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October 5, 2012

Ken asks…

Can my elderly mom get Nyc Section 8?

My mom lives in a pretty run down apartment in Nyc….Her landlord wants her to move out(apt not safe) and move into another apartment within the same building, however, the rent is more and totally way too expensive for my mom to afford on her fixed income of less than 800.00 per month…The landlord will accept section 8 for the other apartment! is it just a matter of applying for section 8,explaining that the apt she lives in now is in poor condition ans she needs to move..and then it is a done deal? How do you think this particular situation will work? tHANKS IN ADVANCE for all answers! :)

Administrator answers:

You have the right idea, except she does not suddenly jump to the front of the line. If she is over 72 she does move up it, but not over homeless children. She will most likely need to wait another year or so. If she actually becomes homeless and you refuse to help your own mother she will be sheltered at the homeless shelter until she moves to the top of the list.

Susan asks…

NYC Housing Info needed!?

I am a tenant in NYC and my electricity in my kitchen and entryway hasn’t worked for almost 2 weeks. This means no access to a stove. I’ve been wasting money ordering out on occasions that I’ve gotten sick of bread and cheese. They’ve told me their electrician would come for over 6 appointments… none of which anyone had shown up for. Not only do I sit around waiting on those days missing work like an idiot but my building mngmt company blatently refuses to even pick up my calls now. I payed for a year of rent in advance due to bad credit so with-holding rent isn’t an option. I wanted to know if there is anything in NYC housing laws that will FORCE them to fix this problem immediately.

Oh and the reason i’ve been waiting so long is because they insist I use THEIR electrician.. who they said was in Russia at first and that he would return in 3 days and come look at my apt. It’s been about two weeks and ive made numerous requests that they hire someone else who could fix the problem asap.

Administrator answers:


You can also call 311.

Betty asks…

Website for renting in NYC?

One where I could post what I’m looking for. House or Apt. Thanks in advance.

I’d already tried

Administrator answers:

Ruth asks…

Should we buy a co-op? Maybe a condo? in NYC?

Together my fiance (27) & I (24) make around $6,960/month AFTER tax. We’re currently living in an apt in Long Island thats about $1900/mon in rent; however we would much rather own than continue throwing our money away. We are considering a co-op in Nassau Co or Queens (pref. Queens b/c of the lower taxes). My credit is around 730, his around 640. He JUST purchased a car (in his name only) which prob wouldnt look the greatest when we apply for a mortgage, but I have no car payment (the 2001 Toyota is paid off w/ plenty of + equity.. we’ve decided to sit w/ one car pmt for as long as we can!) We spend abt 3300 a month in bills (this inclds current rent), leaving us w/ abt $3600 each month.
Should we get a co-op? We plan to leave NY in 3-4 years, and really dont want a house… Would a NICE 2br co-op in a “neighborhood setting” (a green area w/ landscaping, etc… not just a large building of units) in Queens be feasiable? What could we afford each month?Is 249K too much for our budget?

Administrator answers:

Co-ops are tricky. You should definitely buy then rent. I am in the same boat as you right now and am deciding wether or not to buy or rent. If you buy a co-op you should look at the downpayment requirement, co-op board rules, if there is a flip tax, parking, laundry facilities, proximity to NYC. You should look into Glen Oaks, Bayside, Little Neck, Douglaston, Forest Hills(big buildngs though). You can get a 2 br co-op in these neighborhoods besides Forest Hills in the 200k’s.
Condo’s are better because you own it out right but you cannot get one in the 200k’s; you are lucky if you can get in the 300k’s. Long Island’s condo market is too expensive and the taxes are too high. You can however get a house in the 300k’s though. If you need help e-mail me.

Lizzie asks…

need a home?

I need to rent an apartment in NYC metro area for 1-2 months. Where should I look? Most places offer apt for long term and if is a short term, then is very expensive. My range is $ 600 to $1200 per month. Thanx for any suggestions. Oh, yeah,I prefer no roommates

Administrator answers:

Try craigs list:

Charles asks…

Tenants not paying rent on time and making complaints the DCE, what to do?

Hi, question for any landlords who have experience with this in the nyc area, I have my coop sublet to tenants living there for about 1.5 years, the lease expires in about 5 months. A month ago I received an awkward letter from the tenants claiming they are looking to move out in the middle term as they are looking for something bigger & will not be paying rent & to deduct the amount from the security dep. & an imaginary 2nd month advance. I replied back stating that was not possible & no 2nd month rent was provided, I went picked up a check for the missed month & was returned from the bank as a closed account, recently they have also made complaints to the DCE stating the paint as dirty and unsanitary (I plastered & painted the entire apt myself prior to move in) 2nd complaint refrigerator leaking (working condition on move-in) & 3rd gas range pilot not working (brand new range purchased prior to move-in), I don’t know if this is stalling tactic, what are my rights in this case?

Administrator answers:

Start the eviction process. If they are looking to move to another place, having an eviction on their record isn’t good. Even using you as a reference isn’t good if you have to chase them for the rent. They violated the lease, hence, the bounced check. That in itself is grounds to file criminal charges–uttering a forged instrument. Knowingly giving someone a check and knowing the account is closed is criminal. The ball is in your court now. You can mention this to them to see if they come up with the rent immediately. Personally, I would rather they just got the heck out. Keep the security deposit . Let them complain. When or if they inspect, they will know they are jerks. The inspectors look for sinks that aren’t connected, the toilet not working for months, no heat, water pouring out from leaks that have been there for years. You were never informed til now that there were problems, the DCE has seen it all. Give them til Sunday PM to pay the arrears or tell them you are filing criminal charges for the bad check and you are evicting them. The customer isn’t always right.

Thomas asks…

do you know your NYC apartment?

My freind & i are moving to NYC in june. we have been looking for floor plans of apartments but are coming up empty on the sq footage per room. we know that the average total sq footage is about 700 for a 2 bedroom 1 bath, kitchen & living room apt. what is the average size sq foot of a bedroom? just so we know, how much would that size apartment’s rent be?

also we were wondering if these 4 colours would look okaye together in the kithcen. bright blue & green (my colours) & red & black (her colours). do you think those colours would clash too much?

Administrator answers:

I think those 4 colors would clash if it paint but you can use them as accent colors. Or you take the bath and her the kitchen so that you both get a pretty well designed room

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