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August 31, 2012

Charles asks…

BedBugs, Want to break lease?

Ok, so me and my sister have been living in our apt building for about 8 months now in Downtown Los Angeles , We lived in our first unit for 6 months (Bedbug Free) , and just moved in our new bigger unit 2 months ago. Well until a few weeks ago my sister was breaking out in hives well at the time we thought it was hives, giving the fact that we moved here from the south we thought it maybe it was due to the climate change. Did some research a few days ago and all along they were bedbug bites and the site where the bites are forming they are as big as quarter sizes. We have taken pics of the bites and most recently caught a bedbug on camera on our sofa. The funny thing is that our apt was accidently sprayed for bedbugs, it was for our neighbor, because I neighbor next door use to live in our unit, but moved to the one next to us. We did not have a problem until they sprayed.
So to make sure we was not going crazy, we asked our neighbor, was she being bitten also, and yes she and her sister was also suffering from bedbugs as well.
So my question is, We signed a 6 month lease for the new unit and Paid up 6 moths of rent (We are students), would we we able to break our lease and be refunded the rest of our pre-paid rent due to the bed bug problem, which we did not bring or had in the other units and I am also hearing other floors are infested with bedbugs.

Administrator answers:

Yes you should be able to get a refund if the room comes up conclusive for bedbugs, and if they refuse sue their ass into the ground!

Sandy asks…

Are you an Apartment manager or owner?

I live here in SFV, Los Angeles, CA. I see that there are so many vacancy apartments because of the economy. The rent for all these apartments have not really gone down. Everyone is going through tough financial times right now and the rents of the apartments keep going up at whatever the rate is. When that happens then people have to move cause they can’t afford it anymore. Hardly anyone is looking for an apartment because everything is too expensive. What I don’t understand is why are apartment owners/managment co. not reducing there rent? I see some that are reduced $50 or so but that is still not enough. A lot of you should drop it $100-$200. Of course you don’t think that it is worth that but then the other side is you have vacant apartments. It’s like you would rather have vacant apartments then lower your rent to what people can afford. Isn’t better to have a little money for rent come in then none at all? Even if the rent is a lot lower then it should be? There are 5 vacant apartments in my apt. and may be a 6 out of 14 units. Why do you owners not want to work with the tenants to have them stay? Instead of saying well your rent just went up and there is nothing I can do about it so if you can afford it then move and I’ll just have a vacancy for several months. You have to realize that in order to keep your buildings full you need to greatly reduce your rent for now. Then in a year or 2 you can probably get them back to what they were. I just don’t get that with so many vacancy for months that you don’t drop your rent.
Sorry for sounding like I came on a bit too strong. It is just kinda frustrating to see this. Yes I do know about bills and repairs that you all have. Your bills and repairs and stuff aren’t lower and that’s probably why it hurts to lower the rent.
Also I know there are a few out there looking but unfortunately they all have bad credit and they don’t get rented too. I guess all these ones with good credit moved in with family or something in the meantime.

Administrator answers:

It’s a business and it’s all about supply and demand. Landlords lower rents when we need to, but remember that we have mortgages, repairs, etc., to pay too, so it’s not always about greed, but about making ends meet. Just because someone owns a property does not automatically mean they can afford to rent out their apartments cheap. Also, the fact that so many people have lost homes and are now looking for places to rent means there are more renters out there to compete for apartments, that’s not good for you because that just drives the prices higher. When an apartment stays vacant for a while, we may lose money for a little while until it rents, but not as much as if we rent it cheap just for the sake of not having a vacancy.

Again, it’s a business and you can’t really take it personally. If you’re having trouble finding a decent place you can afford, consider getting a roommate to share expense. Good luck!

Mary asks…

My landlord wont take care of anything I need in my apartment, what do I do?

My husband and I have lived in our apt for 1 year now. Anything we ever needed done…such as our apt being cleaned when we first moved in, our dishwasher not working, our AC broken ect. the owner doesn not fix. The property managers say they cant do anything without the owners approval. Recently our complex garage door has been left open for months because it is broken and they wont fix it. In result, my husbands bike and tools got stolen. The most importat, we have had a horrible roach problem…we are very clean and have done plenty of home infumegations but they do not work. We need a professional to come out and exterminate, it has been 5 months of me asking and this month I decided to hold my rent until they come out and exterminate. When I followed up, their answer was “Move Out”. I dont want to move out….. I have never been late on rent and am a very quiet respectful tenant. How could he do this? What do I do? Who should I report this too??

