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August 7, 2012

Mark asks…

Can I be considered as a first time home owner?

I bought an APT in NYC 10 years ago I took all my savings to buy it,back then it was CHEAP I got it for $60,000 now its worth 4X that but now I want to buy a home in CT with a back yard & a white picket fence,but I am not selling my APT I’ll rent it but I’ll have to get a mortgage to buy that home would I be considered as a FIRST TIME HOME OWNER?

Administrator answers:

No, you would not be a first time home buyer. Like the person above me said, you can not have owned any property in the last 3 years to qualify for first time home buyer. But, see if your spouse/significant other/best friendcould buy it in their name if they have not owned a house for the last 3 years. There are several loopholes as to getting the $8,000 first time home buyer tax refund.

Lizzie asks…

Apartment Security Deposit Question?

Brother moved into an apt June 1. 1 yr lease. Gave June rent & 1 month security. About mid-June the landlord stated he’d lost the sec. deposit check in his laundry. Check was not yet cashed so it was cancelled and replaced. Clearly labeled “Replacement for lost Sec. Deposit check #_”.

Early this month (July) my brother was late with his rent. Landlord is mad. He paid but was then told that sec. check bounced. Landlord gets madder. Turns out two bank transfers occured in June draining the account. Don’t think the landlord did it but I’m pretty sure he lost the check on the street not in the laundry. Anyway, the account was closed and the bank is looking into it.

But…landlord keeps harassing my brother. Claims he needs that money to pay bills. Brother told him that NYC Rent Guidelines say a dep. can’t be used for that; has to go into it’s own account and just sit. Should he make him wait until the bank investigates and refunds or does the landlord have cause to try and evict.

Administrator answers:

Your brother does not have to replace the check for the security check since he has proof it was given to the landlord. And you are right he (the landlord) is suppose to put the security in to an account until he moves, and then what needs to be fixed is taken off the security and the rest is given back to the tenant.

Nancy asks…

Need Advice for Moving to NYC after graduating from college?

Will be moving to NYC in 07. Details:
Job Situation: I’ve accepted a FT job offer & will be working downtown in the Fin. District. Salary=$55K + $5K sign-on bonus +$7.5K relocation

Living Situation: Prefer to live close to work (although I know it would be more expensive) but am willing to live up to 1 hr away.
-Will probably be selling my car before I move up there
-Hoping to find a studio/1BR for no more than $1,500/mth
-If possible, I would love to live in a luxury apt (that includes gym & most utilities)

Area preference: Somewhere safe (female living by myself) and quiet (not a party person). It would be nice to be near the entertainment/shopping/museum areas

-I’m moving from the south so my guarantor won’t be from the tri-state area. Will I still be able to find something?
-In ref. to fin requirement: Will I be able to rent an apt as a new-hire just out of college?
-Specific area recommendations?
-How soon do I start looking for an apt? (start work in Sept 07)

Administrator answers:

September is the big month for people moving in, since school starts then. Suggest you try to aim for getting an apt in June/July when colleges and other schools are out, people leaving apts then.
As for area, keeping within an hour of the financial district, you have wide choices. For ex, there is a building, 700 Victory Blvd on Staten Island just 8 minutes by bus from the ferry, 25 minutes to Manhattan. This building has the athletic type facilities you ask about, plus an underground garage and out door parking, so you could keep your car. There are also a few buildings in Brooklyn Heights with similar facilities, but probably a lot more expensive.
I always suggest to people so check locations along the #7 IRT subway, which even at its last stop is little more than 30 minutes from Manhattan, and has at that last stop everything you could want.
In Manhattan, look at Inwood (above 204 St). This area is being yuppified, but is still nice, and a quick direct ride to the financial district on the A train, a seat the entire way.
Riverdale is a possibility as a couple buildings there also have the facilities you want, but is further from downtown.
As one moving into the area, landlords will most likely run a credit check on you. If you use a service to find an apt, they will generally charge you a month’s rent, and you will have to lay out a month’s rent as security deposit plus pay the first month, thus 3X you normal rent will be your outlay to start.
You should be able to find a 1BR for under $1500. Do not go the studio route–so cramped you will want to move soon.

Sandy asks…

Wrong address – didn’t change it at the ins. co?

OK – I used to pay $268 for a 91 Buick. I moved…I was unemployed and wanted to move to LI from NYC – just cheaper. Had a rent controlled apt., subletted it to a friend. My address is still NYC because of rent-control and other conveniences (got a job again, so sometimes I work late and sleep over).

But my car sleeps in LI, and that saves me $100 a month. Got an email from my ins. co. saying that they have the wrong address (in LI) according to the post office.

What do I do now? What will happen? I have a good record – will they cancel my policy? Will they ask me to pay the difference?

