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September 9, 2012

Lisa asks…


I wanted to know if the following situations present as housing discrimination. We live in a non-owner occupied single-family home in NJ. There is a garage 1-bdrm apt on the premises also rented. The landlord has done the following:
US: We wanted a dog, “no pets” clause in Lease; asked again if we could have a dog, told no, and never did.
THEM: Allowed new tenant to have a large, noisy dog who moved in 1 yr after us. When confronted LL stated “he was supposed to bring the dog to work w/him” (he’s not disabled).
US: Rent to be paid on 1st, no later than 5th or $50 fee. Took us to court when late 10 days (late because had surgery to remove cancer tumor).
THEM: Allows tenant to pay rent in installments. Always, late, never taken him to court for non-payment or lateness.
US: Utilities to be placed in our name.
THEM: Utilities still have not been switched over in 8 months to tenants name in Landlord’s name. Landlord took us to court because we were late with our sewer bill (case thrown out).
US: Black woman married to Hispanic man
THEM: White

Reading on housing discrimination, does this apply?

Administrator answers:

Well, he didn’t discriminate when he let you and your husband move in. So in that case at least we know that he is not prejudice. I really don’t understand why he let them have a dog and not you. Did the tenant lie and tell the landlord that he needed it as a working dog. Does the dog perform tasks or assists with the tenants needs, is the other tenant disabled in any way. If is a working dog, the landlord has to let him have it, if it is needed. As far as the rent being paid in installments, it may have been set up that way in the lease when they moved in. The utility thing, I really don’t understand. Are you sure that the other tenant isn’t paying him extra for utilities included in his rent? It may be possible that the other tenant couldn’t put the utilities in their name because they had bad credit, or owed the utility company money to put it back on. You would really have to know under what the circumstances are with the other tenants before you pass judgment. It may be that he is discriminating against you, but you need to get the whole story before you judge. I am sorry you feel offended, and I hope you can get the straightened out. Have you confronted the landlord about all of these concerns?

Mandy asks…

How do I prove he doesn’t spend time with the kids?

I live in NJ and my children go to my ex’s on Mondays overnight and Tuesdays overnight one week then on alternating weeks they go Sundays overnight, Mondays overnight and Tuesdays overnight. I agreed to this when we divorced last year because he tearfully asked me to not take his children away from him when I wanted to move to FL in the first place to be with my family(I have no Fam in NJ). He told me he was having an Apt built and they would be moving in about 3 weeks after the divorce, in the meantime staying with his parents. So I stayed in NJ, moved into the worst town possible because they offered free preschool, which I couldn’t afford to pay for at the time, got a decent job making 30,000 a year, which doesn’t even cover my bills not including food and stuff for the kids-his child support of 131 a week is supposed to cover that.NOW a year has past, he is 3 weeks behind on support-I have been getting food baskets from church to survive, the apt, never happened-they all still live with his parents-ALL 3 of them sleeping in the SAME BED-My ex, My 5yr old daughter and my 11 yr old son-which is gross! He is never there he works (off the books) 7 days a week, 9am to 11pm at a pizzaria and the kids are left to be cared for by his mom, they never see him. My lawyer (who screwed me big time) told me that the only reason he wanted so many days is so that he didn’t have to pay me as much child support. Their “alternating” weekly schedule is not stable, the kids have no place to call their own, they never see their father, he’s not paying me and now that my daughter is in Kindergarten I have to pay aftercare and we now have a health insurance premium-he said he won’t help with that- I can’t afford a lawyer, I want to go to FL, but I don’t know if the courts will let me, My town sucks and the schools are bad, I have no security deposit and no moving money and we are barley making it. His parents won’t help to babysit when the kids are sick or off school and I’m about to lose my job because of how many days I’ve been out- Mind you they are very rich and sit home all day and do nothing, they live not even 3 minutes from me in the next town and they won’t even pick up my son from school and he has to walk home in a bad neighborhood and they don’t care, he’s already gotten lost once and beaten up once and I work 45 minutes away and can’t get to him! I want to take my ex’s days away so My kids can be with me more and have a more stable schedule and be in their own home where they are comfortable with their things surrounding them, they have nothing at his parents house and they are bored to tears, I also want to move to FL to be with my Family who would do ANYTHING for me, my parents would help me to take care of them everyday so I can work, it’s better housing, jobs and schools and just an all around better lifestyle, my kids already spend XMAS and sping break and the whole summer there and they love it, they hate it here and they call NANA’s house home, because we had already lived in FL once before when we were married, they love it there and hate it here, they have no relationship with their father and my son is in counseling because of it. I don’t know what to do next, do I go to court and fight for less days for him? Do I just go and ask for the child support to at least go through probation, so it can be enforced? Do I fight to move to FL? If so I have to find help with monies to move because I don’t have anything and I can’t ask my parents to help, they don’t have it and they just recently downsized into a condo, so I couldn’t even live with them I would need my own place, I would need at least 4,000 total to move, between a truck, security deposit, 1st months rent and driving my car down. Are there any charities that could help with that? I have bad credit so I can’t get a loan…so confused…

