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April 21, 2012

Donald asks…

Roommate trouble help me!?

Four months ago I moved in with one of my friends,Mary, from back home. I’m living in Hawaii now with her and her boyfriend. We were never really super close, we just knew each other. I started dating her old roomate that she introduced me to. So my bf is here in the apt alot with me and i’m at his apt a lot too. About a month ago Mary came to me to say that my bf mooches off of me and the other ppl lving in the house. Then we got our electric bill and it was pretty high and she blamed it on my bf and his laptop. Without me asking he covered my part and his part of the bill so it would be fair. I’ve caught her in lies about money and with what her bf sopposedly says to her about me and my boyfriend. Last night I came home and went to go inside and she had locked the deadbolt on our door before she left for the weekend. She’s done this about 6 times now knowing we only have one deadbolt key. I had to stand inthe rain with my dead cell phone and wait for our security to come open my door…nearly an hour and a half later. She denies she did it but she had to of. A month ago she told me my bf could move in with us bc its more convenient. Now she has said no and in so many words told me to move out before i leave for xmas break. I’ve spent over a month trying to get things back on track with her. Spending more time here without the bf and asking her to go do stuff with me. nothing has worked.

Heres my question, I’m planning on mving out next weekend, i’m thinking of only paying a week of rent and utilities because she wants me to leave so quickly and i had to find an apt in basically two days. Do you think I’m wrong to do that? Oh i forgot…all four of us are over the age of 23. So its not like a little pissy freshman dorm thing. I feel bad but at the same time I don’t think that I should have to pay a full month if i’m going to be here for 6 days. What do you think or what would you do?

Administrator answers:

If your only going to be there for a week, then just pay for that. It would be unfair for you to have to pay for the whole month when your roommate kicked you out. However, before you leave, try talking to her. Something is obviously upsetting her. If you can help her through that, she might not make you leave. Or, it might have something to do with you. By knowing what that is, you could work on it, and then you wouldn’t have to move.

Thomas asks…

Is my landlord in the wrong for making me leave?

I live in Hawaii. I signed a 6-mo. lease from July-Dec. There was never any discussion at the time of signing lease that the option to renew would not be possible. Fast forward to end of October — my landlord came over to take measurements/fix kitchen cabinet, and it was there she asked whether or not I would be interested in renewing my lease. I said yes, &we agreed on the middle of March being my move out date. She also stated that, “I wouldn’t make you move out in the middle of winter b/c that would just be mean” (b/c on the north shore, the winter season is when surfers come and occupy rentals while staying for the big wave season.) She said she would draw up a renewal contract for mid-March. Fast forward 3 weeks — the switch for my hot water needed to be reset b/c my unit didn’t have any hot water, 4 or 5 days went by before I said something (partly due to it going out on Thanksgiving/I was busy w/school afterwards.) When landlord casually asked one day if she could come inside to fix problem, I said, “the place is a MESS right now…” but I never said no (and she didn’t give 48 hr written notice for entry/I have always let her in immediately w/o notice for other stuff.) She replied with saying, “then maybe you should hire a maid!” I found this comment to be extremely childish. The next day, she was able to fix hot water (it was her mistake by not simply resetting the correct switch.) Fast forward one week later, my fiance and I got into a heated argument and there was a bit of yelling involved at the ungodly hour of 2am (mind you, we NEVER have our tv/radio blasting and are VERY quiet ppl) so she sent a letter the next day (b/c she’s also our neighbor) and said to not disturb other people/interfere w/other people’s happiness, etc. and she also said that in order to renew our lease, we would have to get the place professionally “move out ready” cleaned before Dec. 14 (even though we would renew) So we asked about this and she said just to clean the place and she will inspect the property to make sure things are in order. (I am a college student w/ a messy office filled with papers/books/supplies and I always do dishes, take out trash, make my bed, do laundry, etc. so she is insane for thinking i pay rent to host a museum) but anyway, my fiance and i cleaned the place and had it ready to show her and we were ready to sign a renewal for mid-March this past Thursday. Well, Thurs. came and she never showed up. My fiance ran into her at the beach on Thurs. evening and she said, “yeah, I had meetings all day and didn’t make it over.” Fiance said, “well do you want to come tomorrow?” she said, “no. I’ll just come on Dec. 14. You guys can only stay till Jan. 14. My parents are planning on coming into town in mid-February, so I want the place for them, plus I want to remodel, and you guys were yelling that one night, and didn’t get back to me in writing on my cleaning letter” fiance said, “we verbally talked about letter. we yelled ONE time, yet ALL our neighbors constantly have music blaring EVERY night until like 3am. WTF”

