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February 25, 2012

Michael asks…

i am living in hawaii…when we got the apt that we live in now they advertise it for 1400…but we are paying?

1500…my question is can they add state taxes on to rent?? and if not what can i do to get this right??? is this against the law to do or not…and we were told that we could have the apt for 1400 since that is what it was advertised for.

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you ask them? Maybe the newspaper ad had a typo? What is the rent amount actually shown on the lease that you signed? If you signed the lease with a different amount, you legally agreed to pay it just by signing the lease. It’s a little too late to do this after the fact.

Steven asks…

What are some nice apt complexes in Puerto Rico?

I need a 1 or 2 BR within driving distance to the mall (plaza las americas) and would like to be close to a decent beach. all the places i’ve seen online are vacation rentals, which make them fairly expensive. i’ve looked at and but they dont list PR apts for some reason. Also, what are the pet policies for PR? I have a box turtle I want to take. I know Hawaii is fairly strict on their policy about animals being taken to/from the island because of environmental issues.
what, thanks. could anyone also tell me which specific areas around san juan and the mall would be decent to live in and close to the beach? i see a ton of areas when im looking for apts, but i really dont know how close they are to where i want to be. i would prefer not to drive more than 30 mins to work, so are there any hip areas close to the beach i should check out?

Administrator answers:

First of all to live close to Plaza and the beach you will be looking at Isla Verde, Condado, and Ols San Juan area. They are very, very expensive. Even if they are not vacation rentals. Studios are about $800-$1000, and apartments are more than $1,200.
I would recommend you to look at Guaynabo area which is very good, not that close to the beach but 15-20 min away, or Ocean Park area which is like a neighborhood next to the beach. The houses are kind of old but they are in walking distance to the beach and oif you look carefully you may find something around $1,000.


These are just examples currently on PR newspapre listed for rent. They are in Isla Verde and Ocean park area which are close to the mall and to the beach. If you are willing to sacrifice living next to the beach… Look in Hato rey area (Baldrich neighborhood and Monte Mall Apartments) 5-10 away from the mall and 15 from the beach.

Go to for current listing on PR newspaper.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

Honolulu apartment search help needed?

I’m a twenty year old PCA and my family and I are thinking of moving to Honolulu or a surrounding suburb….and i personaly know nothing about Hawaii‘s economy or the cities or anything.

i was wondering what a 2-3 bedroom apt. or house would rent forin or around Honolulu? what are some reasonable prices i should look for? What is a “good location” vs “bad location”, every city has them, what are they there?….

thanks so much every one…i appreciate the help greatly.

Administrator answers:

You could find a 2 bedroom for $1,500, if you were very lucky. You could rent something pretty nice for $2,500. You don’t see all that many 3 bedrooms out there. RIght in/around town, I would look in Makiki, Manoa (could be too pricey), or Kaimuki. I would avoid Kalihi & Palolo. If you are looking for a suburb, I would suggest Hawaii Kai, Kailua, Kaneohe (all pricey), Mililani (bad commute), or Aiea. I would avoid anything west of Ko Olina.

Ken asks…

rentals in kailua, hawaii?

My husband is moving over there for sure on sunday- and I just want to do my research before I tag along shortly. I was trying to look up rentals ( real estate ) & each & everytime I google it up, I keep getting vacation rentals. Any websites ? here in the “mainland” we have or =/ I’ve heard it’s expensive, but then again so is Miami. a 1 bedroom apt. at very least (depend’s on the area), can start at anywhere from $1200 – $1400.Plus I have no choice lol- my husband’s already got a Job over there.Pls and ty in advance =]

Administrator answers:

The best site I know is:
2 other good sites are the local newspapers, Sunday editions have more listings:

David asks…

Is this too much like a Hollywood movie break up that I am planning with my cheating fiancee?

