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September 1, 2012

Mark asks…

help , regarding my landlord what should i do?

Im posting this for my mother. So to sum this all up here’s the issue.

We lived for a very long time in a nice part of manhattan, & so they sold the building & everyone had to move. They also gave us money to move out, they deducted about $2000 for the deposit for the new place we were going to.

We had to go with no option of choosing where to live, they found us a apt in a HORRIBLE area. & my mother works, but while living here she got injured at the job & she cant work now. Compensation is basically making her go through hell & they havn’t paid her(ever since Sept) & she cant get surgery until they do. Now my landlord keeps sending us letters saying that we never paid the the security deposit. Keep in mind you cant move in w/o a deposit, & they are saying this about 10 months later.

We are in desperate need of help, because when we moved from the old apt it was all handled by a lawyer & now the lawyer is saying that its too long ago to get the paperwork. & the landlord is always making a mistake with the rent sending letters saying that we dont pay & we always do pay rent, and then apologizing. We really badly want to move out but this situation is ridiculous, any help??

Administrator answers:

If you are really in a financial crunch like this, you should qualify for legal aid. Call a local attorney or the courthouse and ask for the phone number. Legal aid offers legal help to people who cannot afford it free of charge.

John asks…

Sublease questions in NYC?

Hi, I have a few questions regarding my sublease in Manhattan.

I signed a month-to-month sublease with the right to end giving a 30 day notice. I was never given a signed permission from the owner/mgr of the building, nor given a copy of the original lease.

I have a few questions:

1) Myself and the other subletter in our apt know that we are being overcharged (though not sure of the exact amount). I know that there is a 10% overage charge that is acceptable for a “furnished” apartment, and another 10% charge that the landlord has the option to charge.
The question is this: If we bring up this overage, do we have the right to request back payment of rent? If not, we have the right to sue for 3x that amount, correct?

2) How do you define “furnished”? All that was here when we moved in was a futon. I have since furnished the entire apt by myself. Can she deny this?

3) As a subletter, do we have a right to request a copy of the original lease?

Administrator answers:

You have a right to request a copy of the sublease you signed, no right for original lease.
When you sign a contract, you should agree about furniture and a price, after you moving in you can’t change the price, and say that is no furniture in a apartment, this should be done before an agreement. Good Luck!

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