Administrator answers:

Hire a private investigator.

Daniel asks…

who do i contact to report fraud?

I live in an apt complex in south jersey that is low income and the rent is based on income.Its subsidized by USDA Rural development.
There is someone who has his rent subsidized 100% because hes unemployed.
Hes only 28,capable of working.
His subsidy is based on him not working and getting welfare.
He pays NO rent.
He moved in his girlfriend a year ago,never notified USDA or welfare,and she brings in all kinds of money.
His subsidy should be dropped because they now have an income.
She spends HUNDREDS of dollars a week on tvs,games for kids,car,etc,but pays no rent.
This to me is not fair and i want to report them.
They live in South jersey.
Who do i call?
This is welfare fraud and cheating the subsidy ppl,i guess the government.
Its not right that they do this and live free when there are families out there with kids who need a place.
Is there any where i can call in nj like attorney general or something?

Administrator answers:

Yep, i agree………….snitches get stitches and lay in ditches.

John asks…

Can i you get back deposit if you never moved in?

So my friend and her bf and they were looking for an apt.

They came across one thats pretty bad but they had to et out of where they are fast.

the move in date is June 1st. She gave him a postdated check (for June) and he already cashed it.

But now the apt above me is open and they like it alot more. But this guy wont give them any of their money back.

Can he do that?
I would undstand keeping the deposit but they gave a him june’s rent as well….they havnt even moved in yet…

we are in NJ btw
they didnt sign a single thing… no lease… NOTHING

Administrator answers:

The deposit is probably gone. If they signed a lease they can be responsible for the full lease term. If it was a month to month rental most states still require a 30 day notice, that may be the grounds he is using to hold the $.
Most of the time the landlord is a bit more flexible if he/she quickly gets another renter. If they stopped showing the apt. Because of a deposit – they lost income.

Mark asks…

am i a rat for telling?

I am very conflicted.
I know a couple who is living in a low income apt complex.
He was living alone with just his 2 kids,ages5 and 6 for abourt a year.
He filled out his app for apt and was given a subsidy of “0″ dollars for his rent,based on his income from unemployment.
This means he pays NOTHING for a 2 bedroon apt!!
But just about 6 mths ago,his girlfriend moved in,also on unemployment,and has not reported her income to state or landlord.She refuses to report anything because i feel she knows rent will be raised!
Now they both have NO RENT,FREE FOOD because of welfare,and their utilities are paid by state.
They both claim poor but they are not.
Since they have NO bills,they have all this money left over each month.
They go on spending sprees,each week.Im talking hundreds and hundreds of dollars are spent on screen tv”S,computer,bunkbeds for kids and so on.
And this is every month!!
I have no problem with anyone on welfare,but these 2 are abusing the system!
They even joke on how they are getting over on government.
If they can spend 4-5 hundred a month on luxaries,why cant they pay some rent and get off welfare?
What do i do?
Do i report them.
Im upset because there are families out there who need a place to live.
Ive seen ppl turned away from here because its full!
To me,this is a travesty!!
Its under usda rural development as far as subsidy!
Am i wrong if i report them?
They live in nj.