I travel a lot of work. I a have been engaged with this chick now for almost 6 months we plan on getting married in October. Well the past couple months I have noticed that she has been acting kinda weird. But I kinda ignored it. Then I got drunk one night and watched a marathon of cheaters and I started to realize that almost everything that the guys were saying on the show I was experiencing. Like she has been having to work late all the time now. And when I travel she doesn’t pick up her phone when I call. So I was F*** this I bet she is cheating on me. So I hired a private detective to follow her and sure enough she is. I then confronted her about it. Nicely. I asked if she was having doubts about getting married, if there was something wrong in our relationship, if she ever thought about cheating on me and so on. And she just lied through her teeth and was like of course not baby I love you I cant can’t wait for us to get married. And she seems really excited about the wedding she always talks about it and about having kids. So then why the F*** do I have pictures of her with another guy going to bars and kissing him in the parking lot and bringing him back to our place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well anyways I decided that since shes doing that and not respecting me why should I even tell her that the wedding is off? So we have been looking for a house and I can afford the house by myself. So I have already put a bid on one that she does not know about. And our realtor is my best friend. So I convinced him to tell her that in order to get approved by the loan I was going to have to get my name taken off our lease. So I have my name off the lease now.

What I plan on doing is buying this house then after everything goes through I am going to lie and tell her that I am going on a business trip. Then while she is at work my friends and I are literally going to move all my crap out of the Apartment. Anything that we both bought or that is hers I am going to leave. The rest is going to be gone when she gets back. I am going to change my number also and delete and block her and her friends on Facebook. So she will have no idea where I have gone. Now my one question that I have is should I leave a note? The pictures? or nothing at all?

The best part is the B**** has a crap job and I do not think she will be able to afford the rent on the apt by herself and there is still 5 months left on the lease!!! LMAO!! It is going to be extremely difficult to act like I still love and care for her until I can move. LOL o yea the best part is that I booked 2 first class tickets and a 5 star resort in Hawaii for our honeymoon then cancelled it like 5 min later. But I printed off all the confirmation email so she thinks were gonna have this fabulous honeymoon in Hawaii. Now all my guy friends think this is a hilarious idea. But a a couple of my girl friends think that this is way to dramatic and Hollywood like. What do you think? I think I’m going to go through with it and I’m just going to leave the pictures with no note.

Administrator answers:

Im usually not one for retaliation or grudges, BUT nice plan! Just leave the pictures taped up on the wall and a simple note, “Later Bioch!”

Richard asks…

“FOR MEN ONLY” I would like your opinion on my situation.?

I really just want a man’s opinion. Right now I am going thru a divorce. We were together for 8 years and married for 6 years. During the marriage he acted like his daughter was everything. Now that we are going thru a divorce he tells my daughter promises that he doesn’t seem to keep, he refuses to send me money to help with day care, or food and groceries. Yes I do make more than him but that is really only because the cost of living here is Extra high. I live in hawaii and he lives in Atl. the rent for my 800sq ft 2 bedroom apt is 1700 per month and he lives with family. While at one point money wasn’t an issue, I was paying his car note since it is in my name(yes I know very stupid and another issue by its self.) but he wasn’t paying the car note and i had to pay for it all the meanwhile still taking care of my daughter. trying to cover what he didn’t I kinda had to use up my savings and I now live paycheck to paycheck.he never sent me a dime.

He seems like he is trying to do everything in his power to make me look bad. He doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers. But he still wants to date other women and spend money on them but refuses to send money to his daughter. Just last month I found out that he was spend 150 to go to the theater but he refused to send 150 to pay for daycare for her fall break.

I guess I would like to know how a man can change from my daughter is the would to me but now I don’t want to help take care of her because it helps her mom. I feel its all about our daughter

Administrator answers:

A complete lack of morals and values and a liar plain and simple…but u really didn’t need anyone to tell you that, did you…u already knew the answer.

Get the divorce, walk away and start a new life with your daughter and someday you’ll find someone who will love both of you unconditionally and pay his own car payment.

Good luck and GOD bless.

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