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August 18, 2012

Richard asks…

i want to buy a house but i have bad credit?

Hi my name is Erica. I work for a marketing company here in vegas contracted by chase manhattan bank and make really good money well for a single money 40, 000 is alot and i am never late on my rent but i really have bad credit is there any way to buy a house or even qualify i have lived in my apt for 2 years and my boyfriend has lived here longer his credit is better but i am the one with the income i have given 14,000 to my apt complex each year for all most 3 years complex and i want a house i am 25 with a 4 and a 6 year old i am very reliable how can i get a house ??????

Administrator answers:

There you go :

Good luck !

Mandy asks…

How much to tip doormen/concierge/building staff in NYC at Christmas?

I live in a full service luxury hi rise in Manhattan with the staff of 12 (doormen, porters, maintenance staff etc).
Location: West 40ies. The building: 46 floors (12 apts per floor)
It will be my first Christmas here (I moved here in Feb’08). It’s a corporate apt (my emplyer pays 50% of the rent) The staff is very friendly (except for 1 guy, each building has that 1 guy who is not a team player) I introduced myself when moving in and since then they all greet me by my name (of course except that 1 guy). I’m a very low maintenance tenant, don’t require their services much (other than accepting packages & my dry cleaning) but I do appreciate their hard work of keeping the place safe & clean.
I was thinking $30-$40 & a bottle of booze each. Less to that 1 guy and more to the 3 doormen I like best. I assume if they collect small amounts from over 400 apartments they’ll end up with a very decent Christmas bonus. But then again, it’s prime Manhattan, so the standards are very high here!
Don’t want to be cheap but can’t act like Oprah either. What do u guys think?

Any feedback is appreciated

Administrator answers:

Skip the booze. $20 to $40 for the regular doorman. $60 to $100 for the super. Top end of the range only for those that do special stuff for you.

The maths goes as follows; calculate what they would get if each apartment were to give that amount. They should get about a month’s salary. Doormen earn $3,500 a month plus benefits. Supers not a lot more but their apartment is free.

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