Administrator answers:

Welfare fraud is very illegal. You’d be doing the world a favor if you called the welfare office.

Maria asks…

On FEb 1st I gave my Landlord 30 day notice that i’d be out by march 1st.All of a sudden wants 60 day notice?

I had a 1yr lease from 08′-09′. We have always had good relations so i figured a lease wasnt necassary so i figured a verbal month to month lease would be fine. I explained to him when he told me that he wanted 60 day notice that it would be hard for me to find an apt during the month of Feb. to find something to move into on April 1st. He ne3gotiated me down to give him 45 day notice but still that does not help because the new apt i found wants a renter for next month. I then told him that legally “1 months notice” is the law in the state of NJ. No where in the previous lease did it state anything saying that i needed to give 60 days, plus that lease is already null and void because it is expired. Heres a few ideas that I have

A) Don’t pay rent this month and just live out the security, which is a month and a half. (in that case he tecnically walks away with an extra $325 in his pocket) Which im fine with because im fed up

B) Pay rent and wait for him to give back the security (Only problem he is picky and is probably going to take $300 off the sec deposit due to something stupid)

One last thing, the apt is not a legal apt. my electric heat and hot water are all shared with the upstairs tenant so for him to take me to court would be stupid. A) its illegal apartment B) there is no lease and to top it off C) Once you are on a verbal month to month you legally have one month exactly to vacate. Hence the term “Month to Month”

Please leave your thoughts and comments. They will be much appriciated :)
I would give a 30 day notice in writing but is that even necassary???? I have no lease we are just verbally month to month.
Let me rephrase month to month not 30 days. It shouldn’t matter how many days are in a month. It is not my fault February has 28 days.
Please don’t forget the apt is “illegal”. Does it really matter if i walk out on the security? How is it possible for problems to keep occuring at an “illegal apt“???

Administrator answers:

60 days notice is only ever required from a tenant if the original lease requires it. When the lease expires, the terms of the lease still stand, but on a month-to-month basis; anything in the lease can be changed with proper notice, but until then, everything stays the same. So, even though your lease “expired,” if it had required 60 days notice, this is what you would have to give. Otherwise, you are right; one month notice given on February 1st is fine.

Now, for your ideas:
A) This will get you evicted. Legally, the landlord cannot use your deposit as last month’s rent. He will withold it for breaking your rental agreement and sue you for last month’s rent. You will lose.
B) This is your legally correct option. Regardless of what you think he is going to do with your deposit, you still need to pay rent for your last month (February) and you take him to court for the deposit if he doesn’t either give you notice he is witholding it or refund it back to you.

The “legality” of the apartment has no relevance anymore. It would have while you were still deciding to live there, but you cannot use these things as leverage.

I would also suggest you give him notice in writing, in case this escalates, but make sure you write that you already gave notice on 2/1/11, not that you are now giving notice. Whatever is on paper is what the courts will go by, and without it, your landlord may end up with the upper hand. Make sure your bases are covered.

Bottom line: Pay for February, be out by the 28th, and allow him 30 days to either send you a letter explaining why he is witholding your deposit and/or the actual refund. If this doesn’t happen, send a demand letter. Most states demand the landlord refund the entire portion, regardless of damages, if he doesn’t send the necessary letter within 30 days. After that, take him to court. Ignore whatever he says about 60 days

George asks…

What are my legal rights during eviction?

