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October 12, 2012

David asks…

Realtor fee/bad realtor experience and recourse?

Hi. NYC realtor found an apt. Were told verbally fee was 1 month rent due at time of sign of lease. Put in app; they ran credit check. Were told got accepted for apt and we needed to give money order for apt security deposit equal to 1 month rent to take off market. Agreed and our app stated that lease commence on Jan 1 and that lease stipulated that we had a dog. Paid security deposit for one months rent on a Monday. Asked for copy of lease throughout week. Didn’t get it until we were to go in on Friday of that same week. Found out when we went in that landlord wasn’t informed of the dog (app stated, plus repeatedly told sales agent). Also, they had a lease starting mid-month (Dec 15) despite repeaty telling were looking for Jan. 1 date. Also found out that our deposit had actually been applied to the realtor fee, and that fee was actually 10% of annual and we owed $305 more. Horrible experience. we gave notice toc urrent landlord and need place in 2 weeks. Recourse? Complaint board?

Administrator answers:

I recommend that you contact an attorney who specializes in real estate law immediately.

Have the attorney write a letter to the Broker that this agent works for and also send a copy to the agent.

Demand that money back!!!

Then find someone else who will actually represent your interests.

You are paying this idiot. This idiot is supposed to represent your interests

If they do not return your money then I recommend that you follow your attorneys recommendations on where it is best to file your complaints.

Personally I would file a complaint against this nitiwt (who claims to be your agent) with The Department of Real Estate and with the local District Attorney’s fraud unit.

Ken asks…

Army Security Clearance w/ misdeameanor charge?

A little over a year and a half ago, I allowed a friend to move in with me because I had a second bedroom available (because my other roommate moved back to CA) in my apartment that was very close to her job. Everything was perfect the last couple of months. Then one month she just decided not to pay rent after a shopping spree in NYC. She went from being $60 short, to $360 short, to writing our apt complex a bounced check, to never coming to the apt. when she knew I’d be there. So basically, we were facing an eviction in 24hrs unless an unbelievable amount of money was paid due to her negligence. I did not have a single family member in this city and my college friends graduated and relocated to other cities. So there wasn’t a safety net for me or someone I could crash with – not to mention, I did not want an eviction on my credit/rental history. So, on the last day I told her that I will not give her her clothes unless she pays her portion. I locked her stuff up. She called the police and they told me I would have to take her to civil court and to give them back to her… I did so, and then after talking with her privately for 5 minutes I was arrested for trespassing in my apartment!! Unbelievable – no arguing/yelling/or physcial conflict whatsoever! The charges were dropped as long as I stayed out of trouble for 6 months without probation since I never been in trouble before – ever. Which I completed effortlessly. I have always been a Straight A student, Valedictorian, Volunteer and Tutor/Mentor. Never anything negative in my past until now. Will this prevent me from getting my security clearance for my desired MOS in the Army? I have great references from colleagues, teachers, professors, community leaders, and other ppl in security clearance positions. Do you think I can still get approved?
No, I didn’t lie at all on my application. I put that I was arrested and attached my case dismissal papers with the application.

Administrator answers:

This particular case is prolly not going to prevent you from getting any kind of security clearance. In my experience the big things that prevent people from getting their security clearances are; drug use, poor credit, foreign influence, or lying to the investigators. Not petty crimes that sound more like misunderstandings. If you are just getting a Confidental or Secret you prolly wont be interviewed by anybody but your recruiter. You will have to get all the paperwork together on your case and then an adjudicater will decide whether you get your clearance or not. Top Secret clearance are of course a little more diffcult. Youll be interviewed by a special agent. Your roomate may also get interviewed. If what you said is true, and is reflected in all the police and court reports youll be fine. If you lied here then you are already screwed. If you lie on your sf86 you will go to jail.

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