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April 30, 2012

Sharon asks…

Moving from Los Angeles – where to?

Hello. My husband and I currently rent a 1 bedroom apt in Hollywood, CA. Currently we pay $1250 just for rent and then of course there are bills on top of that. We are living check-to-check. We want to be able to set aside more money for savings every month. Come June, my husband will be taking online classes. I am self-employed and can work from anywhere. He is studying for an Entertainment Business degree and I also work in music. Being in Los Angeles is great for the entertainment industry, but I just don’t know if it’s worth it right now. I’d like us to move somewhere where the cost of living is lower and who knows, maybe we can move back after a couple years once hubby finishes school and everything. We have a few items that would require shipping were we to move out of state. We have two cars and would want to ship or drive at least one of them. We have a couple furniture items that we would want to take but most things could be sold and re-purchased. So the question is, where is the most practicle place to move to? My original thought was Florida. But recently I’ve been thinking it may be better to move somewhere closer where we can drive to so we don’t have to pay to ship the car. So I thought of Arizona. But neither of us have ever been there! Phoenix..Scottsdale..Tuscon..where would we even begin? I love the fact that 2 bedroom luxury apartments there go for about $500 less than what we are paying now. I am thinking about making a trip out there but don’t even know what city to start with. I’m also open to other suggestions like elsewhere in California… Nevada.. or even a further away state if it makes sense. I know that weather-wise we have it made in southern California, but I have lived here my whole life so I am open to trying something new and that won’t hold me back. Just a few things to consider about us : We are a young couple (22 years old) and we are into music and we are Christians. We don’t like living in the heart of a big city but having one near-by would be great as I don’t think either of us are small-town people. So if anyone has any input on where we should move this June, I would highly appreciate anything that can help me get started planning this out!! haha thanks =)

Administrator answers:

You’ll find that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side of the state line.

One thing about moving to another area is that will be most likely be fewer jobs, less entertainment, and the weather will be less pleasant.

You might want to try the high desert, like Hesperia or Apple Valley, to see if that suits you.

Daniel asks…

who knows of any site or place where i can find apt 1bd for less than 700 for rent!!!???? by november 1?

i hate those agencies that charge you to find an apt!!!! anybody know any free but cheap sites?? in the LOS ANGELES are like downtown.. everybody in downtown just dont like the low income community, especially the brand new buildings, only taking about 30 percent of the low income. HELP@@@!!!!

Administrator answers:
best ever! Just make sure you are looking in the right area

Mandy asks…

What can a landlord charge to move within the apt building?

I would like to move to the apartment upstairs. I called the manager, she said I would have to sign a new lease, for a year, and the rent will be $945. I currently pay $875 for the apt I am in now. The apt are the exact same. One bedroom one bath. It is just one is upstairs and in the front. Will I be charged a transfer fee? If so, how much? Are there any laws about this sort of thing. I live in Los Angeles County. Also can I be charged my deposit all over again?

Administrator answers:

They can do whatever they want. You are canceling our old contract and entering into a new one. Usually what a complex does is require the difference between the old security deposit and the new one only if you are a good tenant and have kept the apartment up. Some will require a new security deposit and give you the old one after you move out and they inspect (they have 30 days). Why are you not asking these questions of the manager? If you don’t like the management’s business practices, the law shouldn’t matter….you should leave.

Lisa asks…

How to price the sublease in Los Angeles city?

I would like to sublease one bedroom with bath in my two bedroom apt.
My hubby has been living in this apt for a long time so he has a low rate of rent in comparison to the new tenants in this apt. We do not know if we should price the bedroom we like to sublease at the market price ($750-850) in this neighborhood or we should split the rent with the subleasee ( $550)?
Is there any regulation related to sublease in Los Angeles city? and What resource we can refer to?
Thank you for your reply.
We did several 50% split rent before. However since our name is on the lease, it turned out we are the only tenants who negotiated and deal with the landlord, run the errands and so on. Since the subtenants are inclined not to split the errands of the housing, we are thinking of pricing the bedroom with bath at market price rather than split. And wonder if it is ok to do that.

Administrator answers:

You need to find out if subleasing is allowed first. Los Angeles isn’t known for it so beware when asking. If you are staying in the apt. Why wouldn’t you split the rent, utilities and phone. That is much easier, legal and make sure you get extra renter’s insurance. This will assure you if anything happens that something can be done about it. Also request credit checks as this will keep the riffraff out. You can not be too sure these days.

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