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August 2, 2012

Jenny asks…

HELP…does anyone know of any good woman shelters in ny that will place u in a apt of ur own FAST?

Okay so here’s the thing, I have a been looking for a place for sometime now and the lease on my apartment is just about up. Soon enough I feel find myself out on the streets because of it and I would rather not stay with family at this moment. I’m 5months preggo and would like to gather some information on womans shelter in Manhattan New York which I can stay at and then eventually place me in a rent controlled apartment of my own.

Now here are some inquries that I have to those who have stayed at woman shelters or know of any woman who have….

How long does it take them to actually find u a shelter?
How did the shelter suit u? Was it like a room w/ beds or was it a like a reg apt blding?
How long did u stay at this shelter b4 they placed u in a apartment
Where is ur apartment @ now? Is it in a housing developing or like a mitchell lama?
Does me working or not affect where I will be eventually place?
And does me receiving financial aid to go to school with affect me as well

Administrator answers:

First of all-your unborn child’s father should step up to the plate and start helping you—now that i have that off my mind we can deal with the problem.. In the Passaic cty area of NJ I personally know of programs for women in your position…They are transitional programs in semi private settings with the eventual goal of getting you into your own place again…I am not sure what is out their in the City -but suggest you check with the welfare dept..Salvation army and churches that are active in the community may also offer you a quality referral/

James asks…

Should I live in Manhattan or New Jersey?

Hello..I’m moving to NYC from TN for a new job and trying to decide whether to live in NYC or across the river in NJ. The facts:
1) I am in mid-thirties and single. and I can afford about $1800 – $2000 for rent.
2) My work is in the midtown west area on 11th ave.
3) I have a nice car here in TN, but I’m willing to sell it if needed.
I explored places in the midtown west neighborhood, and was able to find a clean 1br for $1900 (no dishwasher/laundry) – 10 min walk to work. Across the river, in Weehawken,NJ (20 min bus from work), I was able to find a huge 2 br apt for $1600 with city views (brand new kitchen etc. and free parking)
I like to go out twice a week, and would like to enjoy the activities in NYC.
I’m torn between “living the city life” in NYC and the space/comfort of NJ. Thoughts? Experiences?

Administrator answers:

I agree – this is a tough one, but will try to help.

Live in NYC (past resident)

1-high rent, barely/no amenities/no space.
2-no need for a car (but don’t let your driver’s license expire. Keep renewing. You could decide in the future to move to another state, and all you’d have to do is take the written test. That’s what I did).
3-easy access to museums, theature, etc.
4-public transportation
5-neighborhood may be noisy w/car traffic (especially if it’s near the Lincoln tunnel approach). Your view may be other buildings, or rooftops.
6-high sales tax

Live in NJ (I’m a resident)
1-lower rent (Weehawken) and you get more for your $$-especially free parking/dishwasher/laundry-unheard of in some NYC apts.
2-Factor in commuting costs, i.e. Monthly bus ticket via NJ Transit. Monthly ticket’s the best way.
3-Much quieter neighborhood-with a nice, peaceful view.
4-Cheaper sales tax

Would it be possible for you to visit the areas and check out the apts. You’re considering moving into in NYC/Weehawken first? That would give you an idea of what you’re in for.

Personally? I’d grab the Weehawken NJ apt. Sight unseen, because it includes the dishwasher/laundry/free parking, plus bus service to NYC is pretty regular (and you could explore Hoboken, that’s a little south of Weehawken; also in Jersey City, there’s the Newport Center mall).

Whatever your decision – all the best in your new job.

Nancy asks…

Moving to NYC. When should I look for an apartment?

My boyfriend and I are moving to Manhattan at the end of May. We are planning to make a trip in advance to rent an apartment. We already have jobs, plan to use a broker, have money saved, etc. Our arrival date is flexible but we want to secure an apt in advance. How long before we want the apt should we come to find the apartment? We’d like to avoid paying too much ‘overlap’ (paying for our current apt in LA and the new one in NYC at the same time) but want the most options. One month? Two weeks? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Two to three weeks before you want to move in would be ideal, no more. I’d guess the largest selection will be available a week or so after the first of the month. A lot of landlords list their available apartments after the last tenant has moved out and they are empty. Then they want someone who will move in a soon as possible.

My husband and I made the mistake of coming too early (~4 weeks before we wanted to move) and came back empty handed. We ended up arriving with our Uhaul, staying in a hotel until we found an apartment (3 days) and moved in the next day. Sounds stressful, but it actually worked out OK.

Definitely research neighborhoods and prices before you come so you can target your search and pick a broker that specializes in the areas you like. And make sure to consider Brooklyn (Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Fort Green, Dumbo, Boerum Hill, Carol Gardens…), Harlem, Queens (Astoria,Long Island City). You’ll get more for your money and a bit of respite from Manhattan while still being just as connected to it.

David asks…

Additional deposits throughout the lease term?

I moved into an apartment at the beginning of May in a rent-destabilized building in Manhattan. I gave my landlord a $1500 security deposit and thought I was good to go. He called me last week to tell me he needs an additional $200 deposit for screens that are currently on my windows because the previous tenant requested he put them on and gave him a deposit in case something happened to them. My feeling is that I already gave him a $1500 deposit that should cover any damage to the screens should there be any. It wouldn’t matter so much to me except that I specifically didn’t bring my previous screens with me because I already had screens in this apt. Does anyone have any advice? I took this apt. “as is,” screens and all.

Administrator answers:

Read your lease agreement for any additional cost

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