Administrator answers:

Just let them know you have a separate mailing address from garaging address. Many people do

Ken asks…

NYC vacation apt for rent!!!!! on craigslist!!!!?

Im staying in NYC for the whole month of July and I’ve been crazy looking for apt for rent . I have found on craigslist so WAY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE deals such as Central Park South luxury one bredroom for 70 bucks per night , joke right? and some other very good downtown for 50, bs. So what you guys think and where should I go looking for it? I look up on Homeaway and Airbnd but I found the typical rates of 300 -400 a night pricey , since its only 2 people staying . Where can I find good REAL , no spam deals?

Administrator answers:

99% of the ads on Craigslist are fake. As you’ve already noticed, if you want to rent an apartment in NYC, it’s expensive. I would recommend looking at sublets or try a search for corporate rentals on Google.

Here are s a couple to get you started:

Linda asks…

NYC summer housing for precollege student?

I am going for a 4 week summer program in NYC , and the school does not offer housing for summer students under 18 (im 16) I’ll be going with my father and we are quite desperate for a apt to rent/place to stay but all the apt i’ve found so far are pretty pricey in the 5k+ range. Any ideas of where I should look, I know airbnb. Craigslist have too good to be true deals not really going into that , so any advice?? Apts that dont cost more than 2300 per month , preferly in Manhattan i know its hard to find it in the price range . But any advice of website of anything??? or anywhere that accommodates high school students?
Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

That’s what apartments cost in Manhattan. I know that’s not what you want to hear. You COULD try to look in Queens or Brooklyn and take the subway in. You might find a studio that you and your father can share for around $1,000 a month in Queens or Brooklyn but truthfully, even that will be tricky.

Steven asks…

Landlord is of a sudden not taking rent from me?

can my NYC landlord refuse rent from a roommate that lives with me? and the landlord knows she has been here for almost a year. He says she is illegal, I can have NO roommates in my 2 bedroom apt. He has been taking money all year. She gave her half of the rent in a money order this month with her name on it and he sent it back saying she is unauthorized
And there is nothing in the lease stating that having a roommate is prohibited
Sara she is not in the country illegally
and he has taken money orders these past months with her name on it for rent

Administrator answers:

If she is not on the lease, he can refuse her payment….she should give it to you and have you pay it

Thomas asks…

What is the best way to go about ‘evicting’/removing a tenant in an illegal apt?

Made a big mistake ‘renting’ out illegal basement in NYC. Tenant is causing many problems, including changing the locks without permission, essentially cutting off our access to circuit breaker, water line & gas. There is no written contract and no checks/payments for rent have been taken and cashed, although we do hold a security. Attempts to resolve the problem by offering her aid to find residence elsewhere have been resisted. Any advice appreciated

Administrator answers:

As stated in previous answers, you are going to be found the guilty party as well. One issue that may come up is a he said/she said scenario. You are not allowed to collect rent on an illegal apartment. Any rents that were paid are to be forfeited and returned to the tenant. I can see this turning into a he said/she said situation. When you go to court, this tenant can claim they gave you XXX number of dollars but lost the receipt. A judge is going to be inclined to believe them to a point as it is not truly believable that a landlord would let someone move in without collecting a security deposit and first months rent at least.

Get a lawyer and fast. It sounds like you have a professional tenant on you hand and that they know the system. You need a lawyer on your side who knows the system as well and can work it in your favor.

Good luck!

Paul asks…

landlord complained about water bill?

hi im located in the nyc and rent a 2 bedroom apt pay 1050 and we pay own utilties landlord pays water bill….she is complaining that her bill was 250 for the 3 months ….we have a washer and dryer hook up which she said we can have a washer and dryer which we have never brought in so therefore get clothes picked up and cleaned……we cant take any longer then 10 min showers because the water gets cold …..there is 2 adults and our 3 year old son we wrk all day and are home ar night we take the short showers how can she cmplian everyone says that bill isnt even high ….also had the nerve t say maybe me and my husband should take a shower together i wanted to hit her ….i have replaced 2 faucets that werent working properly at my own cost and enevr said anything to her does she have any rights in regards to a water bills that not in my lease

Administrator answers:

Tell her to ……!!!

How dare she even suggest to you what you should do !! That alone shows that she is a cheapo and not to be listened to !

And that bill is not even high !!!

I am really feeling sorry for you !!

You have to be firm with some who take advantage of you. There must be a landlord/tenant association or say that you are going to write to the newspaper. Do not let her get away with it.

I managed to shut up one landlady that way who was very irate when I called an emergency plumber…No heat for 2 months !! And deducted from the rent..2 babies too ! During the middle of winter in Canada !!!! She did not want to have her “chinese new year” disturbed !
She also wanted US to cut the lawn but did not give us a lawnmower lol !! She told us to buy one or we should move to a condo !!! And other stuff too…

Some are beyond ridiculous !

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