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September 25, 2012

Nancy asks…

i need money for a summer apartment! can i get a loan??

i’m 18 and Im just finishing this semester as a freshman(in fall I’ll be a sophomore)in Manhattan. I plan to live in an apartment in fall with my friend and my mom is ok with that even tho we dont know how were getting the money. people in my dorm say that theyre paying for housing right now thru loans in their names and right now my mom has a big PLUS loan taken out in her name for all my school expenses. I really dont get along with my parents and they understand that I want to get an apartment so we can all be peaceful but they dont have $$ for this. Ive been trying to get a job for a year and never even get called back for interviews so idk what to do. Is it possible for me to get a small loan(maybe 4k) in my name just for a summer apt? i dont think banks give loans that easily and my parents cant cosign cuz they’re going thru credit counseling now. id be living with 2 or 3 other girls to cut down the rent so maybe their parents could cosign. plzz help me! what can i do?
like can i go to the bank myself and get a loan? what type of loan do i ask for? there are so many different types! and i wouldnt be taking summer classes at school for summer housing, bc thatd end up costing more. i plan to work really hard to FIND a full-time job for the summer but i dont have anything right now and i really dont think my parents and i can make it thru the summer and i know they dont want me to be there as much as i dont want to be there.

Administrator answers:

Even if you could get a loan borrowing money for regular expenses is the road to getting where your parents are, middle aged and in debt.
Get a job first or find a job as a live in babysitter where you can get free rent..

Joseph asks…

NYC summer housing for precollege student?

I am going for a 4 week summer program in NYC , and the school does not offer housing for summer students under 18 (im 16) I’ll be going with my father and we are quite desperate for a apt to rent/place to stay but all the apt i’ve found so far are pretty pricey in the 5k+ range. Any ideas of where I should look, I know airbnd. Craigslist have too good to be true deals not really going into that , so any advice?? Apts that dont cost more than 2300 per month , preferly in Manhattan i know its hard to find it in the price range . But any advice of website of anything???
Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

Rally NYC is best place for visit. You can get all information through [] site.

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