to midtown. I am a city person and my boyfriend is not- I am looking for a nice combo of city and suburbs in Brooklyn – max rent I want to pay is 2100… where should we live? Ditmas Park has been suggested…a good choice?

Administrator answers:

An easy commute to Mid-Town with a suburban feel is a tuff order.

Your rent target is a very good one. You should be able to find a nice place with a short commute.

For a more suburban feel you may wish to consider New Jersey. Also, The Astoria/Ditmars area in Queens may meet your needs.

Take a look at Brooklyn Heights.

Ditmas Park is further south in Brooklyn and may be a bit of a subway ride to Mid-Town Manhattan. Better for Downtown.
If I were going south in Brooklyn I would go to Bay Ridge.

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