I live in Los Angeles ( sherman Oaks)

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, they can evict you for not paying your rent. You are unable to decide to just withhold rent, you need a judge to agree to it. Take your landlord to court. The judge will give him a realistic schedule to get the problems fixed and will let you put your rent in escrow in the meantime – which you will have to give the landlord once everything is fixed.

Ken asks…

i need help in apartment?

well me and my family have lived in our apt. for like 10 yr ,now the landlord wants me to get out cause im 26 but its only me my sister 23 and mom and dad .my parents are like 50 me and my sister help pay rent and bills .now he only wants me out ,and worst is that he doesn’t fix the apt. everything in our apt is mess up so i need help does he have the rigth to do that im not marry or have often do we have to renew our contract i live in south central los angeles .thank u.

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you live in public housing (most of south central LA is), so you need to talk to your case worker.

Linda asks…

What should I do regarding living expenses?

Here’s my story and I need help. I live in Los Angeles and go to City College. I have an unsecured job which I work on Fri. and get paid $80. I have my first financial aid check which is 1k, by the end of the school year, i’ll have almost 5k. I live with my sis but she’s gonna move out to 7 bedroom apartment. Anyway, I pay her $150 for rent since I’m her brother and sleep on the couch. If she moves, she’s gonna charge me $500, but I’ll get my own room. I thought about going back with my parents in Sacramento, but there place is pretty crowded already. it’s a 2br apt. with 7 ppl in it. mostly kids. I honestly don’t wanna go to Sac. and I can’t afford a $500 rent. I’m almost 19…and I just don’t really know what I should do. I want to major in Cinema Production. I appreaciate any advice and honest answers. thanx

Administrator answers:

You only work on Friday? First thing first is time management. You need to work more hours so you can get paid more money. School is not an all day event – schedule your class where it can accommodate your new job or longer hours at work. I had worked full time job and was full time student and made it, so you can too. Here’s a few tips:

1. Write down your monthly expenses and eliminate the wants and keep all the needs. For example, you want that new pair of shoes or need that 3 meals a day.
2. Find a better job or increase work hours.
3. Look for other college scholarship other than pell grant

Here is also the things i live by:

1. Integrity
2. Hardwork
3. Save money

Thomas asks…

Should I Sue my apartment complex? ?

Ok, so basically I moved to Los Angeles about 1 year ago. I found my first apartment online and had everything set up for when I got here. It has been an uphill battle since then. When we got to the apartment we discovered my apartment (first floor) had no bars on the windows. We were immediatly concerned with this considering the block that the apartment is on is not the safest area. My manager said that it wouldnt be a problem and he would get right on it. He didnt. I told him I wouldnt sign the lease until after he got the bars on…so instead I signed an addendum to state that if he didnt get the bars on the window I could move to the fourth floor apartment. I have no idea if he even ever asked them. We moved. That was November of 07 and to this day there are still no covers on some of the electrical outlets, the cabnits in the kitchen have never closed. From that point it has been nothing but roaches and homless people wondering in and out of the building. Then recently an apartment on the third floor got bed bugs. When this was discovered after they moved out they fumigated that apartment. Acccording to the pest control company they reccommend that when there is one that has bed bugs that they fumigate the apartments to either side and above and below. That was NEVER done, they only fumigated the initial room and moved furniture outside of the building with no note or sign that said anythign about bed bugs. Someone on the first floor found the furniture (didnt know it was infected) and brought it into their apartment. So once again the pest control company had to come out. The only apartment fumigated was the one with the bugs. From there the apartment on the third floor directly below me became infested (they traveled) and from their MY apartment became infested. And when the fumigater came Wednesday to my apt he said that if the VERY first apartment and the surrounding apartments had been done as suggested that I wouldnt have gotten them.

