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March 16, 2012

Donald asks…

What is the best way to find listings of apt/home for rent in west los angeles area without paying a fee?

3 or 4 bedrooms

Administrator answers:
and call any property management firm in the exact area of interest.

Charles asks…

can i rent a apt without credit? I’m in Los Angeles.?

Me and my girlfreind are looking for a apartment for rent. We have money saved, but every place we go there asking for a credit check. ive never had credit. I live in near hollywood.

Please if anyone can help me get in to aartmen in the next week I’ll pay.

Administrator answers:

NO. You;ll either have to pay in advance like 3-6 months worth of rent or have your girlfriend use her credit if she has any. Worse thing is you;ll have to have someone, with a credit history, sign as a cosigner to the lease. In the meantime, get a sears card or something and start building up some credit. You can HAVE at least one credit card to your name. Its beneficial so long as you don’t overdue it.

Paul asks…

What’s a good estimate cost for utilities in a 2 bdrm apt in downtown Los Angeles?

So I’m moving to LA in the fall and am negotiating with my future roommates who is going to pay for what. Gas and garbage disposal is included in the rent, all other utilities are not. Does anybody know approximately how much it might cost for everything else in a 2 bdrm loft in downtown Los Angeles? Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

That all depends on how frugal you are with the use of gas and electricity. And then a 2-bedroom apartment could be as little as 800 sq.ft. In size, or just as easy be about 1,500 sq.ft. Which would run more to run.

But say you have an average 1,100 sq.ft. Place, then the monthly charges for gas & electric run about $60 in summer and $110 in winter. Central air conditioning could double or triple that amount for the summer months, depending on hours of use. The phone is naturally separate too and you should know your use.

Nancy asks…

Any one can tell me what the average rent for a 1-2 bedroom apt in a nice suburb of Los Angeles go for?

just thinking

Administrator answers:

Hahahaha. It’s pretty expensive here. In a decent neighborhood, around $900 for a one bedroom and $1,000+ for a two-bedroom!

Helen asks…

How much do you Pay Rent for a ONE BEDROOM Apt?

I Live in the North Hollywood Area (San Fernando Valley) in
Los Angeles….I remember when I could get a one bedroom apartment for as low as $450 per month, but those days seem to be long gone….Now in the same area I lived in 15 years ago I pay about $1,075.00 for a One Bedroom Apartment in the North Hollywood Arts District. I want to compare Los Angeles Rent Rates to different parts of the world…I just want to get an idea of what you pay, what CITY and State you live in, and tell me what the EMPLOYMENT prospects are for blue collar workers in your area PLEASE!

Administrator answers:

In norwich, CT and montville CT, you can get a one bedroom apartment for around $725–$850, the blue collar workers make about $10 per hour here.

Susan asks…

What do you need to rent a apartment?

Im planing on getting a apartment with my grilfriend, and where going half and half on everything. But i need to know what i need to rent a apt in Los Angeles, preferably west Los Angeles. I dont have any credit or credit card cause i wanna avoid those responsabilities for now. So anything i should know would be good, thanks.

Administrator answers:

I would open a credit card even if it just has a few hundred dollar limit. Use it just to buy gas or groceries and pay it off at the end of every month. In a few months you’ll have credit. In the mean time some land lords will rent to you probably not apartment complexes though because they tend to be more strict. Make sure you have a security deposit and first and last months rent saved up.

Steven asks…

Los Angeles Cty. How can I get my apt Mgr to evict me without truly just cause?

I am age 62 & haved lived in the same apartment for 15years. I live alone & am very quiet & have never, once, been late with my rent. He is rude & does not always address issues in my unit. I feel if he does not want me in the bldg, he should pay me to move – am I correct? Thank you

Administrator answers:

You don’t have to stay there.
You vote with your feet by giving notice and moving.
Getting evicted means that you are less attractive as tenant in other rental.
Is this unit rent controlled? Why would LL NOT want you in building?
LLs LOVE tenants who are quiet and never, ever LATE.
Some people are just careless about the feelings of others. Some people are less polite than your standards. That’s life.

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