so today she came over and examined the apt. and found it in amazing condition. she even thought that sharing cleaning tips would be useful…even though papers scattered on the floor is an organization issue not a hygienic one. She also continued to say, “my parents have only made it to Hawaii 2x in the past 12 years. so I want them to come in the winter season. when you guys signed a 6-mo. lease, I was so happy b/c I wanted to remodel and have my parents here early 2012. then i got to thinking that maybe yall wanted to renew the lease and i got a little worried. so i asked you guys and you said you wanted to and i agreed with mid-March. but then you yelled that one night, you went w/o hot water for like a week, and didn’t immediately let me in the apt…so that was weird….that was like 3 strikes out…..there are repercussions for not getting back to me in writing…so I will let you guys stay till Feb. 1…”

i sat quiet b/c I was really mad. she knew we are about to leave for christmas break and go back to texas on dec. 17-jan.9…and somehow have to find an apt. at the hardest time of year (marking HER words) in TWO weeks time…while going to school…..

my fiance began to explain to her that she didn’t get a note in writing back about the cleaning b/c we immediately verbally discussed with her and reached an agreement that we would clean/do walk through with her, she verbally agreed to mid-March on MULTIPLE occasions w/ the both of us, and our “noise violation” was a ONE time thing when EVERYONE around us is So LOUD ALL OF THE TIME. he also told her that she even said that making us move before mid-March would be effed up on her end.l so when he was trying to explain all these things to her, she got up, threatened w/ moving out in
Dec. 14 and looked like she was about to cry. and said I just..I just… yeah… i have to leave… so since she lives next door, she went there……… and waited by her car…. and after like 5 minutes, my fiance went and checked on her and said, “can we discuss this?” and she said “NO.” and completely avoided eye contact with him and went inside her unit and shut the door. well 15 minutes later, she came over and said Feb. 1 would be fine after all. so we signed for Feb 1… because honestly, we would love to get the hell out immediately after that weird crap she pulled (not being very business oriented with her childish 2 year old stomp off) but we need the time to find a new place. so after signing the contract, she tried making small talk about surf competitions etc. as if NOTHING ever happened (very weird for me to be fake so I just walked out of kitchen and went into bedroom and shut the door till she left my home)

OK basically — I am thinking that she di

Administrator answers:

You may wish to scrutinize your rental agreement and see under what terms your lease can be terminated!

I would also look to see if there is anything that states that they are obligated to continue to lease the apartment to you! If not…then as unfortunate as it is…you may need to find a new place quickly!

Chris asks…

My lanlord is not returning my reservation fee and i dont understand why?

Ok here is really my question. I live in hawaii and my company is moving to oregon for work. salem to be exact. I had found a place in salem Minto park apartments. I had pais a full deposit of 400.00 dollars, Move in fee of $100.00 and 35 dollar application fee. We agreed but didnt sighn papers because i need to be there in person. we emailed each other back and forth and i had sent the money. She emailed back saying she recieved it. Now i need to start paying rent as of 12/22/2008 approx. 14 days after the tenants move out wich was on the 8th. I have decided and we VERBALLY agreed to apt 203. now the tenants have extended there lease to the end of december. Now im pissed and had to cancell all my furniture delivery address change etc….. I have decided to find another place because problems now is problems later. I have cancelled everything but she doesnt want to give me back my money. what can i do? Please help

Administrator answers:

Take her to small claims court. You have email correspondence to back up that you were under the impression that you were to have apt. 203. Write a letter to her stating she has 10 days to comply and return your money, as she is in violation to the Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (ORS 46.405). Note that if she does not reply in said amount of days, she will be taken to small claims court for retrieval of the amount.
This website gives you samples for writing the letter and more about your rights.


If she thinks you will not do anything, then she will walk all over you. You have a case and emails to prove it, remember to be courtesy but persistent, so she will not try to sue you for harassment. Either way she doesn’t have a leg to stand on .. So you got this in the bag. Good Luck.. And Do what you have to do.

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