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July 7, 2012

Helen asks…

NJ – Renting a Leaky Apartment?

We have been renting an apt for 3 years and it has leaked pretty consistently throughout that time. The landlord is in London and a property mgmt co is responsible. They have sent over a roofer a couple of times and did some cosmetic work. There haven’t been any repairs for the past year and the leak is now a stream. The property mgmt co. says it’s the condo board who isn’t authorizing the repairs. In the meantime, they are asking for a rent increase and the apt is leaking! We were going to withhold rent but the prop mgmt said he would lock us out of the apt. questions:
if we move out, are we eligible for a refund for all of the leaks?
can we find out how much the previous tenant’s rent was and get an abatement even though it is a condo?

Administrator answers:

Don’t withhold rent. Most lease agreements have a clause stating that abatement of rent for maintenance issues is not permitted. Also, if this ends up going to court later on, you have proof that you paid rent on time through the situation, and that looks good to a judge.

It is unlikely that the condo board is not authorizing repairs. And no, you are not eligible for a refund of all the leaks – you’ve been there for three years with the leaks, so it was your choice to stay. And the previous resident’s rent has nothing to do with what you are paying now, or what your increase is.

Is your rent increase with a renewal lease? Because they cannot raise your rent unless you are signing another lease with them. I would send a certified letter stating the problems with the leaks, with dates, descriptions of the leaks, the whole story. I would state in the letter that the management company has failed to maintain the property in reasonable, liveable condition and that they have 30 days from the date your letter is received to fix the problem, or you will consider your lease null and void and vacate the premises without any penalty.

Send that letter certified to both the owner of the condo and the management company, and then send it to your local city or county government real estate council. You can find them on the county website.

That should get things moving. In the even that it does not, you should contact a lawyer and present the letter in the event that you end up going to court.

Charles asks…

Rent not paid , what to do?

Tenants have not paid rent yet for month of Feb. Have not answered phone calls and have not been seen or heard in apt. this month. It’s a 2family home in nj. What should I do?

Administrator answers:

Start your eviction process immediately. It can always be cancelled if it turns out that they were called away for an emergency.

Richard asks…

How do you know when its time for you to make a major change?

I lived in NYC all my life. But even as a teenager I wanted to live in another state. I lived in NJ for 15 yrs. & loved it but came back to NY bcz I found a really nice apt & lived there for 7 yrs, moved out due to ridiculous rent increases & havent been able to find a nice reasonable place to live since 2001. I’m finding myself hating alot about NY, I dont go out to socialize in NY bcz I get aggravated with the trains, buses and crowds of people everywhere, also the noise & other things & I’m constantly thinking about leaving NY to go south but everything I know & love is here in NY. But I cant stop thinking about the south & how nice it is out there. Apts are quieter & cleaner, rents more reasonable & I can have a dog. I’d also like to live away from my family to start a new life on my own. NY is a great city but I’ve been here all my life & I’m not feeling it so much here anymore.

Does this mean its time for me to make a change? Or am I just being miserable?

In other words,

Administrator answers:

You’d hardly be the first person to leave New York for something different. Of course, New York is an amazing city; it has unbeatable culture, theater, art, music, and museums. But as you point out, it’s also very crowded and noisy, and that can wear on you after a while, as can the weather.

As you point out, you’ve been there all your life. Perhaps it is time to find something to compare it to. You can always move back if you decide you don’t like it in Atlanta or wherever else you might decide to go. I think, though, if you read your own question, you’ve already decided that it’s worth the change. I’d go for it.

Linda asks…

will i get homestead rebate?

I live in nj.Im 47 yrs old and pay rent to an apt complex.
Im raising 2 kids,4 and 6,alone.
I do work full time.
I filed married but filing seperate.
Will i get homestead rebate for 2008?

Administrator answers:

Only homeowners can claim homestead rebates. I didn’t get a check but my school taxes were reduced by $350

Carol asks…

I need help….single mom w/ 2 boys in south jersey looking for privately owned apt, 14 days to find 1 HELP!!!


Administrator answers:

Try placing a housing wanted ad on craigslist.

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