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March 8, 2012

David asks…

What is the lowest rent i can expect to pay in durham nc for a two bd? and how is it living out there?

I may be moving to durham in a few months. I just want to know, what is the least amount of rent i can expect to pay monthly on a two bedroom apt or house.

I know when i use to live in Fayetteville NC i payed 350 a month for my two bedroom in an ok neighborhood. Could i expect that in durham?

Administrator answers:

Consider a shower stall measuring 1m x1m


Nancy asks…

cant decide on renting out my home while I relocate while I stay in an apt or commute 2.5 hrs per day?

Im so ready to move out of Fayetteville, NC due to the high crime and most of all lack of suitable employers. Its a military town that offers little pay in the mental health field. I am stuck here because I bought a 3br ranch on an acre in a quite section but have been broken into 2 in three years and have a renting tenants living in the asjacent house next store. They have three dogs who hound and bark all evevnings of the night.

I will not sell my house as I have a years expierence being a landlord and can fetch 100$ profit after renting out my place in line with the adjecent homes on my block. I will need 6 months working expierence after change jobs so I’m thinking I should move close to the Raleigh where I can make 30% more and enjoy my life but it seems that I will have to “waste” money for 6 months as I rent out a small modest apartment. I have the VA home loan still available since I knew I would eventually upgrade. Am I missing a move … your knowledge and voice that opinion. Also the commute from fayetteville to raliegh is an hour or 60 miles and does not seem prudent to stay here and beganing working in Raliegh till the 6 months has passed.Also the price of gas, milk, bread and other stables are the same in both locations.Thanks

Administrator answers:

Seems like this option will in the be the one to make you money. Considering today’s economy I would recommend going for it. Especially since you seem rather unhappy. I would make sure that you take all the right steps with tenant screening considering the crime rate but with your experience you probably have that down to a science. Looks to me like the hardest part of you choice is the change. Go for it.

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