My boyfirend and I have probably been bitten over 200 times together and let me tell you that was not fun, then my dog got bit as well and scratched her self silly (her neck swelled up like a balloon) I had to take a day off of work to come home for the pest control (I am not usually home during the day and accidently parked on street cleaning day and got a ticket as well, but I guess thats my own stupidity). Then we have had to throw out our bed, and most of the wood furniture because they can live in it. Quarentine all of my clothes in plastic bags in case they were there, along with any other item that I want to take to the new apartment.

My negative is I didnt pay Sept. Rent, or give thirty days notice because these things happened so fast and have litterally made that apartment unlivible, plus neither of the apartments on either side of me have been fumigated so whose to say it isnt going to come back?

Should I be getting my deposit back- I have had to spend more then it just to replace things that are now ruined not to mention having to find a new place w/ deposits and first months rent there.

What do I do? I feel like if the apartment company had done the bug bombing the correct way the first time then this would not be happening to me and that I would still be living there at least for a few more months anyway. Hellppp!
* I stayed there because I just moved out here to go to school and was a full time student. So I was barley home anyway, and I was by myself so I didnt know Los Angeles and this apt. was close to my school. So I signed the lease it wasnt up until the end of August.

Administrator answers:

Suing is a great american pastime so of course you can sue whether you win is up to a judge like joe or judy, my question to you is why did you ever stay there in the first and fourth story place.

Nancy asks…

Job Relocation to another State, need Lease advice…?

I live in Los Angeles and need to get out of my lease agreement for a job relocation. To me and my family, it’s an emergency. I would never have entered into this lease contract had I known that I would have to leave the city and state that I grew up in.

I have lived in this apt for 7 months, I have to relocate to Iowa. SOON. I told the owner the situation. We would no longer be able to pay the rent since my husband’s contract ended and wasn’t able to find a new one. (he works freelance) I told her that I would have to move within 2 months since that’s the amount of savings I have left. My husband has already found a job in Iowa, but that means we have to all move. We were told there is a government program that helps you with these issues. That a rep from the program calls or writes a letter on your behalf to “order” the owner to cancel the contract. I haven’t been able to find anything….

I have already offered to forfeit my deposit and give her one extra month of rent after we leave. She still has not agreed.

Please help…we really have to leave….

Administrator answers:

Moving for work is not legal grounds to break your lease and I have never heard of any such program.

You will have to pay what ever you lease states to break it.

Not fair- but legal.

Daniel asks…

Is Imperial Beach 91932 a good place to live?

hi. i currently live in los angeles but looking to move to san diego. Im male mid twenties. I found a place for rent month to month in Imperial beach (zip:91932). I really wanna be near the beach and the apt i found in imperial beach is really close, but I dont know much about the area. Is it a safe place to live. I know its really close to the mexican border so im a little worried about getting robbed or held for ransom. is 91932 area safe? If you live in the area or are familiar with the 91932 Imperial beach area give me some info so i dont regret making this move.

Administrator answers:

I always like questions like yours because they contain zip codes and make the researching a lot easier. I tap the crime stats frequently to help other Yahooites get the information they need. In your case, with the rent being affordable for you, I’d say move there.

In all fairness I will concede that IB is the lower end of the beach communities in the San Diego Metro area, but it is relatively safe. The link I provided you with below will show a comparison for crimes committed in Imperial Beach, San Diego and the National Average.

One area to be personally mindful of is Auto Theft. Since SD and IB are so close to the Mexican border your car can be in Ensenada before you wake up in the morning. In addition you will learn that crimes run slightly higher in beach areas due to the transient population visiting the seashore. Many of these crimes are fed by stupid beach visitors. They leave their car unlocked; they leave their cameras on the seat; they drink too much and pee in public; they leave their ground floor windows open at night or when they are not at home.

Take common sense measures to protect yourself and your property and you will be fine. Get a kill switch put on your vehicle. Put a deadbolt on your door. Get windows that lock with metal insert pins so they can’t suction-cup-lift the glass out of the sliding window track. In other words, idiot proof your environment with the hopes of the world not building a bigger idiot.

If you’re scraping by and not driving a red Porsche I don’t forsee anyone kidnapping you. Don’t walk among groups of riff-raff at night in dimly lit areas. That’s a surefire way to get robbed anywhere in the world. Heck, you probably know this stuff already so get out there and practice it.


The stats are a little dated because they come from the lagging FBI reports.

These SDPD stats are current:

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