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March 25, 2012

Laura asks…

How can I rent an apt in NYC?

I’m looking for an apartment but I don’t have any qualifications to rent. I have a job at a restaurant in which I just started, I don’t have a bank so I can’t offer any bank statements, I have w2s from last year. I feel like no one will rent to me because I work in a restaurant and I’ve only been there for 3 weeks and I don’t have a bank account.

My parents are willing to co-sign.

I’m not sure if I will ever find an apartment.
Also, would it be better to go through a broker because they could fight by case with the landlord?
My parents are not in NYC. They are in a different state.

Administrator answers:

A broker is not going to fight for you with the property owner

not any broker with even half a brain would do such a thing

the bottom line is you must establish a bank account and some time at the same employer just like anyone anywhere wanting to rent

also you don’t state in which borough in NYC you want to rent but in Manhattan you can’t even rent a closet with your situation

have your parents rent the apt. And you can also apply for public housing as the NYC housing authority is the largest in the nation with apts in all five boroughs of NYC
Manhattan has the longest waiting list but if you are single it shouldn’t take more than about two years and many of the buildings for singles are in very nice neighborhoods, average rent for a single person in public housing in Manhattan is 750 a month – not bad at all

good luck

Sandra asks…

Crazy tenant in rent stabilized apt?

How do you deal with a crazy tenant like this. He always open his music all night until the next day in the morning. We call the police, but they won’t write a police report for us. He said you need to go landlord tenant court. Our property is rent stabilized apt in NYC. Apparently, he seems to open music really loud and left his apt. I have no idea any did he go. How do you evict this tenant that living in rent stabilized apt.

Administrator answers:

Only the landlord can evict him. If he is disabled, and it sounds like he is, he can’t be evicted for this. It can’t be that loud if the police even refuse a report.

Donna asks…


I live in a very nice apt in nyc, the rent is 2,500. It’s a brownstone apt. This is my first autumn here and so far I am not impressed by my landlady’s inability to turn on her thermostat. Most of my friends have had heat for wks (whether needed or not). Today seems to be the first day it went on. At 5 pm this evening the heat went off. Could someone be specific about the guidelines in NYC…how low does the temp need to go down for her to put it on. thanks.

Administrator answers:

Heating Requirements for New York City In effect October 1 to May 31

As a former NYC tenant I fully understand what you’re going through. It’s no joke.

Refer to the links below, print out the info, regarding “Utility Services”. If you don’t have an indoor themometer, get and take a good photo of it with something that’s identifiable in your apt., i.e. Put it near a pic of yourself, just in case the landlord claims that themometer isn’t yours, and in someone else’s apt. Keep a record of the temp indoors and outdoors, times the heat went on/off with dates; also record what you’ve stated here, as well as any other future incidences/dates.

Send, not give, her a copy of your documentation – including a copy of the Housing Law – certified.

Whether or not she controls your thermostat, you shouldn’t have to live without heat, especially within the Housing Law’s statutes.

Not chastising you, but this is one reason I moved out of NYC. Landlords playing “Power and Control” games wasn’t worth paying rent for.

Wishing you good luck – hope all goes well.

Mandy asks…

YES.. this is a Scam ! TNT – Cheap Rent – Trump Tower – NYC – Craig List – Raffaella Addams – London – Keys -?

TNT – Cheap Rent – Trump Tower – NYC – Craig List – Raffaella Addams – London – Keys

I was looking for an apt to rent, when I found this amazin TRUMP TOWER with 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, parking for $1200. with furniture.

Specially in NYC that people pay 3k for 1 bed apartment. I was thinking how RIDICULOS THAT PRICE was.

I was thinking to go to the building and ask for the door man if (Raffaela Addams)really owns this apt in the tower.

I was exchanging e-mails until she ask me to exchange KEYS + MONEY using this TNS company.
(am I stupid ?) Who rent a place without see it ?

I search on her name and she dont exist. I search on TNS, and thanks for everybody that is registering this ( TNS RENT SCAM ) !!!!

Read (TNS SCAM) the e-mails below:

fromRaffaela Adams

dateSun, Jun 1, 2008 at 5:21 AM

Administrator answers:

So… Whats you question ?

Yes there are millions of scams out there and many fall for them. Craigslist is the biggest place to get scammed

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