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March 11, 2012

Jenny asks…

where to rent an apt for 1 night in manhattan by owner only?

i’ve checked craigslist but are there any other websites to try? i want to rent by owner ONLY. i am throwing a party so i don’t wanna get in deep sh!t with brokers or anything lol. also, do you have to be 18 or 21 to rent?

Administrator answers:

Just the fact that you asked if you had to be 18 or 21 tells me you’ll never find an apt for 1 night–they’re out there but no one will rent it to you specifically

Sandy asks…

Which parts of the bronx should I rent an apt that has a view of Manhattans city lights and the Hudson river?

A safe area. And how much would a 2 bedroom apt rent for approx in that area?

Administrator answers:

Riverdale, especially along or near Kappock Street. Probably nothing available under $2500/month

Lisa asks…


Im just very confused here. im thinking of moving into the city (manhattan in particular) in the near future and thought id just check out some apartment listings for the hell of it. i googled “apartments for rent manhattan” and got on some websites but they all came up with almost none that would work for my very very small budget for rent per month.
i decided to check out craigslist, and i was shocked to find listings like

“750 / 1br – 301 East 79th Street #8R, New York NY 10075 (Upper East Side)”
“$900 / 2br – 200 West 24th Street, New York NY 10011 (Upper West Side)”
“$800 / 1br – Lovely and Spacious 1 Bedroom Apartment in good location. (New York)”

all the listings have pictures, and look/sound wonderful!

which brings me to my can this possibly be real?!?! is the number in the title list not rent, just some other number?! are they all scams?! whats the deal here?! it doesnt make sense since the other websites were giving me nothingggg i can afford and suddenly theres great fantastic apartments!

can anyone help me out here?!

Administrator answers:

That is probably just the price to rent the place. You will still have to pay for heat, cable, and electricity which is why some apartments tend to be very expensive.

John asks…

What is the average rent for a one bedroom apt in Manhattan?

Administrator answers:

Around $3000 per month

Lizzie asks…

Acs Rent Subsidy looking For a One Bedroom Apt in Manhattan or Bronx?

Is there anyone who had/has an Acs Rent Subsidy Voucher I need some Landlords to contact for a 1 Bedroom Apt.

Administrator answers:

You can use any landlord. It is not like section 8, that only certain landlords qualify. You can apply and use the voucher with any landlord at all.

Your case worker can help you if you are having a hard time figuring out how to apply for an apartment.

Linda asks…

How do I find information regarding the legal rent being charged for apt 1a at 356west56th st in Manhattan?

can Yahoo give me this info or do I have to go to an HPD office and where is it located in Manhattan. can I get info over the phone? Tel #?
OR , do you have another suggestion? Thanks-very important.

Administrator answers:

This might have specific information – The NYC Rent Guidelines Board

Helen asks…

How much would rent for apt./condo be if living in SoHo?

I live in Queens and I am thinking about moving to SoHo, Manhattan in a few years? How much rent would that be if I rent a two bedroom space, bathroom, kitchen and living room?

Administrator answers:

This should answer all your questions in this regard.


Mark asks…

What is an acceptable/reasonable rent increase percentage for an apt in manhattan, NY? Thanks?

Administrator answers:

There is no way to tell. A sanity check on the rent level can be done by looking at the ads in the newspapers for similar accommodations.

Robert asks…

What is the average rent for a one bedroom apt. in a decent area in Manhattan?

Administrator answers:

My sister’s appartment in Chelsea 5 years ago, for 1 bedroom, kind of small, but nice, not run-down at all, was $3500 per month. (It was a little smaller than Carrie’s on Sex & the City.)

My other friend lives on 56th & 6th and pays $7000 for a 2 bedroom. It’s beautiful though.


Hoboken, NJ and W. New York, NJ are cheaper alternatives to living in Manhattan (but not THAT cheap!).

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