Hi my situation is i moved into an apartment then lost my job.I paid a month and halfs security plus months rent up front, i paid full amount for rent the following month plus extra 250 towards the next month . Then i lost my job and discovered that the apt(basement apt in 3 fam home) i live in floods /has mold as well as electric problems with outlets. The landlord kept claiming hed fix the problems but always came up with reason as to why he couldnt…even said he wouldnt because at one point because he is selling the 3 fam home i live in…he took chunks of the ceiling out where mold was forming but that was it…and claimed id broken breaker box.By this time i had no money for rent so i didnt push the situation.I managed to find temp work for 4 weeks and received notice after the fact that id been summoned to landlord/tennent court ?but i never recieved any notice otherwise i would have appeared in court.Im not sure what to do at this point?I have 800 in savings but nothing else left to help me move to a new place and my landlord is claiming i have to leave by this friday?Im 21 yr old culinary grad i work hard and am head line cook at respected resturant my credit is good i dont want it ruined? State is nj.
Landlord just up and called left message this morning while i was working that i had to get out by friday.I thankfully am employed ft at a permanent postion and have been for about a week im wondering if i give my land lord 550 in rent i owe will i have more time to move?I get my first paycheck this week and have no place to go if evicted friday
my apt flooded while i was living in it destroying 2 couches

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you have been given a three day pay rent or vacate notice. If you pay the rent in full, you can stay. If you can’t pay the rent in full, then you should move out.

If you want, you can ASK your landlord if he would let you stay if you give him $550 – but you had better get any agreement in writing. Because it would really suck if he takes the $550 as a partial payment and then continues to move forward with the eviction.

Honestly, you should rent a storage locker and a truck and move out. Crash with a friend or even at a shelter until you can save enough and find a place. You don’t want an eviction on your record.

Donna asks…

Possible to start over at 52?

Hi everyone..I recently lost my fiance suddenly and am alone at 52. I have no family here, all in NJ..We were doing well. I was paying my credit cards and ins on time, even while on unemployment. I lost him in Jan. I was still unemployed, but had some money in bank. In April, I started getting behind on my bills. In May I finally found a full time job. It is not enough and I am also looking for a part time job as well. I am still behind on several credit cards, luckily, the balances are only in the hundreds, not thousands. After grieving for all this time, I have finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and I want something more in life. I am living in an apt now which I do not like. I would love to maybe purchase or rent to own a small home here. I know I have to correct my credit problems first. That I am working on. I want to know if anyone else has had to start over at my age, and are willing to share their story with me. I am just looking for alittle comfort during this time and am hoping things work out for me. I am so very nervous about my future without him. I miss him dearly and always will.

Administrator answers:

First off, I would like to give you my sincerest sympathy. I am 53 and was married for 11 years to an abusive alcoholic, and left and moved from a house to a 1 bedroom apartment. I think it is possible, after only being here at my new location, I met a man outside and we began chatting. We are now dating. We both live in the same building and in separate apartments. I take my time, but he is a wonderful man and we hit it off right away. The main thing is when you least expect it, like I did, love will find you in the location you least expect. We are taking it slow, and I still have a life of my own, as does he. We get together for coffee, and sometimes go out together to church etc. It has been the best time of my life so far, and it was just by chance we met. It can happen. Good Luck with your credit as I had thousands of dollars run up by my ex and now have had to claim bankruptcy. Once you get rid of your debt, start to save and find somewhere to live where you will rebuild and like where you live again. You will never forget your husband, which you shouldn’t but I am sure he would want you to rebuild your life and find someone to love you. Good Luck, just take it slow. All the very best to you.

Nancy asks…

Can I do anything about what my landlord is doing?

Hi, I have so many questions, so Ill try and make this simple and quick. We live in an apt, It’s My husband and I, and our 2 girls (2 and 9 months). The person below us, is on rentals assistance, and every other kind of assistance you can think of. She is doing drugs and is openly suicidal. She break everything in the apt when she’s high, but the landlord wont kick her out bc he is getting paid no matter what from the state. (NJ) She was in my house a week or so ago, bc she decided to bang on our door screaming our names, and she openly told me she wants to kill herself, but dont worry, She will call me first! (herwords)

What CAN I do? I dont want to move, we have made this place home, and we have put so much money into fixing the apt up. We asked him to kick her out, bc she is putting our family in danger but he wont do anything about it. (years ago, she cut out every window in her apt bc she was “trapped” and all they did was replace the windows for her and raise her rent)

What can I do?

Administrator answers:

File a restraining order and keep it handy. This will give you more of an advantage when you call the police.
Try to record and or take pictures.

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