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September 30, 2012

Steven asks…

I am single marrying a single father of 4. We both work. How do we contribute to family household account?

I am a 33, single, never been married, and he is 40, divorced, has 4 kids and his ex-wife is deceased. We both work full time and make a decent living and have our own checking, savings and 401k’s. He owns a home and a few rental properties in NC. I rent an apt in NC and I own a rental property in NJ. When we get married, how much should I contribute to the household account for the mortgage, utilities, and general savings for the household needs. Any advice would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

To keep things happy….split it all 50/50. Whatever is left in each other’s checks is your business. That way there is no fighting on who is paying more for what.

Ken asks…

is leaving my daughter make me a bad mom?

divorced almost 4 yrs. I’ve moved on but he hasnt. still follows me and watches… creepy. have a restraining order, but he hasnt “done” anything, still I want to move to Florida but daughter wants to stay w/dad?
Two years and I still can’t find a job in NJ, also i’m not on speaking terms w/my stepdad who remarried 1 yr after mom passed away. Not talking to my half-sis because of this either. I rent the upstairs apt from my stepdad for $1000, so it’s very uncomfortable now I can’t afford it anymore. I have a fully paid condo in Florida and am contemplating moving there and starting fresh. Can find a lower paying job since I won’t have a mortgage and live in peace. My 18 year old is ready to go but my 13 yr old doesn’t want to go (she’ll miss her cousins, friends, schools). her dad and i have joint custody so if I leave it will be without her . we don’t get along and he will make it very difficult, maybe even file for full custody. I am feeling sick at the thought of leaving her, but can’t afford to live here. help?!

Administrator answers:

Sometimes decisions have to be made in life that is hurtful but is better for all.
If you strived to find a job where you are at so you can be independent without
depending on anyone, and the job just is not there , then you have no alternative
but to look somewhere else. Money is an issue here along with a child, and
since you know that the child will be taken care of, and even if it not by you,
you still need to sustain yourself. Think it over before you make any decisions
and if it calls for you to move, then that is what you have to do. Once you do
move and settle in and have a job , then you can work on the relationship with
your child.
You are still the mother no matter if the father has full custody or not. When your
daughter is 18 or older then she can travel to see you whenever she wants if
she wants. Whenever a child is involved and the parents are seperated for one
reason or another, then hardships will occur. You still have a life and you need
to do what is necessary to get your life in order. You can still communicate with
your daughter in one way or another, and you have to try and do that, so she
will understand later down the road that you had to do what you had to do
because of the divorce. Be strong, respect yourself, and move forward, just
try and communicate with your daughter in question whenever you can and
visit or send for her whenever you can, and once she know that you are still
thinking about her, then at least you will have done all you could as a
divorced mother. The best of luck to you.

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